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Glitch In The Community, There Is No Pain Or War Implanted Computer Chips Have Wiped Humanity Clean Of Destructive Emotions, And Thoughts Are Replaced By A Feed From The Link NetworkWhen Zoe Starts To Malfunction Or Glitch , She Suddenly Begins Having Her Own Thoughts, Feelings, And Identity Any Anomalies Must Be Immediately Reported And Repaired, But Zoe Has A Secret So Dark It Will Mean Certain Deactivation If She Is Caught Her Glitches Have Given Her Uncontrollable Telekinetic PowersAs Zoe Struggles To Control Her Abilities And Stay Hidden, She Meets Other Glitchers Including Max, Who Can Disguise His Appearance, And Adrien, Who Has Visions Of The Future Both Boys Introduce Zoe To Feelings That Are Entirely New Together, This Growing Band Of Glitchers Must Find A Way To Free Themselves From The Controlling Hands Of The Community Before They Re Caught And Deactivated, Or WorseIn This Action Packed Debut, Glitch Begins An Exciting New Young Adult Trilogy

About the Author: Heather Anastasiu

Heather Anastasiu grew up in Texas and recently moved to Minneapolis with her family When she s not busy getting lost exploring the new city, she spends most days writing at a caf or daydreaming about getting a new tattoo.

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    Warning Possible spoilers but do you really want to read this sigh Oh, Glitch When reading a book, however horrible that book might be, I do try to find something even slightly redeemable, that could save the book from falling into my one star abyss Unfortunately, I truly found nothing likable or redeemable in this book I ll be splitting my review of Glitch int

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    I d like to be able to say that this is one for those readers seeking a solid dystopian YA with strong sci fi elements, but in truth, this Glitch is not that book At best it s an on trend, marketable novel aimed at fans of Matched and the like At worst, it s a formulaic, clich riddled book I feel like I ve read several times before While the premise of a community hooked up to

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    St Martin s Press After Ever and House Of Night, tread very lightly You might be able to pull off shitty Paranormal books, but when it comes to Dystopia, don t mess it up OR ELSE Edit, 18th Aug Wow Looking at the reviews, I was spot on I m telling you, the person working at this publishing house needs to be fired or something.

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    3.75 starsGlitch is a very interesting and fascinating novel I wasn t really into dystopian novel which are about, uh, how am I going to describe it robot like people cyborg computer chips and stuffs Something like that, you get it right Like Skinned or Cinder Although I heard really a lot of good things about the latter and am planning to read it soon Themes like that just don t appeal on me t

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    April 19 Got a Galley for this from Netgalley so I m going to give it a go Thank you to St Martin s Going in with no expectations I m sorry, I just couldn t get into this It s a DNF for me.It s your typical dystopian lite fiction, except the publishers want to make you believe otherwise because there are science fiction lite elements in it But really, it s the same old same old.Controlling political en

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    This book was probably definitely intended to a younger audience so there is no surprise that I found it to be a bit juvenile at parts Based on this I really had a hard time rating it, as there were things that I really liked, but there were some things I simply needed to skip.If you are in your teen years and you haven t come across too many dystopian books then you probably will love this book, so just pick it

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    Caution Rant ahead proceed at your own cost.Shhh Don t tell anyone, but the truth is I couldn t didn t finish the book I got halfway in, then decided I couldn t take it any To start with what I liked, I was glad when the book started, Zoel was already glitching I didn t want to go through pages of blankness and robotic ness I m glad the Zoel started questioning everything before Adrien came The story premise was interest

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    Originally posted at my blog Michelle s Paranormal Vault of Books Expected publication date August 7th 2012 by St Martin s PressBy Heather AnastasiuI really enjoyed this story, It took me a short time to get into it, once I was able to actually read it, as its an ARC advanced readers copy from NetGalley and it was in a format for computer only, and I have a hard time reading on the computer I finally got it on my Kindle, but took

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    Thank you Netgalley and St Martin s Press This is the first book on Netgalley I ve been approved for Yay Secrets were strictly forbidden in the Community Of course, it had never been a problem before, because we weren t supposed to be capable of secrets It was secrets that started the wars and almost destroyed the planet Secrets and lies and destructive passions But we were saved from all that We were logical Orderly.Secrets were wrong

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    I really couldn t get into this Everything was so basic dystopian, the protagonist was a Mary Sue, and the romance was moving way too fast, to the point of insta love I tried giving this a chance, but it was just painful to read.And the way Adrien the love interest curses is annoying as hell Cracking , shunting , godlam d , and many weird ass words I was yelling SHUT UP at him the whole time.It really was too painful for me to finish, but most of

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