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Crysis: Legion MANHATTAN IS UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT THEY RE NOT FROM AROUND HERE Welcome To The Big Apple, Son Welcome To The City That Never Sleeps Invaded By Monstrous Fusions Of Meat And Machinery, Defended By A Private Army That Makes Blackwater Look Like The Red Cross, Ravaged By A Disfiguring Plague That Gifts Its Victims With Religious Rapture While It Eats Them Alive You Ve Been Thrown Into This Meat Grinder Without Warning, Without Preparation, Without A ClueYour Whole Squad Was Mowed Down The Moment They Stepped Onto The Battlefield And The Chorus Of Voices Whispering In Your Head Keeps Saying That All Of This Is On You That You And You Alone Might Be Able To Turn The Whole Thing Around If You Only Knew What The Hell Was Going OnYou D Like To Help Really You Would But It S Not Just The Aliens That Are Gunning For You Your Own Kind Hunts You As A Traitor, And Your Job Might Be A Bit Easier If You Didn T Have The Sneaking Suspicion They Could Be Right

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    At least you can count on Peter Watts to deliver a decent adaptation His ultra dry, ultra sly style of hard science fiction is on full parade here in the official adaptation of Crysis 2 Watts gracefully mercifully takes full artistic liberty with the source s threadbare narrative, filling in the character s backgrounds, cutting out most of the action fluff, and most importantly, fleshing ou

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    The best video game novelization that has ever been written.So I ll bash out some bullet points about the book itself, then talk about the really interesting things about the game book production and the rest This is Watts lite, it retreads a lot of his familiar themes consciousness, its constituent components, technology so advanced it can start poking about with the grey matter, aliens in easier to

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    As always Peter Watts delivers He takes something as pulp as a video game novel and actually turns it into something worth reading The first thing I can say is that his prose is as wonderful as always He has a way with words that makes me read with a smile on my face And his dark sense of humor just adds to the great experience.The second thing is that he manages to take a pretty basic video game story though

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    Crysis video games never had interesting plots But as John Carmack said once, Story in a game is like a story in a porn movie It s expected to be there, but it s not that important. So, it s not like plots that tried to show off without having enough depth were a big problem for games Unfortunately, greedy publishers decided to milk Crysis franchise a bit and we ve got this An official novelization of Crysis 2 video ga

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    Peter Watts is a great writer, but the strategy for tackling this game novel was not the best Crysis depicts visuals and action much better than Watts can convey them in writing, but where Watts shines is in the backstory and characterisaztions Understanding the motivations of the characters and factions brings the whole story to life, and the backstory ties together what was basically a strong story confusingly told Unfortunatel

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    Peter Watts is a great writer I read Blindsight and The Island and was blown away both times, the Rifters trilogy is high on my to read list But even that can t raise the rating above it was OK since he s still shackled to novelizing a video game s plot which is meant to be experienced in a completely different storytelling medium I should stress here that I am not disparaging video games, I m simply stating that what works in one medium c

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    You know, for a videogame tie in novel, for a videogame that didn t really have that compelling a story, it wasn t bad It felt a little bit tied to the game s narrative, which did drag it down a little bit The combat was probably the low point for me, but it worked well enough the world building and the semi Lovecraftian theorizing was what drew me in Watts used the ability of books to flesh out inner thoughts and ideas to make the most of Crysis 2

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    Much much much better than I d expect from a novelization As a sci fi novel, I really enjoyed it A very dark and mostly internally consistent world and adventure My biggest problem is that Alcatraz is always outclassed but always struggling onward Alas, Alcatraz s power to restart time from a save point doesn t fit in the story, but perhaps someday a work of fiction will acknowledge this part of its own underlying fabric.The world, nanosuit, aliens, and histo

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    This might just be the only writer who could convince me to pick up a game novelization and like it He did a fantastic job of drawing out a character with a separate personality and history from the standard tabula rasa we ve come to expect from first person shooters The narrator s dry, crackling sense of humor under grim circumstances kept me engrossed well past my subway stop.

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    I was trying to think what exactly was wrong with this Peter Watts book then I discovered that it was a novelization of a video game, and all was explained It had interesting science and tech a kind of combo of Rift stuff and Echopraxia stuff But the characters were hard to grab onto and the plot was endless military action scenes It was as if John Ringo was on speed.

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