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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe There Are A Thousand Stories In The Land Of Narnia, And The First Is About To Be Told In An Extraordinary Motion Picture, The Chronicles Of Narnia The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe, From Walt Disney Pictures And Walden MediaIn The Never Ending War Between Good And Evil, The Chronicles Of Narnia Set The Stage For Battles Of Epic Proportions Some Take Place In Vast Fields, Where The Forces Of Light And Darkness Clash But Other Battles Occur Within The Small Chambers Of The Heart And Are Equally DecisiveJourneys To The Ends Of The World, Fantastic Creatures, Betrayals, Heroic Deeds And Friendships Won And Lost All Come Together In An Unforgettable World Of Magic So Join The Battle To End All BattlesThe Second Volume InThe Chronicles Of Narnia The Lion, The Witch And The WardrobeNarnia A Land Frozen In Eternal Winter A Country Waiting To Be Set FreeFour Adventurers Step Through A Wardrobe Door And Into The Land Of Narnia A Land Enslaved By The Power Of The White Witch But When Almost All Hope Is Lost, The Return Of The Great Lion, Aslan, Signals A Great Change And A Great Sacrifice Back Cover What are you doing on that wardrobe Narnia Business I read this book as a book challenge and adored it I had not read this book before and did not know of its existence as a child I would have loved it even then, I imagine Four English children, removed from London for their safety during WWII, are sent to a country manor to live with a professor Lucy is the first to enter the wardrobe and be transported into the secret world of Narnia There she meets a talking faun who eventually warns her about the white witch who keeps Narnia in a constant state of winter A human s presence in Narnia is threatening to her and the animals are under orders to inform her at once Once back home, she informs her siblings who do not believe her until they too eventually enter the wardrobe and the world of Narnia.Narnia is full of talking animals, magic, and the loathsome witch who turns animals into stone statues if they do not do as she pleases With the help of a Beaver couple, they escape in time and get to meet Aslan, who teaches them true bravery, sacrifice and teamwork.This is a great fantasy book for both children and adults alike Suspension of belief and a desire for entertainment is all one needs to enjoy this book The illustrations are precious and go perfectly with the story. This is the first book where I chronicled my thoughts as I read through it with my son I don t know how easy it is for y all to access the record of those here on Goodreads, but if you re looking for a detailed account of my thoughts on the book, you can look there.I ll say this I ve read a lot of books to my little boy these last couple years, and I can honestly say that This book is among the best Good, tight writing, good description Good action Also there s not a lot of dead space or trashy empty dialogue that just seems to be there to take up space That s become a particular peeve lately And when you re reading a book aloud, it becomes really obvious The British slang will be a stumbling block to some But it s not too bad And there were a few slight pieces of sexism that I ignored, skipped over, or re worded on the fly But honestly, this book was written 60 years ago, and you need to cut it a little slack because of that And in my opinion, it only needs a little slack Truth be told, I ve read books written this year that have ten times the sexism this one does Also, I d like to make it clear that this is the FIRST book of the Narnia Chronicles This is where you start the series I m sorry if you read them in the wrong order, but if you did, it s better than you admit it now, come to grips, and move on with your life knowing the truth. If ever they remembered their life in this world it was as one remembers a dreamThe real world is boring it s mundane, unimaginative and dry So humans create fantasy as a means of escape We watch movies or go to the theatre to see something interesting than the standard realities of the everyday We paint pictures and gaze up at the stars We play video games and roleplay We dream Authors like C.S Lewis and J.K Rowling show us this miserable world they show us its tones of grey Then underneath it all they reveal something spectacular they reveal fantasy So we have four rather ordinary children about to embark on an extraordinary adventure As a child I used to always daydream I ve always been somewhat introverted and would prefer imagining faraway places than existing in the now I still do this as an adult And this is why I love fantasy so much because it is so immersive it literally takes my mind away Lucy, Susan, Edward and Peter are the lucky ones When they stumble across the wardrobe, the gateway into a interesting realm, they experience something spectacularShe did not shut it properly because she knew that it is very silly to shut oneself into a wardrobe, even if it is not a magic one Sure, there s a war going on And, certainly, there s an evil witch going around murdering people But, for me, that d be a price worth paying For in Narnia there is also Aslan and a whole bunch of interesting characters There is hope, magic and companionship The wise old Aslan though is the star of the show He sacrifices himself for his friends, for his people Though one issue I have with the book, and one that makes me very much aware of the text as a construct, is the questions over why Aslan actually needed to the four children He pretty much deals with the problems by himself There s prophecy involved, but on a plot level he clearly could have sorted this mess out without any outside interference I ve seen a lot of hate over these books because of the Christian allegories involved in the storytelling Now I find this somewhat stupid I m not a Christian, far from it, but you can t really criticise a book because of this It s incredibly na ve It would be like judging Jane Eyrebased on its feminism aspects or Shakespeare s exploration of colonialism inThe Tempest It s silly This book is, undeniable, full of Christian dogmatism But it s what the author wanted it to be If you read Tolkien s work there are so many allusions the world wars this doesn t affect the overall storytelling It s simply what is there Read this with an open mind, as an English Literature student, I read the bible I don t believe the words inside, but I can still enjoy the experience And this story is no different Take it for what it isWrong will be right, when Aslan comes in sight,At the sound of his roar, sorrows will be no ,When he bares his teeth, winter meets its death,And when he shakes his mane, we shall have spring again And that s something special I do, however, much prefer the works of Tolkien