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Wonderbook: The Illustrated Guide to Creating Imaginative Fiction This All New Definitive Guide To Writing Imaginative Fiction Takes A Completely Novel Approach And Fully Exploits The Visual Nature Of Fantasy Through Original Drawings, Maps, Renderings, And Exercises To Create A Spectacularly Beautiful And Inspiring Object Employing An Accessible, Example Rich Approach, Wonderbook Energizes And Motivates While Also Providing Practical, Nuts And Bolts Information Needed To Improve As A Writer Aimed At Aspiring And Intermediate Level Writers, Wonderbook Includes Helpful Sidebars And Essays From Some Of The Biggest Names In Fantasy Today, Such As George R R Martin, Lev Grossman, Neil Gaiman, Michael Moorcock, Catherynne M Valente, And Karen Joy Fowler, To Name A FewJeff VanderMeer Is The Author Of Than Books And A Two Time Winner Of The World Fantasy Award His Books Have Made The Year S Best Lists Of Publishers Weekly, LA Weekly, The Washington Post The San Francisco Chronicle, And Many He Is The Cofounder And Codirector Of Shared Worlds, A Unique Writing Camp For Teenagers, And Has Taught At Clarion, The World S Premiere Fantasy Sci Fi Workshop For Adults VanderMeer Is Based In Tallahassee, Florida Unusual, fascinating, thought provoking, extremely helpful take on novel planning Absolutely loved it I underlined all over the place, I ve dog eared half the book to mark Important Pages, I loved the long sidebars by other authors, I loved the description of beginnings and endings, I read every last word when I have ten other books on writing that I ve read a chapter in and never bothered with the rest This is The Book I m done buying any other book on writing If I m stuck, this will be where to find the answer. This is the most useful book about writing that I have ever bought.Don t be fooled by the whimsical cover much like attempting to describe with gorgeous precision the inner workings of a fantastic setting for a novel, what is going on on the inside is much deeper and complex than you might think.I ve read a lot of books on writing at this point in my life, but most of them haven t addressed the questions that linger with me while I m sitting down to write So many choices that a writer can make seem to depend on one thing or another that it s difficult to set out examples with hard and fast rules or, if it isn t, a thousand other books already exist which contain those few inviolate rules, and therefore those aren t the questions that stick with me It s a difficult beast to wrangle, especially in useful specifics On top of that, I think that many of the processes involved in describing those choices or the results of those choices from a reader s perspective are abstract, a question of what is sensed than something easily articulated.Wonderbook comes the closest of any instructive book I own to digging down into the nitty gritty of those many abstract questions It exhaustively discusses the particulars of a written work s moving parts, and does this from many different angles whenever possible If a novel is a deck of cards, Wonderbook seems to spread the deck all around the floor into the thinnest layer, so that you can see everything clearly, shuffling things around to have a look at the particulars in as much detail as you d like.For me, the wonder is that doing this so acutely and with such precision did not make the book any less a joy to read It is stunningly gorgeous to look at, but the art is not superfluous to the learning It s often very funny Jeff VanderMeer is a master at expressing clearly the nebulous feelings and impulses that come along with both reading and writing stories, and thoroughly examining their place and scope, and relation to everything else.tl dr Wonderbook is a comprehensive, intuitive look at the craft of writing It s gorgeous to look at I don t actually watch Dr Who please don t kill me , but that catchphrase about the Tardis does come to mind It s bigger on the inside So I think it goes with Wonderbook. I have only had this book for a couple of days, but it has far exceeded my expectations In fact, at first it left me entirely speechless, I was so overwhelmed with the wealth of information and the glorious illustrations There are innumerable books on writing, some by writers I have a great respect for Everyone has their own tastes, and they may work fantastically for others, but it is next to impossible for me to sit and read pages and pages of text on writing Looking, mesmerized, through Wonderbook, I realized what the problem has always been I m a visual learner, and I needed the information integrated with illustrations and what illustrations The book looked pretty cool just from the look inside feature on , but holding it and looking at it, it is one of the most remarkable, amazing, and stunning books I have ever seen The information it presents on writing imaginative fiction is extremely helpful I ve been writing, mainly for myself, for twenty years, and I don t consider myself inexperienced I m also a content editor , but the way the steps are presented they seem fresh and new and most importantly, they make sense I can t see myself ever buying another book on writing imaginative fiction again, because I think Jeff VanderMeer has created, between all the helpful tips, writings prompts, and interviews with other authors, not to mention the illustrations, one of the most beautiful books I own And this is one to own in print, not on a kindle I don t remember is that was an option or not Some books just don t work on a kindle.I actually found this book on a list addressing that topic, I think it was BuzzFeed, about 19 reasons books wouldn t die due to the popularity of eBooks I found the article by chance and Wonderbook was the first book listed The article was definitely right on this one, and this is a purchase I will not regret I am surprised the book is so reasonably priced considering what an amazing treasure it is As I said, everyone has their own preferences when it comes to learning styles, but I can t recommend this book highly enough.

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