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Sampath Chawla Was Born In A Time Of Drought That Ended With A Vengeance The Night Of His Birth All Signs Being Auspicious, The Villagers Triumphantly Assured Sampath S Proud Parents That Their Son Was Destined For Greatness Twenty Years Of Failure Later, That Unfortunately Does Not Appear To Be The Case A Sullen Government Worker, Sampath Is Inspired Only When In Search Of A Quiet Place To Take His Nap But The World Is Round, His Grandmother Says Wait And See Even If It Appears He Is Going Downhill, He Will Come Up The Other Side Yes, On Top Of The World He Is Just Taking A Longer Route No One Believes Her Until, One Day, Sampath Climbs Into A Guava Tree And Becomes Unintentionally Famous As A Holy Man, Setting Off A Series Of Events That Spin Increasingly Out Of Control A Delightfully Sweet Comic Novel That Ends In A Raucous Bang, Hullabaloo In The Guava Orchard Is As Surprising And Entertaining As It Is Beautifully Wrought Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard

About the Author: Kiran Desai

Anita Desai.Desai s first novel, Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard 1998 , gained accolades from notable figures including Salman Rushdie, and went on to receive the Betty Trask Award Her second novel, The Inheritance of Loss 2006 , won the 2006 Man Booker Prize and the National Book Critics Circle Fiction Award.

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    Chauncey Gardener in India, Sampath is a slacker of the first order, completely lacking in ambition and as distractible as an infant confronted with moving shiny objects After losing his job in a rather dramatic manner, Sampath wanders up the road until he feels the pull of a guava tree and decides to take up residence The unknowing manage

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    Kiran Desai has now written a serious book that shows off her deep thinking and writing skills the inheritance of loss.whatever she had me at Hullabaloo.this book is funny Hands down funny And the mother in the book, reminds me of my mother on her insane days I just realized that in a lot of the books that I love, food plays a role sometimes

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    I try my best to respond to the text and not to other readers here, but really negative reviewers REALLY The book is called Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard Not since Breakin II Electric Boogaloo has a work so clearly announced itself as ridiculous Did you read the back cover The one that says plainly that this is the tale of a life long loser who

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    Fairly amusing and fairly brief novel about Sampath, an Indian adolescent, who really does not want to work hard and who would rather laze around One day he suddenly decides he would like to sit at the top of a guava tree He stays there and refuses to come down He begins to be mistaken for a wise man There is an air of predictability about this and

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    The novel begins with the most classical of Indian scenes that of the murky, muggy monsoon rains the novel deals with the most eponymous of Indian characters the spoiled, feckless only son Somewhere in between this Kiran Desai is able to write a humorous, if not exactly ground breaking, story of Sampath, a diffident ditherer whose foray into a guava tr

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    What a great balance between wit and lovely literature I was often reminded of the Magic Realism genre while perusing this work, with it s almost plausible absurdities, a vast array of main characters mostly related to each other , and its odd reactions to common day events.I have noticed that unlike their Western counterparts where there is one or at mos

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    This had an absurd storyline with eccentric characters I never thought I would like it as much as I did because I am not inclined towards satire and silliness This book made me realize that beautiful writing can surpass other faults This is the story of Sampath, an eccentric young man born to a mad woman who has a long genealogy of craziness He is overwhelme

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    Replace Shahkot with Malgudi and it wouldn t seem out of place University research forest , Hungry Hop , Gentleman Tailors , a District Collector not yet named, who eventually arrives struggling with his own demons, and the official cook.This book promised to be loads of fun and it was, helped generously by Desai s excellent prose The characters are delectably

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    I m not sure this really counts as a book I ve read since I only made it half way through It was that silly and slow that I just couldn t make it to the end Set it India, it would make a great bollywood film and probably be quite funny and entertaining to watch It s about a young man s quest to escape the chaos of his home and find peace and quiet He ultimately do

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    Fall in love with well written absurdity.

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