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The Darkest Minds When Ruby Woke Up On Her Tenth Birthday, Something About Her Had Changed Something Alarming Enough To Make Her Parents Lock Her In The Garage And Call The Police Something That Gets Her Sent To Thurmond, A Brutal Government Rehabilitation Camp She Might Have Survived The Mysterious Disease That S Killed Most Of America S Children, But She And The Others Have Emerged With Something Far Worse Frightening Abilities They Cannot ControlNow Sixteen, Ruby Is One Of The Dangerous OnesWhen The Truth Comes Out, Ruby Barely Escapes Thurmond With Her Life Now She S On The Run, Desperate To Find The One Safe Haven Left For Kids Like Her East River She Joins A Group Of Kids Who Escaped Their Own Camp Liam, Their Brave Leader, Is Falling Hard For Ruby But No Matter How Much She Aches For Him, Ruby Can T Risk Getting Close Not After What Happened To Her ParentsWhen They Arrive At East River, Nothing Is As It Seems, Least Of All Its Mysterious Leader But There Are Other Forces At Work, People Who Will Stop At Nothing To Use Ruby In Their Fight Against The Government Ruby Will Be Faced With A Terrible Choice, One That May Mean Giving Up Her Only Chance At A Life Worth Living

About the Author: Alexandra Bracken

Hi I m Alex and I write books Please note that I don t respond to messages here on GoodReads Please send me a note on twitter alexbracken on on Tumblr alexandrabracken.tumblr.com xx A

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    If The Hunger Games brought back my faith in YA dystopia, Darkest Minds made me an atheist This book has a plot filled with holes than a Dunkin Donuts It is mind boggling to me that the rating in this series is as high as Hunger Games when the supporting characters in this book are are without personality nor complexity, combined

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    THE DARKEST MINDS is one of the best books I have EVER read No joke I can t even properly express how much I love this book It touched my soul it s THAT incredible It haunted me for days and days and still does The world building and plot are phenomenal it leaves you absolutely breathless in spots , and the characters are some of the most vivid I ve enc

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    They were never scared of the kids who might die, or the empty spaces they would leave behind They were afraid of us the ones who lived Ever since The Darkest Minds was released at the height of the dystopian craze in 2012, I think I ve been subconsciously saving it to enjoy at a later date when the hype died down and I was no longer sick of reading YA

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    WOW this book REALLY holds up over the years I m SO pleased I decided to reread this series

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    Sorry about that Hey I don t think we ve had the chance to meet I m Liam.

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    OH MY GOD Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod This book was so damn beautiful, so damn heartbreaking, and so damn freaking AMAZING I think it s one of the most in depth books I ve read since The Hunger Games and I mean that with my heart and soul It s not just another fluffy mock intense book it s not just another dystopian knock off that I could never see happening in real life it s not

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    MUST READ FANTABULOUS BOOK I just posted my booktalk

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    THE ROYAL REVIEW forThe Darkest MindsBy Alexandra BrackenWARNING This review contains spoilers no.NO NOOOOOOOOOO LIAMM image error

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    On the surface, The Darkest Minds has a lot going for it than your typical dystopian It s incredibly dark and disturbing, but than that, there s a certain realism to Alexandra Bracken s writing that makes the plot believable in a way few other books in the genre are Yeah I m frustrated, but not because this book is a generic dystopian it s not, not because the plot calls for kids being rounded up in concen

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    ETA For those confused about the title change

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