I feel that his writing is universal in terms of age audience With this though, I m very much aware of it as a children s book The prose is designed to sound like a children s bedtime story in places That s not exactly a bad thing though I love Narnia but I can, at least from my perspective, objectively say that Tolkien was a better writer Though what Narnia does have is Aslan It s hard not to Aslan Wouldn t it be just wonderful if he met Gandalf Could you imagine the stories those two could share I m dreaming again. My greatest disappointment in The Screwtape Letters was that Lewis was not able to demonstrate what made his good people good or his bad people bad The closest he got to defining goodness was that you could tell the good people from the vague aura of light that surrounded them and which even shone in their cat In this book, the cat is much bigger.Aslan had no character, he was just a big, dull stand in Lewis often tells us how great he is, but never demonstrates what it is that makes him great or impressive Sure, he helps the kids, but all that makes him is a plot facilitator He also has his big Jesus moment, but that has the same problem as the original if he already knows that there will be no lasting negative outcome, how much of a sacrifice is it, really But then, Aslan isn t based on the original fig cursing, church rejecting, rebel Jesus, but the whitewashed version Like Mickey Mouse, Jesus started out as an oddball troublemaker with his fair share of personality, but becoming the smiling face of a multinational organization bent on world domination takes a lot out of a mascot, whether your magic castle is in California or Rome.Such a visible figure must become universally appealing, universally friendly and loving, lest some subset of followers feel left out And it s this Buddy Christ tradition from which Aslan springs Devoid of insight, wisdom, or charm, Aslan is just here to do all the things that our protagonists can t do.This also beggars the question why didn t Aslan just take care of all this stuff long before the kids arrived Why did all the animals and fairies and giants have to suffer the pain of an endless winter We re never given any good reason Aslan had to wait for the kids since in the end, he does it all on his own, anyways Sure, Lewis mentions something vague about a prophecy, but in fantasy, prophecy is always a bandaid authors stick over their plot holesUh, the shlubby nobody is a hero because the prophecy says he is he defeats the ultimate evil because the prophecy says he canThe only thing the kids do is help run the battle, but this is only necessary because Aslan is absent, and he s only absent because the kids screwed up, meaning the entire thing would have gone off without a hitch if they had never showed up in the first place.In that regard, I have to say Lewis did an excellent job boiling down Christianity into a fable, and leaving the problem of evil completely intact Some readers suggest that Aslan lets the queen take over to teach the kids a lesson, but is it really worthwhile to let all the inhabitants of a kingdom suffer a century of misery just to teach a few kids about the true meaning of friendship The villain is just as poorly constructed, and seems less concerned with defeating her enemies than with being pointlessly capricious She manages to trick one of the children, but instead of taking advantage of this fact, she immediately makes it clear that she tricked him I mean, how did someone that incompetent take over in the first place Selectively stupid characters are silly and convenient, especially as villains, because this completely undermines their role as foil It is impressive when characters overcome challenges, but not when challenges simply crumble before them The children are lucky the Queen was of a fart stealing Old Nick than a Miltonian Satan, otherwise they never would have stood a chance.It is interesting to look at how many Christian authors have tried to reconcile their faith with complex fairy mythologies not that Christianity doesn t have its own magical fairy tales, but these other traditions are not exactly compatible Dante has Virgil lead him through hell, the Buddha was made into a saint, holidays were given new meanings even if they often kept old symbols and names , and magical monsters were also given a place in the new faith.In the Middle Ages, monks compiled Bestiaries , which described the roles of dragons, unicorns, and real animals in Christian synbolism there were even century spanning debates about whether dog headed men were descended from Adam These books were rarely accurate, but allowed Christian theology to adopt many stories and superstitions from earlier periods for instance, the connection between unicorns and virginity or the belief that pelicans fed their own blood to their young, in imitation of communion.So Lewis attempt to take myth and adapt it to a Christian cosmology is hardly new there is a long and storied tradition explored throughout the Chivalric period and recognizable today in books like The Once and Future King, but Lewis doesn t do a very good job of reconciling these disparate mythologies.Like most Protestants, Lewis religion was a modern one not magical and mystical, but reasonable and utilitarian He did not draw on the elaborate, convoluted apocrypha of hallucinatory monsters and miracles that mystics obsess over, instead, he made a small, sane, reasonable magical world which rather defeats the point It is unfortunate that many of today s readers think of Lewis writings as defining English fairy tales, since his late additions to the genre are not original, nor are they particularly well executed examples.Many authors have come to the genre with much imagination, a deeper sense of wonder, and a far reaching exploration of magic We have examples from Kipling, Lewis Carroll, Dunsany, Eddison, Morris, and even modern updates by Gaiman and Clarke Lewis, like Tolkien, may be a well known example, but both are rather short sighted, and neither one achieves as much as the many talented authors who came before.I m not saying Lewis is bad, merely that he is unremarkable, and is hardly preeminent in fantasy, or even in children s fantasy However, I do think his fundamental message is a bad one, even if he didn t realize he was creating it In all his worlds, all his stories, he takes the sorts of people he dislikes, defines them as evil , then sets himself apart from them There is no attempt to comprehend or to come to mutual understanding I cannot respect a book which encourages people to vilify what they don t understand and to call isolation righteous If any worldview deserves the epithet of evil , it is the sort of willful, prideful, self indulgent ignorance Lewis displays.My List of Suggested Fantasy Books

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