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This is an ongoing story and I read to the point of ch 46 so far.As with other stories from this author, I found the world building and the characters great Some parts of the plot are slow and are character driven while other parts get exciting and action packed.The premise is there is a human like race called the Jenarians who have people with psychic abilities The future seers predict that their race must infuse their genes with something different or it will stagnate and die off in the distant future The solution Humans are similar and compatible in that way so the Jenarians force earth into a treaty They will restore earth s spaceports and bases in exchange for a prescribed number of humans destined for a three year marriage commitment The humans are reluctant, but they want peace and they want accessible space travel and defense.There are several main characters and some recurring secondary characters with at least three separate plot threads telling the story of three couples who are part of the Jenaria Earth marriage agreement There is the need for understanding each other s cultures and growing together as couples Each set of couples have their own distinct troubles and are loveable in their own ways.There are moments when I just role my eyes and groan at the way they mishandle the situations, but there are good moments too.Looking forward to see what s next Chapter 7, I m trying here This story is coming off like a young writer who just discovered writing a smutty lemon m m story And that author couldn t decide on a single relationship, because that single one was sort of repetitive, and so three At the same time That ll keep em entertained Yeah, it s not working for me Vane has barely made an appearance, and I already hate him He s a jerk, he s delusional, he s completely lacking in a brain and he s never gotten out of his terrible twos and threes I have no interest in seeing Vane, but I figured there could be hope, as Noah and Jovi were introduced first and their first scenes sparked an interest for me But then we get to the marriage choosing thingy and there is a fight between Jovi Noah, and it escalates Then it never ever de escalates It s just all smutty escalating fighting, where Jovi proves to be a total asshat with the sensitivity of zero Is he blind Does he have no boundaries at all God, he s so violent and demanding that I fear for Noah It s so close to crossing a very uncomfortable line Especially when he notices how scared Noah is and promises not to touch him sexually, then five seconds later, he s all over him His move And you wonder why Noah wants to run off Where s Noah s brain during this too He knows this marriage thing is part of the peace deal Did he genuinely think it was impossible for him to be chosen Even if he gets past this whole, didn t expect it to be a man thing, god, it seemed like he was interested in men BEFORE this Why is he so against this if he wasn t really protesting earlier Why, why, why Seriously, I can understand a lot of reasons for why he s being the way he is, but I m getting nothing Just a character acting illogically with another character who is acting in such an unattractive and violent manner that I m getting an anti aroused along with confused This is suppose to be a bit smutty That s not the feeling I should be feeling I had hopes for this I didn t expect like a crazy good bit, but it was frustrating to have what started off promising sort of devolve into these god, like fictionpress fanfiction maturity Maybe, maybe, it can get better Ohgodohgod, it s Vane again All right, I understand and have some sympathy for the serious mancrushage on Noah, but again, it s totally inexcusable and as soon as he opens his big fat mouth, I m back to hating him Can anyone have an actual conversation in this world that isn t an argument Christ, building tension doesn t mean fighting all the time.God, I was going to try for chapter 10 and see if it could improve But I can t fail I m outsies At least I paid for this monthly membership for Dreaming of the Void I enjoyed that one The only one I ve enjoyed on yaoifix sheesh. Well, my second foray into the yaoi genre wasn t quite as successful, even though it was the same author Maybe the problem stems from the nature of WIP, though I have mixed feelings about this genre, first of all I get a little squicked out by the very young nature of the supposed adult characters But I persevere because they are presented as adults so I want to trust the author s stated characterization And as I read on it becomes clear that the dominant in the relationships are just as almost adult as their counterparts I mean, in this story Jovi is as young as anyone in his mistaken perception that he can control every aspect of his partner s life And Brinald is so socially dysfunctional he comes off as very adolescent So, it all works out I enjoy the clashes between the dominant characters and their lovers That stuff can be very sexy The addition of the sci fi pnr aspects is kinda cool, too I like the way this author handles it not dark or edgy or so weird that human emotion doesn t have a place But that WIP thing With each installment the author has to re set the tension, has to remind the reader where we re at, and still take us to the next turn in the story I m getting bored I know what this one and that one feel and think, I know what the fears are that hold them back Do we have to state it all again The author doesn t do it as clumsily as I ve stated it, I mean, it s not that obvious, but after 48 chapters, I m seeing the pattern sputtering light bulb flickers and crackles I m ready to read something else now But if you haven t tried it, and you like sexy cool weird MM passion, this stuff has LOADS of that It s quirky and very 2012, totally unlike the mainstream paranormal bdsm laden erotica that fills my electronic book shelves HA Who knew that could happen What a world we live in Quality smut. Amazing Book, Husbands For Peace By Twisted Hilarity This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Husbands For Peace, Essay By Twisted Hilarity Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You le sigh I how I do love Twisted s works Twisted Hilarity is probably my one and only crack author No matter what she writes, I will read it Including fanfiction of the one show I SWORE I would never ever read fanfiction about AnywhoOne of my favorite things about Twisted s stories is that you get side stories woven in with the main one Which means MORE M M lovin Yes Jovi and Noah have a really rough start to their relationship Love me some angst So how does an independent human deal with an overprotective alien By fighting of course About everything Clothes, food, jobs Everything How does a smitten alien deal with the contrary object of his affections By proving him wrong of course Even if he has to tie him up to do it.Deliciously wicked and oh so sinfully delightful, this is a FANTASTIC read IMHO I m hoping with all I ve got that I might be able to purchase a print copy of this at some point because I MUST have it to re read and a reader like me can t afford a lifetime subscription to Yaoifix T.T Ahhh, serial fiction, such a 19th century form of writing It s actually a format I can appreciate as long as I can be promised regular updates With this one, I started when it did about a million years ago but put it aside updates got sluggish at best But when I saw it was done, I was happy to go back and gobble it down.Not too complex or incredibly well developed as far as aliens or world building goes but just a fun ol time I ended up enjoying Vane and Brinald s story way than I ever thought possible. It s over I wasn t sure if I was going to like it in the beginning There were some parts that just gave me a squicky feeling Jovi talking about molesting Noah Umm yeah, just no However, that vein of the story soon died out, thank goodness, and I really began to enjoy the story Each couple brought a different dynamic to the story and it kept things interesting Jovi and Noah s sex scenes were by far the best Brinald and Vanes developing romance was the most interesting And Amon and Kirins opposites attract story was rather sweet I m really glad I gave this a chance. I first started reading this story when it was only a few chapters in progress and posted to yaoifix.com I have to say finding out that it was available as an ebook on was delightful This was the story that drew me back to that website over and over again The culture clashes, the character clashes, the overly aggressive sexual encounters read clashes All of it developed in a way that doesn t come off as Wham Bam Thank You Sir Instead there is a lot of focus on character development and world culture creation Noah, a product of cosmetic surgery I feel the need to say that a lot of people are claiming it to be plastic surgery but in this case they are blending animal DNA with human, I feel that it is about genetics than anything is by far my favorite character. What did I think Perfection Absolute stunning perfection I could wax poetic about this trilogy for days but since that would be a bit much I ll leave with my previous statement Perfection. Husbands for Peace

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I m a relatively new fan of male male erotica It s a bit embarrassing, really How, in this age of computers, did I go so long without finding gay romance It shouldn t be possible Here I am, a person who s always enjoyed a bit of hero molestation by the male villain, so you d think I would be the first to jump on the sexy bandwagon of gay romantic love.Sadly, that s not my style at all If you

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