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Riding Freedom I totally loved this book I didn t discover it was a true story until the final chapter I thought a lot about how I admire those who can train horses without fear They are smart animals, but they are huge The final few chapters were set in Watsonville, CA Jonathan and I lived there at the beginning of our marriage It is so pretty there and home to the world s largest grower of strawberries The author did a great job describing the land s beauty It s the story of the first woman who voted She was an orphan back east and ran away She disguised herself as a boy so she could continue working as a stagecoach driver She eventually lost the sight of one eye due to an accident, but continued to take people all over California during the gold rush Nobody discovered her true identity as a woman until she passed away She was only able to vote because people thought she was man She had a lot of courage, but had to do what she needed in order to survive in a man s world. Riding Freedom is a historical fiction book by Pam Mu oz Ryan that is based on the actual person, Charlotte Charley Darkey Parkhurst The person is real, but most of the story is just from the author s imagination I really enjoyed reading the beginning, when I am introduced to Charley and how she was so strong to survive multiple fevers and even a large crash that killed her parents instantly when Charley was two and a half years old I think the title is called Riding Freedom because in the first few pages, it introduces her friend Vern and how he names the horses in the stable with things like Justice, Charity, and Hope Freedom is the horse that Charley rides often As I was finishing this book, I found myself researching about Charley, and in most biographies, I found that Charley was actually referred to as a he It was only until Charley died in Watsonville that they discovered she was female Pam Munoz Ryan, the author of this book, basically fit an entire biography about Charlotte Darkey Parkhurst including many lines of dialogue into 137 pages It is really hard for me to even describe this book It is really sad, and sometimes, especially for stories that happen in real life, I just wish I could warn the character not to do something On one hand, I hoped Charley would just stay at the orphanage and work in the kitchen That way, she would not have gotten blind in one eye One the other hand, I am glad she never got out of her disguise as a man I learned to follow your heart, no matter the trouble it may lead you into Says Vern If you make a mistake, that s all right Just try not to repeat the error Says Charley I also learned a lot about horses in this book For example, different horses have different preferences Some horses don t like to be ridden hard, but some are fine with it. This book is about a girl that is stuck at an orphanage only because the person in charge of the orphanage keeps on hiding her when it comes to the day of adoption So everyone thinks the orphanage has only boys when it actually has one girl along with the boys She eventually runs away and spends majority of her life trying to survive by pretending to be a boy She spends the rest of her life hiding from the orphanage and anyone that would send her back to the orphanage Charlotte Parkhurst is determined to have the chance for opportunities and to not be told what to do in her life Her friend Hayward was her only friend she had at the orphanage beside a horse named Freedom He was going to run away with her and they were going to bring Freedom Then Freedom died and Hayward got adopted so she was left to figure everything out all by herself.Riding Freedom took place in 1860, in a orphanage The orphanage was in California and that s where everything started in the book Then she ran away and traveled all over the place.This is a really sad but inspiring book I would recommend it to younger kids and kids in high school to read Anyone who loves a book about old country life and someone having to go through a lot of problems to get what they want should definitely read this The theme for this book is to watch out for those who mean everything to you and to never give up on your dreams no matter what happens. Possibly closer to three It s hard to judge chapter books because there s so little time for character development But Ryan did a surprisingly good job in this for only having 138 pages to work with.My only real issue is that it s bordering on feminism, which is a slippery slope Men and women have their roles, but also, the character was in a pretty awful situation.Anyway, it s a good story I don t really feel like analyzing the morals and everything right now I enjoyed reading this a lot Horses and adventures and persistence and powering through And fun pace. I read this with my son as part of a school assignment It was wonderful Based on a true story I love those Well written and great messages I love books where everything works out in the end after a lot of adversity. This historical fiction book is based on Parkhurst s life and experiences Although this book has a slow and tragic beginning, it picks up speed as it moves along Charlotte was raised as an orphan with all boys She eventually ran away and spent her life disguised as a man Because she was disguised as a man, she was the first woman ever to vote even though no one realized she was a woman until her death As a woman living in the 1800 s, Charlotte had to maintain her disguise in order to live the life she wanted This was the beginning of the women suffrage movement Women felt that they should be able to do anything a man can do This book is very inspiring to me because it showed me how much women back then had to go through to get the freedom they wanted I would recommend this book to anyone who are interested in horses, stories about tomboys, the history of the US in the mid 1800s, and the early days of the women s suffrage movement. This book is awesome I read it a long time ago, but I still remember parts that I would say, but don t want to ruin the story for you READ THIS BOOK IF YOU HAVE SINCE just kidding Daniel s review This book was awesome I liked when Charlotte or Charley escaped from the orphanage and Mrs Boyle She disguised herself as a boy, so Mr Millshark couldn t recognize her She went to Massachusetts, Rhode Island, California, and she stayed in California She was driving a stage coach in all the States where she went She saved people from drowning even though she had one blind eye and a working one She helped twin foals be born. Charlotte Parkhurst Is Raised In An Orphanage For Boys, Which Suits Her Just Fine She Doesn T Like Playing With Dolls, She Can Hold Her Own In A Fight, And She Loves To Work In The Stables Charlotte Has A Way With Horses And Wants To Spend Her Life Training And Riding Them On A Ranch Of Her Own The Problem Is, As A Girl In The Mid S, Charlotte Is Expected To Live A Much Different Life One Without Freedom But Charlotte Is Smart And Determined, And She Figures Out A Way To Live Her Dreams With A Plan So Clever And So Secret Almost No One Figures It Out This quick read follows the life of Charlotte, a young orphan with a charming personality and strong ability to work with horses The historical fiction novel depicts the hardships that women faced before it was legal to vote in the United States, and Charlotte s determination to live in a man s world where she won t be accepted is remarkable.

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Pam Mu oz Ryan is the author of the New York Times Best Seller, ECHO, a 2016 Newbery Honor Book, and winner of the Kirkus Prize She has written over forty books for young people picture books, early readers, and middle grade and young adult novels She the author recipient of the NEA s Human and Civil Rights Award, the Virginia Hamilton Literary Award, the Willa Cather Award, the Pura Belpr meda

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