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My iPhone for Seniors (Covers iOS 9 for iPhone 6s/6s Plus, 6/6 Plus, 5s/5C/5, and 4s) A very informative guide which is easy to read and includes numerous pictures Without the book I would have never known this little gadget could offer so many helpful features which are so user friendly Most features use the same format which makes using the phone that much easier The author clearly explains what each setting does and recommends those most appropriate for each function People with limited data plans will find his suggestions very helpful when they are not in a wi fi setting This will be a great reference guide as I continue to learn Without the book I would have been quite intimidated by all the features, but the book has made it really fun to learn and experiment. Covers IOS On IPhone S S Plus, Plus, S C And SMarch , Update A New IPhone SE Was Announced Today By Apple The Content Of This Book Is Applicable To This New Phone This New Edition Of The Best Selling My IPhone For Seniors Book Helps You Quickly Get Started With IOS Apples Newest Operating Systemand Use Its Features To Look Up Information And Perform Day To Day Activities From Anywhere, Any Time Step By Step Instructions With Callouts To IPhone Photos That Show You Exactly What To Do Help When You Run Into Problems Or Limitations Tips And Notes To Help You Get The Most From Your IPhone The Full Color, Step By Step Tasksin Legible Printwalk You Through Getting And Keeping Your IPhone Working Just The Way You Want Learn How To Connect To The Internet, Bluetooth Devices, Wi Fi Networks, And Other IPhones, IPod Touches, And IPads Take Advantage Of AirDrop To Instantly Share With Other IOS And Mac Users Around You Use Siri To Get Information, Write Texts And Emails, Set Reminders Appointments, And Just By Speaking To Your IPhone Customize Your IPhone With Folders, Wallpaper, Ringtones, And Much Configure And Sync Your Information, And Efficiently Manage Contacts, Reminders, And Calendars Communicate Via FaceTime Videoconferences, Conference Calls, Text, Email, And Make The Most Of Safari To Browse The Web And Mail To Manage All Of Your Email From One Inbox Listen To Podcasts, Find Your Way With Maps, And Use Other Great IPhone Apps Capture And Edit Photos And Video Use The Great Camera Features Such As Burst, Timed And Time Lapse Photos, Slow Motion Video, And Live Photos View Your Photos, Use Them For Wallpaper, And Add Them To Your Contacts Or Share Them Via Email, AirDrop, And Texts Use ICloud To Automatically Save And Share Your Photos Find, Download, Install, And Use Awesome IPhone Apps Take Advantage Of ICloud To Keep Your Content And Information In Sync On All Your Devices BONUS MATERIAL Register Your Book Atquepublishing Register To Access Chapter, Maintaining AndProtecting Your IPhone And Solving Problems,updates And BonusChapter, Finding AndListening To Music Brad Miser Has Written Extensively About Technology, With His Favorite Topics Being The Amazing I Devices, Especially The IPhone, That Make It Possible To Take Our Lives With Us While We Are On The Move In Addition To My IPhone, Ninth Edition, Brad Has Written Many Other Books, Including My IPhone For Seniors, Second Edition And My Pages, Keynote, And Numbers He Has Also Been An Author, Development Editor, Or Technical Editor For Than Other Titles Brad Is Or Has Been A Sales Support Specialist, The Director Of Product And Customer Services, And The Manager Of Education And Support Services For Several Software Development Companies Previously, He Was The Lead Proposal Specialist For An Aircraft Engine Manufacturer, A Development Editor For A Computer Book Publisher, And A Civilian Aviation Test Officer Engineer For The US Army Brad Holds A Bachelor Of Science Degree In Mechanical Engineering From California Polytechnic State University At San Luis Obispo And Has Received Advanced Education In Maintainability Engineering, Business, And Other Topics Brad Would Love To Hear About Your Experiences With This Book The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly You Can Write To Him At Bradmiser Icloud The phone seems excellent, but only for experienced users Your information and instructions do a poor job of leading beginners We need complete data such as opening and closing the phone, making phone calls, both incoming and out going, and coordinating with our computers You quickly move into advanced features which are of little use until we know and can use the basics.You apparently have an excellent phone, but only for skilled users Your training system moves very quickly past the basics and into advanced uses of the phone.Why not have two introductory training programs, one for rank beginners, and another for advanced buyers Your developers have lost track that many buyers are coming from a basic cell phone and are far from the skills of your staff We could move to the advanced program when we feel ready for that level of activity. I got this for my mom, who just started using a smart phone for the first time.She still prefers me to show her, rather than using the book, but it is a nice resource.She didn t believe it was large print because it isn t THAT large and, despite how big it is and heavy , it doesn t get into some of the seemingly basic things that she wanted to do, like transfer her music.It s a good start but they ll still need an Apple Store class or two to really get lots of use out of their phone.I found the pictures and instructions helpful There were some things I didn t know about in there, but it is limited. Are you new to iPhones Smart phones if you are coming from an old flip phone like we are and in your 70 s this is the book for you Everything before this might as well have been written in Greek We needed a page by page with photos to help us navigate well enough to even answer the darned thing We are learning, day by day, have set up our contacts, can send texts and emails with photos Lots of things ahead of us to learn yet, but as least we are progressing The book covers everything we will want to know and that alone gives us confidence.

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