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Give Smart This is a thoughtprovoking book that philanthropists and grantmakers should give at least a very good skim. Important considerations include investing in a grantee's operational capacity, determining a strategy to 'seed the field' versus choosing one (or a few) to scale up, optimal donordonee relationship, and how you want to approach impact assessment.

While I couldn't agree more on the 3 core messages around: understanding what you hope to achieve; how you will achieve that; and being disciplined about continuous improvement, I thought the book could have either been condensed in its current format or enriched with more greater details on the successes and failures of cases that were cited as examples.

Favorite quotes:

"Philanthropy is a buyer's market." (There isn't a notion of a "company favorable" term sheet that you might see in venture capital)

"Foundations operate in a Galapagos Islandtype setting where there are no natural predators. Foundations persist but not necessarily excel." Recommended reading for financial advisors, fundraisers, and philanthropists. One of the best combinations of philanthropic framework and story telling I've come across in the field. Adding to my books to give out list. Mobile Bidding Fundraising Management GiveSmart S Platform Allows Your Organization To Engage Donors, Make It Easier For Them To Support Your Mission And Maximize Your Impact For Donors, Volunteers, And Staff, The GiveSmart Platform Is Constantly Innovating To Make Giving Easier And Fundraising Tasksefficient Powered By GiveSmart GiveSmart Is Part Of Community Brands, The Leading Provider Of Cloud Based Software To Associations, Nonprofits, Faith Based Groups, And Kschools Organizations Adopt Community Brands Solutions To Manage Memberships, Career Centers, Learning, Accounting, Fundraising, Donations, Admissions, Enrollment And Events Fundraising Software Who We Are GiveSmart Founded In , GiveSmart Blends The Expertise Of The Industry S Top Fundraising Software Companies To Develop A New, Comprehensive, And Intuitive Platform And Brings A GiveSmart Givesmartus Instagram Photos And , Followers, , Following,Posts See Instagram Photos And Videos From GiveSmart Givesmartus TBA Powered By GiveSmart Help Theatre Bay Area Spread The Word About Together We Rise Powered By GiveSmart Theatre Bay Area Sign In Or Register HOME ITEMS Together We Rise June ,pm June ,pm San Francisco, CA, USA LIVE STREAM Want A Pop Out Player Select Machine Icon Settings On Video Select Popout Player Not Hearing Any Sound Click On The Sound Icon Within The Auction Powered By GiveSmart Help Nevada Public Radio Spread The Word About Nevada Public RadioAuction Powered By GiveSmart GOLD SPONSOR GOLD SPONSOR SILVER SPONSOR GOLD SPONSOR Nevada Public Radio Sign In Or Register HOME ITEMS Nevada Public RadioAuction July ,July ,pm Nevada Public Radio, South Torrey Pines Drive, Las Vegas, NV, USA Browse, Bid Buy VIEW Bishop Noll Institute Powered By GiveSmart Help Bishop Noll Institute Spread The Word About Big Reinvent Powered By GiveSmart HOS Online Auction Powered By GiveSmart Help Home Of The Sparrow Spread The Word About Home Of The Sparrow Covid Relief Auction Powered By GiveSmart ECSO Gala Powered By GiveSmart Help Eastern Connecticut Symphony Orchestra Spread The Word About ECSO An Evening In Vienna Gala Powered By GiveSmart Eastern Connecticut Symphony Orchestra Sign In Or Register HOME ITEMS ECSO An Evening In Vienna Gala May ,am June ,pm Mystic Marriott Hotel Spa, North Road, Groton, CT, USA Items Available For Purchase VIEW ITEMSGoal Lake Hopatcong Fdn Powered By GiveSmart Help Lake Hopatcong Foundation Spread The Word About Set Sail For Our Virtual Auction Powered By GiveSmart Working in a nonprofit organization I wanted to get some more insight on the mechanics of philanthropy in general so I started reading Give Smart: Philanthropy That Gets Results by Thomas J Tierney and Joel L. Flieshman. Drawing from their own experiences as nonprofit founders and chairmen and education in public policy they try to deliver to their readers an expert's guide for donars and nonprofit leaders.

