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Mountains Beyond Mountains: The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer, a Man Who Would Cure the World This Powerful And Inspiring Book Shows How One Person Can Make A Difference, As Kidder Tells The True Story Of A Gifted Man Who Is In Love With The World And Has Set Out To Do All He Can To Cure ItTracy Kidder Is A Winner Of The Pulitzer Prize And The Author Of The Bestsellers The Soul Of A New Machine, House, Among Schoolchildren, And Home Town He Has Been Described By The Balti Sun As The Master Of The Non Fiction Narrative This Powerful And Inspiring New Book Shows How One Person Can Make A Difference, As Kidder Tells The True Story Of A Gifted Man Who Is In Love With The World And Has Set Out To Do All He Can To Cure ItAt The Center Of Mountains Beyond Mountains Stands Paul Farmer Doctor, Harvard Professor, Renowned Infectious Disease Specialist, Anthropologist, The Recipient Of A MacArthur Genius Grant, World Class Robin Hood, Farmer Was Brought Up In A Bus And On A Boat, And In Medical School Found His Life S Calling To Diagnose And Cure Infectious Diseases And To Bring The Lifesaving Tools Of Modern Medicine To Those Who Need Them Most This Magnificent Book Shows How Radical Change Can Be Fostered In Situations That Seem Insurmountable, And It Also Shows How A Meaningful Life Can Be Created, As Farmer Brilliant, Charismatic, Charming, Both A Leader In International Health And A Doctor Who Finds Time To Make House Calls In Boston And The Mountains Of Haiti Blasts Through Convention To Get Results Mountains Beyond Mountains Takes Us From Harvard To Haiti, Peru, Cuba, And Russia As Farmer Changes Minds And Practices Through His Dedication To The Philosophy That The Only Real Nation Is Humanity A Philosophy That Is Embodied In The Small Public Charity He Founded, Partners In Health He Enlists The Help Of The Gates Foundation, George Soros, The UN S World Health Organization, And Others In His Quest To Cure The World At The Heart Of This Book Is The Example Of A Life Based On Hope, And On An Understanding Of The Truth Of The Haitian Proverb Beyond Mountains There Are Mountains As You Solve One Problem, Another Problem Presents Itself, And So You Go On And Try To Solve That One Too Mountains Beyond Mountains Unfolds With The Force Of A Gathering Revelation, Says Annie Dillard, And Jonathan Harr Says, Farmer Wants To Change The World Certainly This Luminous And Powerful Book Will Change The Way You See It

About the Author: Tracy Kidder

Tracy Kidder is an American author and Vietnam War veteran Kidder may be best known, especially within the computing community, for his Pulitzer Prize winning The Soul of a New Machine, an account of the development of Data General s Eclipse MV minicomputer The book typifies his distinctive style of research He began following the project at its inception and, in addition to interviews, spent c

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    Dr Paul Farmer is many things, world expert on AIDS and Tuberculosis, patient care physician extraordinaire, founder of a ground breaking health care facility in Haiti, consultant to Anti TB programs in Peru and Russia, author of several books and countless articles, husband, father, and, maybe, saint He has sympathy for liberation theology and a core understanding of the signifi

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    I am not really sure where to begin when it comes to this book Let us just say that Tracy Kidder writes a mean biography account of perhaps one of the most influential people of our Generation iPod big box stores time This book really encapsulates what I imagine Paul Farmer s credo is that is to say, fuck the idea of appropriate technology, sustainability and cost effectiveness this is hu

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    Update this is another book that I read before I joined Goodreads I still own it and it s a treasure It s a Kindle special 1.99 today I m only mentioning it because sometimes people are looking for one of those great books that they ve missed.at a great price to boot this is one of them EXCELLENT. read it along time ago it inspired me

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    For anyone who yearns to make a difference but feels overwhelmed at where to start, this book will inspire you, maybe even shock you Doctor Paul Farmer decided at the age of 23 to devote his life to treating the poor He established a clinic in one of the most impoverished parts of Haiti called Zanmi Lasante Over the next twenty years, he treated not just the poor in Haiti, but expanded to treat the poor in

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    in my opinion our construction of heroes in this world leaves a lot to be desired and while paul farmer might indeed being doing incredible work with an incredible attitude perspective, i tired quickly of this book s idolation and unquestioning worship this is not how we will create heroes among ourselves and others this is precisely how people like dr king have been removed from the people and pedastalized to the

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    I lived on the Dominican Republic Haiti border for a few years as a child, so the initial description in this book of how Haiti is fucked doesn t come as a surprise I mean Just about everything that could possibly go wrong on the road to becoming a self sustaining country has just been ripped from them ASK ME MY FEELINGS ON THE LATEST COUP THERE AGH, AGH, OH MY GOD, AGH Haiti fucked CHECK The book then goes on to describe t

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    I wish I had known Paul Farmer, the subject of this book s adoration, spoke at Columbia s commencement ceremony this past May At that time, I had never heard of him If I had known, I would have gone and been able to see first hand who he is Mountains Beyond Mountains is neither biography nor non fiction, but is a commentary on the author s time spent with Dr Paul Farmer It briefly browses through his life story very unusual upbring

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    Mountains Beyond Mountains is a biography of Dr Paul Farmer, a Harvard educated physician who, in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, set out to bring life saving, first world medical practices to the desperately poor in rural Haiti This book has almost become essential reading for those who have even the most cursory interest in fields often referred to as global health, social medicine, or public health.Paul Farmer is a unique docto

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    One person can make a difference Kidder finds another superb subject for examination Should be a great book for discussion Dr Farmer is not one dimensional, but he is almost mono maniacal in his dedication Kidder is not afraid to give us enough to consider whether the ends justify the means A well told story that, with luck, will inspire others to similar dedication.

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    You re not supposed to love this book To do so would be to fall to the seduction of blind idolatry, and Farmer, the book s subject, even points out that this is not his goal the goal isn t to convince people to BE like Farmer, but rather to think like him, to believe in what he believes As a fiction reader writer who only sporadically dabbles in nonfiction, I find it hard to consolidate the opinions of the two types of readers in me the one who reads to lear

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