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Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Night Gardener, Peter Nimble And His Fantastic Eyes Is The Utterly Beguiling Tale Of A Ten Year Old Blind Orphan Who Has Been Schooled In A Life Of Thievery One Fateful Afternoon, He Steals A Box From A Mysterious Traveling Haberdasher A Box That Contains Three Pairs Of Magical Eyes When He Tries The First Pair, He Is Instantly Transported To A Hidden Island Where He Is Presented With A Special Quest To Travel To The Dangerous Vanished Kingdom And Rescue A People In Need Along With His Loyal Sidekick A Knight Who Has Been Turned Into An Unfortunate Combination Of Horse And Cat And The Magic Eyes, He Embarks On An Unforgettable, Swashbuckling Adventure To Discover His True DestinyBe Sure To Read The Companion Book, Sophie Quire And The Last Storyguard

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    What is the most telling difference between those works of children s literature written long ago and those written today Pose this question to a room full of children s librarians and I suspect that the answers would be myriad Books today are less racist They re willing to push boundaries

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    I ve been looking forward to Peter Nimble since the moment I came across Jonathan Auxier s website, The Scop The site is simple, the sketches are fun and that might be the best about me section I ve ever seen So to hear Jonathan was publishing his first middle grade this fall, literally made

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    Dear Peter Nimble,I m sorry, but you and me, that s just not going to work.After an 86 pages long relationship I must admit you bore me I know you are meant to entertain my inner child but either that child is on vacation or you re not doing a very good job.Also I think you re overdoing it Ser

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    Now, for those of you who know anything about blind children, you are aware that they make the very best thieves pg 3When I read books like Peter Nimble And His Fantastic Eyes by Jonathan Auxier, I get disappointed Disappointed because mediocre books are hyped so heavily, while truly timeless b

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    thank u, next

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    Excellent and imaginative Middle Grade Fantasy Adventure.9 24 18 Kindle version on sale today for 2.99.

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    Jonathan Auxier s debut book, Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes, released August 1st by Amulet Books, is an imaginative attempt within the Young Adult YA fiction genre But what appears to be the beginning of an action and adventure filled series starring a persevering and original cast of charac

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    The storyline is just ridiculous crazy Things happen so fast and so out of the blue, it s almost delightful At first the adult in me was putting up a fight and going Say whaa Pretty soon, I shelved that irritating grown up sixth sense and just immersed myself in the fantasy that is Peter Nimble The

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    Initially I really enjoyed this book the writing is clever and amusing, but I felt the story had several parts that were just jarring, considering that this is a kids book Peter Nimble is found as an infant, floating on the ocean in a basket His eyes have been pecked out by a raven.Okay, what Things

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    What a grand adventure funny, scary, prophetic and imaginative Peter Nimble has been blind all his life Because he is blind, his other senses provide information the rest of us don t even notice the smells of stones and of wealth, the sound of beating hearts and of friendship These abilities lead him

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