I wouldn't recommend this book to another CTEP/AmeriCorps member because the main target audience is the higher scale of philanthropy, like big givers and nonprof directors who manage budgeting. I did, however, enjoy the structure of the book which is divided into chapters each titled with a question that the reader should ask herself. For example, "What are my values and beliefs?"; "What is success?"; "What am I accountable for?"; "What will it take to get the job done?" I read the book as a reference for my future and for getting to know how the budgeting of programs at my site are funded, however each chapter was so detailed that it was kind of intimidating to me considering the point in my life that I'm at right now.

Finally, I think the book would be a tremendously helpful resourse for nonprofit leaders to reexamine their value of philanthropy and ensure that they are indeed succeeding in effectively meeting the needs of their community members and making the budget they have work for their participants. Good advice for giving smart; plain and simple. Definitely gave me a good scope of the world of philanthropy.
Despite good content, I thought I was very repetitive and often dry. This book really has me thinking more strategically about how I give. Imagine if we were more intentional about how we have to our churches and alma maters, the impact we have on communities and institutions could be much greater. This book is aimed at a fairly narrow audience and I think succeeds largely because of that. Concise and practical. Would highly recommend. This is a great book for anyone who aspires to be a philanthropist. I've been volunteering with organizations and individuals and everything in between including nonprofit and forprofit for 14 years. Some of my most intense experiences is my time in Thailand from 20032008 where just about everybody could use your support in one form or anotherit's life in a developing country. After coming back to the states (and a 3 month stint in Japan just prior)this book really helped me sort out what I've been doing over the past 7 yearsdesigning a system and acquiring frameworks to create focus the next time I return to Thailand. The book is really good at introducing some basic "inquiries," questions to think about as to where you wish to focus your time and energy. I went into book knowing other reviewers expressed their opinions on how this book is targeted for wealthy individuals and I agree and disagree. I was glad the book takes into account that your time and money aren't the only things you give away. the 3rd thing is your influencewhat you do with your network. This very aspect began to speak to some of the challenges I run intothere are so many causes and just when you pick oneyou'll find an infinite # of ways to break that one down! I got burnt out in the process. So after about 3 years of work running with the Business Model You to both clarify my own values, I've discovered it's been a great building blocka means to get straight about what others value without getting into a super lengthy conversation as life on the edge is always shifting on a moment to moment basis. Take this kind of development work into this book and you have a very strong foundation.

The book is full of great stories and reads amazingly easy thanks to Nan Stone (her efforts are quite clear once you've read the book!)I've been curious about Bridgespan for quite some time and got some amazing references to foundations and efforts out there I never heard of that may prove to be valuable. So if you even have an ounce around thinking you are a philanthropist, read this book, don't wait 5 years like I did you won't be disappointed as your gut is absolutely correctwe are all here to serve and if you put aside all the semanticsyou gift the energy you have available in this life no matter how it shows up and what you choose to call yourself! In my opinion, "philanthropy" is a word invented to start and keep a conversation around giving in societyso just keep giving! :) Great book for anyone interested in becoming a philanthropist. Authors laid out a step by step approach to doing philanthropy the right way. “Am I getting better?” is a question about continuous improvement, not the status quo.
“Am I getting better?” is a challenging question, because it means confronting a basic, and uncomfortable, fact of life: getting better —striving for excellence — is a choice. A fundamental choice.
Life offers many ways of getting lucky, but getting better, steadily better, requires learning. This is as true for philanthropists as it is for athletes, business executives, actors, and doctors. It applies to hobbies (improving a golf handicap) and to our personal lives (learning to be a good husband/ wife/ parent).
A book covers quite many aspects of how to get better as philanthropist and give smarter with a biggest impact possible. If you have already an idea of sharing your experience, knowledge, time or money with those in need, I do recommend to read the book.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Give Smart book, this is one of the most wanted Thomas J. Tierney author readers around the world.

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