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Its So Easy A Founding Member Of Guns N Roses And Velvet Revolver Shares The Story Of His Rise To The Pinnacle Of Fame And Fortune, His Struggles With Alcoholism And Drug Addiction, His Personal Crash And Burn, And His Phoenix Like Transformation Via A Unique Path To Sobriety In , At The Age Of Twenty, Duff McKagan Left His Native Seattle Partly To Pursue Music But Mainly To Get Away From A Host Of Heroin Overdoses Then Decimating His Closest Group Of Friends In The Local Punk Scene In LA Only A Few Weeks And Still Living In His Car, He Answered A Want Ad For A Bass Player Placed By Someone Who Identified Himself Only As Slash Soon After, The Most Dangerous Band In The World Was Born Guns N Roses Went On To Sell ThanMillion Albums Worldwide In It S So Easy, Duff Recounts GN R S Unlikely Trajectory To A String Of Multiplatinum Albums, Sold Out Stadium Concerts, And Global Acclaim But That Kind Of Glory Can Take Its Toll, And It Did Ultimately On Duff, As Well As On The Band Itself As GN R Began To Splinter, Duff Felt That He Himself Was Done, Too But His Near Death As A Direct Result Of Alcoholism Proved To Be His Watershed, The Turning Point That Led To His Unique Path To Sobriety And The Unexpected Choices He Has Made For Himself Since In A Voice That Is As Honest As It Is Indelibly His Own, Duff One Of Rock S Smartest And Most Articulate Personalities Takes Readers On His Harrowing Journey Through The Dark Heart Of One Of The Most Notorious Bands In Rock And Roll History And Out The Other Side

About the Author: Duff McKagan

In 1984, at the age of twenty, Duff left his native Seattle partly to pursue music but mainly to get away from a host of heroin overdoses then decimating his closest group of friends in the local punk scene In L.A only a few weeks and still living in his car, he answered a want ad for a bass player placed by someone who identified himself only as Slash Soon after, the most dangerous band in t

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    This book is why I love reading rock autobiographies Duff comes across as intelligent and self aware, but he doesn t act like he s always been that way He admits to past mistakes and stupidity while he was living it up with Guns N Roses He shares embarrassing stories about drugs and drinking, including throwing up, then consuming the vomit because there was alcohol in it Instead of glor

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    Interesting book I ve read Slash s book I ve read Adler s book Both gave unique accounts of their lives and what they went through in GnR Their books were a bit salacious than Duff s Probably because they used professional writers to help them and the publishers wanted to sell books Since Duff wrote his own book he probably doesn t feel his daughters need to hear the exact details I respect tha

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    I m not going to do a full review for this since it s pretty obvious what it s about I will say that it was non stop interesting and a very smooth read However, It s NOT Easy to read especially about things like the vomitugh On a side notefor all my romance reader friends, I do have to say I don t think we will ever read one of our books about a musician having sex with a girl in a cockroach infested apa

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    After finishing Slash s biography, I fell into a catatonic state You know, I m a huge fan of Guns n Roses Like, HUGE And, well, the break up part wasn t that easy to read Probably because I always hoped for a reunion, and finishing Slash s book destroyed all my hopes D Duff s biography, though, left me in a catatonic ly positive state.He s such sweetheart He s honest, funny, and..Well, he s kinda hot.The part tha

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    I saw Guns N Roses for the first time in my life this month, so naturally I had to beef up on my GN R factoids This book isn t really that, though Duff McKagan writes about his alcohol addiction and his dances with death He writes about how he overcame it all and has to tell himself every day that he s an addict Did you ever think a memoir could be a page turner This one is One hundred percent Its structure is perfect it

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    I am NOT a hardcore GNR fan, not even a GNR fan at all, but I really loved this book I used every spare moment to read it and finished in two days Sex, drugs, rock n roll, and an inspirational story Mostly, I think I was really into it because the writing was surprisingly good I had heard Duff speak on the radio and could tell that he was intelligent and very articulate, making it likely that he actually wrote his own story.I high

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    This book must ve been a lot longer and then edited, for I can t think of any significant reason why this one particular episode somewhen in 1992, when Duff met me and gave me a hug and an autograph, was left out of this account This was super important for me back then, surely it must ve left an impact on him as well Oh well, one possibility might be that Duff was simply too strung out, too high and or drunk to remember and or care.All jo

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    It s So Easy and Other Lies is the most compelling book I ve picked up in a while Duff McKagan is an excellent writer with a highly accessible style and his story is nothing if not riveting Indeed, McKagan himself comes across as highly accessible and deeply grounded in his art All of which makes this a very, very enjoyable, if disturbing, read but, as the book progressed, particularly as it described his recovery, I found myself and removed fr

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    Disclaimer I may be abit biased as Duff has been my not so secret rocker crush for 20 years.Quite simply, if you re looking for a tell all and airing of dirty Guns N Roses laundry, you need to look elsewhere This is the tale of one mans journey that happened to include the greatest rock band of it s time It s hard to read I knew Duff was a drinker but had no idea just how deep into a pit he fell but it felt really inspirational to me This is a guy that was

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    If you were into the whole punk metal scene in the 80 s, this has plenty of treasures to offer.

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