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Room Full Of Mirrors: A Biography Of Jimi Hendrix Now In Paperback, The National Bestselling Biography Of American Musical Icon Jimi Hendrix It Has Been Than Thirty Five Years Since Jimi Hendrix Died, But His Music And Spirit Are Still Very Much Alive For His Fans Everywhere Charles R Cross Vividly Recounts The Life Of Hendrix, From His Difficult Childhood And Adolescence In Seattle Through His Incredible Rise To Celebrity In London S Swinging Sixties It Is The Story Of An Outrageous Life With Legendary Tales Of Sex, Drugs, And Excess While It Also Reveals A Man Who Struggled To Accept His Role As Idol And Who Privately Craved The Kind Of Normal Family Life He Never Had Using Never Before Seen Documents And Private Letters, And Based On Hundreds Of Interviews With Those Who Knew Hendrix Many Of Whom Had Never Before Agreed To Be Interviewed Room Full Of Mirrors Unlocks The Vast Mystery Of One Of Music S Most Enduring Legends

About the Author: Charles R. Cross

Charles R CrossThis is Charles R Cross, a rock music journalist and author based in Seattle He is the founder of Backstreets magazine, a periodical for fans of Bruce Springsteen, editor of Springsteen the Man and His Music, a compilation of Backstreets articles, and is also author of a biography of Kurt Cobain, titled Heavier Than Heaven His most recent release is entitled Room Full Of Mirrors A Biography Of Jimi Hendrix.In 2004, while conducting research for the Hendrix book, Cross rediscovered the gravesite of Jimi Hendrix s mother, Lucille Jeter Hendrix, in an abandoned section of Greenwood Memorial Park, where Jimi Hendrix himself is buried in an elaborate granite memorial The gravesite of Lucille Hendrix was lost because the standard welfare marker of her day, an inscribed brick, became buried in decades of mud from the area s notorious heavy rains Cross delivered a moving eulogy for Lucille when a proper headstone was dedicated at the site.Courtney Love, the widow of Kurt Cobain, has acquired the rights to Heavier Than Heaven, which is now being made into a film by Universal Pictures This is the first film to be made from Cross work.

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    I ll proudly stick my hand up and admit to being a bit obsessed with Jimi Hendrix He was just such a amazing spirit He descended, blew up what everyone thought a guitar could do and then vanished into the mist.In the mean time he did a lot of drugs and lived a life that is almost unfathomable This book details the

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    I grew up riding other people s horses in the vacant lot next to Jimi s dad s house I heard all the neighborhood stories and met all the people at parties who claimed to have seen Jimi play back in the day or who say they went to school with him it s amazing how many people say they graduated with Jimi when he never

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    Just finished reading 4 out 5 stars.I read a different Hendrix biography when I was a teenager in the 80s and have always loved and listened to his music but as far as his life its been a while New things I learned or had my memory refreshed on His Parents were not good people and unfit Parents Hendrix was one of these

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    This book was extremely amazing.It begins with Jimi s life as a young child, and builds up to his life as an adult It s obvious that Cross REALLY did his research because all of his connections who he interviewed were extremely personal, and each of them had a close relationship with Jimi.The most interesting parts for m

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    Beautiful, compassionate, well researched, this biography of Jimi Hendrix belongs on the shelf of any fan of classic rock Charles R Cross captures all the different sides of Jimi, arguably the most complex of the great Sixties rock stars Blues man, mystic, science fiction visionary, flamboyant showman, Jimi Hendrix comes a

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    Room Full of Mirrors is a well researched and fair account of the life of Jimi Hendrix Although clearly a fan, Cross doesn t shy away from the negative side of Hendrix, which included drug use surprise and violence More than 40 years after his death, Hendrix is still considered one of the most innovative, talented and influ

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    Very revealing Being such an awesome musician as he is, it is no surprise there are countless books and articles discussing Jimi Hendrix s musical legacy But that also means we rarely strumble upon a book or an article which touch on his personal side, especially when he rarely give any details about it in interviews, as thoug

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    This is a wonderfully researched and deeply moving look at the amazing, incredible Jimi From poverty to greatness, he lived in two divergent ends of the spectrum during his prolific, sadly short life He gave so much, bringing blues and rock to new heights He was truly a legend This book shows Jimi as a real man, with faults and

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    Having been a huge fan of Jimi and his music over the years, I had read a few books on his career and downfall However, I had to admit that I did not know very much about his personal life and his early years Room Full of Mirrors exposed for me the young Hendrix and all the hardships he endured at such a young age It s amazing tha

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    Oh Jimi It s probably not well known but growing up in Seattle, Washington, Jimi Hendrix was a painfully shy kid with abusive and alcoholic parents It s something he never really shook despite the flamboyant outfits, guitar pyrotechnics, groupies piled up outside his door, and reckless drug use When he had moments of quiet, admitted

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