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Soldier Mine This Edition Is No Longer AvailableWhen Kreslan Is Attacked In The Cargo Hold He Bonds With A Shapeshifting Beast Who Turns Out To Be The Reincarnated Leader Of An Entire Planet Will Kreslan Be Willing To Give Up An Ordinary Man To Partner With An Extraordinary Creature Who Just Happens To Hold Kres Heart In His Possessive Claws

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    oh my lord and butter that was horrendous.it was fun for a while like the other two amber kell story outlines books i have read this week, the premise was okay to pretty good.but the prose is terrible comprised entirely of cliche, hysteria, and senseless blathering.so after the lulz ended i was left a bit unmoored, and no longer impressed at how utterly devoid of story

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    I really can t understand why this book is getting such high ratings The plot inconsistencies drove me nuts At the beginning of the book, she stated that Thresls are cat like creatures who only assume another form when they ve bonded to a human and that this form very rarely is human like But later in the story all the Thresls look humanoid, even when they re not bonded

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    I loved the initial set up and the characters were so interesting and different but it lost me when it morphed into a convoluted reincarnation story I felt the two MC s became very different personalities from what really attracted me in the beginning of the story Too bad because it had an interesting hook.

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    hey, it s a real thing or a joke This title is an expanded, re edited releasewhat This is the better version of the book. good Lord I hate to be a bitch, but I think this book deserve a bitchy review like all women in the book All bitches and lunatics and so,I m authorized to be a bitch too Yeah, it INFURIATES me a book with ALL bitches, neither one female characte

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    The pdf opened and it scared me I mean, look at the texture of that skin And all right up in yo face I almost felt like I was getting abrasion burns from the rough metalbut then it was skin And now the imagery won t leave.Thresl are peculiar They come off as a weird cross between an animal, a shifter, and a bio engineered weapon They re regarded as either tools or pets The

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    This was a really good book It wasn t overly complicated and I loved seeing Kreslan trying to accept the fact he had a Thresl There were some things I hadn t seen in a shifter book before that kept me interested while I was reading One of those being that a Thresl stays in cat form until they find their bonded Or in Kreslan and Vohne s case, their mate.The book was kind of

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    3.5 starsI remember when Ms Kell posted this as a blog story I only read half then although I m not quite sure why but this story is probably one of my favorites from her so far The story starts off strong with a bit of a spin on mates Where Vohne is a Thresl a strange type of cat and can t transform to a human until he meets his mate Kreslan is that mate and while not wanti

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    I loved the premise for Soldier Mine I thoroughly enjoyed the first half of this story and then halfway through I pause every chapter looking for the Kreslan and his Thresl I started the book with because they seemed to have vanished somewhere along the way I did not hate this story because I do believe Mrs Kell has a winner on her hands with her Thresl series And with how th

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    I am in LOVE with this book.The first few pages are a bit cliche. army guy on a ship who is constantly taunted by the admirals homophobic asshole of a son I was sitting there going OH NO its going to be another one of those same old same old books.Then it got to about page 7 and I sat up.Hang on, I thoughtthis is defiantly new Then I was hooked It was action packed, interestin

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    Just the cheesy space romance I was in the mood for The characters are fun, and I m glad Amber Kell doesn t subscribe to the dominant, controlling mate, and that both characters are strong in their own right I really liked Kreslan he could give lessons in backbone to many of the characters in other shifter type novels This might not be great literature, but it s an enjoyable, f

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