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God Emperor of Dune Esta Cuarta Entrega De La Saga Dune Centra Su Trama En La Figura Mesi Nica De Leto Atreides II Hijo De Paul Atreides, H Roe Cuya Estirpe Hunde Sus Ra Ces En La Legendaria Casa Griega De Los Atridas Y Nos Lleva, A Trav S De Diversos Dilemas Ticos, A Comprender Los Mitos Que Necesita La Humanidad Y A Los H Roes Que Los Encarnan El Futuro, En El Mundo De Dune, Pertenece Solo A Los Que Son Capaces De Pensar Por S Mismos Esta Saga Apasionante Plantea Por Primera Vez De Forma Completa, Racional Y Convincente Todo Un Mundo Absolutamente Diferente Del Nuestro Sus Referencias A Los Problemas Ecol Gicos, El Poder De Las Drogas Y La Fuerza Psicol Gica De Los Mitos La Han Covertido En Una Obra De Culto Para Millones De Lectores En Todo El Mundo

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    Thirty five hundred years has passed since the end of the previous book Leto II I will just call him Leto for the sake of brevity has been the God Emperor of the known Universe practically all this time He is not shy about using pure despoti

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    I hated this book the first time I read it Hated every person in it, did not understand why anyone acted the way they did Now it s one of my top ten comfort reads, and I see so much in Leto I want for myself Dune was the perfect hero book, and then

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    SPOILER ALERT if you never read Children of Dune STOP NOW Leto II is now the God Emperor after merging with the sandtrout and becoming a monstrous worm man powered by melange He rules the known universe with an iron fist not unlike his Aunt Alya did actuall

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    It s not until the end of this book that you begin to understand Herbert s grand plan for his series DUNE is really about shaking man out of an evolutionary cul de sac, showing a frustrated civil society that despite its technological and social superiority is stag

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    God Emperor of DuneBook 4 of the Dune ChroniclesBy Frank HerbertA Dune Retrospective by Eric AllenWhat do you say about the book that was so completely terrible that it so turned you off of the series that you refused to read the four books that came after it for over a de

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    Buddy read with Athena I am a collection of the obsolete, a relic of the damned, of the lost and strayed I am the waylaid pieces of history which sank out of sight in all of our pasts Such an accumulation of riffraff has never before been imagined More than three thousand

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    The weakest of the original series, the fourth Dune book published in 1981 and Herbert s brilliant work begun in 1965 finally bottoms out Like many reviewers have said, the quality of the literature diminishes with each installment, but flashes of Herbert s brilliance shines through I can

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    God Emperor of Dune is the red headed stepchild of the series Frank Herbert delves into the mind of a near omniscient god creature Many people feel disturbed or bored by this book, calling it the most dull of the series From a philosophical point of view, this is probably the most advanced book i

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    Reviews for this book have called it heady and deep I cannot concur Few books have mastered this combination of deep material with a hurtling plot, and this is one of them.Of the Dune Chronicles so far this is book 4 , God Emperor of Dune is my clear favorite This profoundly philosophical installment in

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    God Emperor of Dune is one of those books you can measure inner growth and change by.As a child, I hated it I got bogged down in what I felt was a lack of story and plot I hated the characters which I felt were very, very one dimensional and boring I hated the protagonist, Leto II, who I thought was stuffy and p

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