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Shelby & Shauna Kitt and the Dimensional Holes When Shauna and Shelby Kitt are drafted to save Earth and another good planet Miriax from the evil Klodians, they have no earthly idea what they ve gotten themselves into In this young teen adventure, the author has created an exciting world filled with space aleins, evil Klodians, frightening space ghosts, healers, stitching spiders, giant bats and many other fun and quirky details and situations that you might expect from a story involving multiple dimensions The characters are well developed you care for the good guys and really hate the bad the guys and the plot twists and turns made me feel like i was riding in that space ship at times No motion sickness for me though Great book and a fun read I would recommend Shelby and Shauna Kitt and the Dimensional Holes for any reader ten on up to..oh say a hundred In other words any reader with an imagination reviews hereNot only did I love this book, I couldn t put this book down P.H.C Marchesi has created a whole other universe, a place where you can get lost in forever It took me a little while to read, but I was glad I could savor the moment in Miriax.I am so jealous of Shelby and Shauna, they have cool powers, they go to go to other dimensions and they get to meet totally new people I only wish something like this only existed Although if I were them I would probably be scared out of my mind, I wouldn t be able to be as brave as them.It s up to Shelby and Shauna to save the world from the evil on planet Klodius, which feeds on the negativity of people on earth, while Miriax is the opposite, it feeds on the positive of people, This book is the true fight between dark and light.While I was reading this and soaking this all in I was trying to figure out all the mysteries that were in the book, what is Dale s motives What happened to Lendox s long lost brother Who is the ancient evil It all swirled around my head while I was reading this story.My favorite character was Dale, he was mysterious, and secretive, I didn t know if he was good or evil, I didn t know what his motives were, He seemed evil in some parts and then the next scene his emotions were toward the good side and it kept switching back and forth I didn t know what to believe, I also wanted to know why he seemed so obsessed with Shauna All those questions were answered for me sometime or other in the story and I was happy to have figured it out I can t say I was happy to finish it, I wished there was almost to the story than that I wish I could have stayed in Miriax just a bit longer, but sadly it came to an end Although the main characters in the book are only 13 years old this book is a YA Sci fi novel, enjoyed by teens and adults all over I do hope Marchesi write a sequel to this, it would be perfect Shelby Kitt Never Gets Lost Shauna, His Sister, Never Gets Sick As Far As Most People Are Concerned, The Inseparable Kitt Twins Are Odd Year Olds No One, However Not Even Shelby And Shauna Can Guess How Extraordinary They Are Until The Vice Consul Of Miriax, A Planet From Another Dimension, Asks Them To Take Part In A Dangerous Mission From That Moment On, Shelby And Shauna Kitt Discover That The Universe Is Full Of Klodians, Cities In Jungles, Giant Bats, And Tea With Mushrooms Most Of All, They Discover That It Will Take Than Special Powers For Them To Face And Survive The Evil That Threatens The Galaxy P.H.C Marchesi s Shelby and Shauna Kitt and the Dimensional Holes took me on an adventure I did not expect Shelby and Shauna are hand picked by the Vice Consul of Miriax, named Lendox, to help save Earth and Miriax from total destruction at the hands of the Klodians Along the way, the twins receive training in a military fort, learn they have super powers , and explore the world of Miriax The greatest aspect of this book is P.H.C Marchesi s excellent world building, and Miriax really can only be described as epic It s a planet where stick bug creatures patrol the jungles and bat like creatures are able to communicate telepathically The walls can grow to increase the holding capacity of buildings, and the walls have a tendency to eat left over food Instead of choosing books to read, the books choose the reader But, I ll stop there because learning about the alien world is half the fun of the book The book was also filled with an array of interesting characters The young heroes all have unique gifts and super powers , but they also have weaknesses, which young readers can relate to For example, Shelby has to learn how to control his quick temper, and Shauna has to learn how to overcome her shyness Adults, who seem to be largely absent in most books meant for the younger generation, actually play an integral role in the story too Vice Consul, Lendox, and tech savvy Earthling, Marina, offer guidance and support for Shelby and Shauna as they tackle the Klodians and their own insecurities The most intriguing character though, is the ever mysterious Dale He was the most complex character in the book, and he kept me guessing all the way through Good Bad Sociopath I thought the only weakness of Shelby and Shauna Kitt was the pacing It takes about half of the book for the children to make it to Miriax And, the battle against the Klodians, which the twins spent half the book learning about and training for, occurs in only one chapter It left me thinking That was it Overall, I did enjoy this book Despite the awkward pacing, the world building, the characters, and the twist at the end make this book a worthwhile read. Concept WorldThis is a brilliantly original idea, created in vivid detail The two worlds the author has created alongside Earth are enthralling I was reminded of Arthur C Clarke s Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic , as there are many aspects to the settings and creatures that seem almost magical than sci fi StoryThe story powers along right from the start It has the same kind of pace and structure as the Harry Potter stories, with apparently ordinary kids discovering extraordinary abilities, getting into trouble with the nasty authority figure at a training camp and winning through in a high action adventure against an overwhelming evil I loved all that and would certainly put this book on my shelves alongside J K Rowling s CharactersThe characters are superbly drawn Though the book is written for teenagers, there are adult characters for older readers to engage with I particularly liked Marina Gibbs, a lady who takes the appearance of an alien in her stride, and does not take any cack from the army, either Lendox, the mirian vice consul, is amusing, and the two kids are likeable The most intriguing character in the book, though, is the mysterious Dale Falconbridge The author keeps you guessing right to the end whether he s evil or not.Overall I gulped this book down in one sitting I couldn t wait to find out what happened to Marina and what was really going on with Dale Falconbridge I ll be keeping this book on my kindle to read again, and hope that Shelby and Shauna Kitt will be going on further adventures Highly recommended. On a distant planet in a parallel dimension, evil aliens reside on Klodius Earth is in grave danger as these aliens have discovered a way to create dimensional holes to travel and reach it These aliens feed off the negative energy coming from Earth and they want the planet to be overrun by all things that cause this negative energy.Miriax is another planet in the same dimension however, in contrast to Klodius, it feeds off the positive energy coming from Earth If the aliens from Klodius succeed, Miriax will cease to exist.Earth and Miriax s only hope are two thirteen year old twins Shelby and Shauna Kitt Although portrayed as normal teens, both Shelby and Shauna have supernatural abilities are the only ones who can help put this evil scheme to an end My favorite element of Shelby Shauna Kitt and the Dimensional Holes, are the characters Although Shelby and Shauna Kitt have these incredible powers, they were portrayed as realistic teens, with relatable emotions These twins were selected for their positive energy however, they did get upset at times and together learned valuable lessons along their journey.I also appreciate that some of the characters weren t as revealing as others, and this kept me guessing whether the characters were Shelby and Shauna s allies or not They each played important roles in the story, which is another element that I really enjoyed.P.H.C Marchesi is a wonderful story teller, who has conjured up this enchanting and imaginative world of good versus evil Miriax has magical elements, the love and energy flowing from Miriax will definitely lour you in I do hope that P.H.C Marchesi writes a sequel to Shelby Shauna Kitt and the Dimensional Holes Miriax is definitely a planet I would love to revisit, and I would really love to see of Shelby and Shauna Kitt.I recommend to anyone who enjoys Young Adult and Middle Grade fiction, with some sci fi and fantasy elements.4 5 An Enjoyable Read, Well Written, Recommended Marchesi is a phenomenal storyteller, roping the reader into this wonderful tale of other dimensions and species Though the story revolves around two thirteen year old protagonists, I d have to say that this is a book for everyone Parents can read it to their children, MG and YA readers will eat it up, and adults will enjoy the premise, themes, and overall fun this book has to offer Not only does this novel have a very interesting storyline, but Marchesi s writing capabilities also shine throughout the entire tale I am always excited when I start a new novel and, three pages in, note to myself that this book is really well written It is few authors that have me singing their praises that early on in the novel, so I must say, this novel is very well done Although the novel is somewhat long, with the protagonists being whisked from place to place, dimension to dimension, it keeps the reader s attention throughout, which is a feat in and of itself, as many authors lose their reader when so much is happening within the text Marchesi has a truly vivid imagination, and her explanations throughout the novel were really interesting I am in awe of the sheer amount of imagination Marchesi brings to her story, tweaking it just so, making the reader experience it and not just read about itTo read my full review 10 20 Shelby and Shauna Kitt are kids with special abilities and an abundance of positive energy It is this unique energy that makes them the most suitable people on the planet to save not only our world but also the parallel world of Miriax from the Klodians who inhabit a third parallel world Dimensional holes have opened between Miriax and Earth, and between Earth and Klodius They must be closed and Shelby and Shauna are called on to help These young heroes are engaging and likeable The adult characters may sometimes seem childish or simplistic to older readers but I think younger readers would find them believable This wonderfully imaginative book is sure to appeal to Middle Grade readers It s a bit Little Prince, a bit Wizard of Oz, a bit Alice in Wonderland and a lot of fun What I like especially are the lighthearted tone and positive mood that are carried throughout the book The plot is strong enough to carry your interest and the tone is just silly enough that you know not to take it too seriously This combination makes for a very enjoyable reading experience. Sure this book had engaging characters and an action packed plot, but most of all it had the setting of Miriax Miriax was the perfect combo of nature and sci fi technology Can you believe the entire capital is built into a tree How about that The eathrlings trying to adjust to this new way of life were hilarious.Shelby and Shauna Kitt are thirteen year old twins with amazing powers Shelby has enhanced reflexes and can pilot anything Shauna has glowing hands and is an awesome healer Other than the superpower thing, they were portrayed as normal kids who still experienced the ups and downs of everyday life It made them much relatable and easy to picture Shauna was my favorite character because of her positive energy.The plot was a complicated web that spanned across several dimensions and had me flipping pages until the end With wacky characters being introduced along the way, Shelby and Shauna Kitt went on an adventure to save Earth Answers to the mysteries surrounding both the characters and the many dimensions are slowly revealed I really enjoyed the white knuckle part of their adventure My younger brother is reading this soon and I have a feeling he is going to love it.RATING4 LikedCOVER COMMENTSI m CoNfUsEd I know what some of these colored planets represent, but I m not entirely sure of all of them I should have paid better attention Anyhow, I like the cartoon characters, but I don t care for the title font being all messy looking. This is a wonderful Syfy Fantasy book for Middle Grade or YA readers Although I believe adults would enjoy it also I stayed up until 5am to finish reading it I want to have my own Roomix with pillows What an awesome way to travel Shelby and Shauna Kitt were adorable children with amazing powers, unlike the miserable, mysterious and creepy Dale I would love to meet Lendox and Loola Visiting Miriax just to eat would be the next thing on my list

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