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Hidden Truths (The Oregon Series, #2) Lesbian Fiction Historical Fiction Sequel To Backwards To Oregon Commuter Novel Hours Reading Luke Hamilton Has Been Living As A Husband And Father For The Past Seventeen Years No One But Her Wife, Nora, Knows She Is Not The Man She Appears To Be They Have Raised Their Daughters To Become Honest And Hard Working Young Women But Even With Their Loving Foundation, A Few Fears And Insecurities Have Amy And Nattie Hiding Their Own Secrets Just As Luke Sets Out On A Dangerous Trip To Fort Boise, A Newcomer Arrives On The Ranch Rika Aaldenberg, Who Traveled To Oregon As A Mail Order Bride, Hiding That She S Not The Woman In The Letters When Hidden Truths Are Revealed, Will Their Lives And Their Family Fall Apart Or Will Love Keep Them Together

About the Author: Jae

Jae is the author of sixteen award winning lesbian romances She lives in the sunniest city of Germany, near the French and Swiss borders The writing bug bit her at the age of eleven.She used to work as a psychologist but gave up her day job in 2013 to become a full time writer and a part time editor As far as she s concerned, it s the best job in the world.When she s not writing, she is an avid

10 thoughts on “Hidden Truths (The Oregon Series, #2)

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    Man I wish this series hadn t ended I loved this book just as much as the first, Backwards to Oregon.These two books are going to wear out my re read shelves

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    I loved this just as much as I loved the first book I loved to see Luke and Nora s relationship through their children s eyes I loved to see Amy s and Netty s development and I loved how the theme given in the title permeated every part of the plot It was the conflict and the answer Before we are even starting to read the story, in the dedication, we r

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    3.8 stars Not as good as the first one but still pretty good.

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    So goodI loved this book as much as I loved Backwards to Oregon I m typically not much of a historical fiction reader, but a friend told me these were her favorite Jae books so I gave them a try Obviously, I m very happy I did And while I ve said this before, I think it bears repeating I m grateful for strong women in the past who had the courage to pave the way for u

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    I loved it I adore Backwards to Oregon and this one too We get to see of Luke and Nora and the development of the girls The scenery, every character was great Love to see of Tess and Frankie A nice story that I will surely re read.

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    I thought that this was a good sequel to Backwards to Oregon Seventeen years later, we get to see the girls, Amy and Nattie, grown up and the continuation of Luke and Nora s love story.I enjoyed the slow burn romance bewteen Rika and Amy.I also thought that Jae did a good job of describing life as a rancher as well as Amy s inner turmoil regarding her sexuality.Review also posted her

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    Bombig Great book, just finished it in a rush Has been approx 36 hours since I downloaded from the L Books website and I absolutely loved this book.A real page turner, some great characters, particularly loved Tess and Frenchie If we were to force me, I would still pick Backwards to Oregon as my favourite, but every time I read one of Jae s books, I always find myself wanting to stay in her

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    Hidden Truths is very well written It s longer than most lesfic books, but I appreciated what that meant for both the plotting and the thorough, satisfying character development for Rika and Amy.Full joint review with Brooklyn here

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    If you ve read Backwards to Oregon which was spectacular , this is the follow up story with the family years later There s some solid storytelling here and I enjoyed the book but it started feeling long towards the end Still a good read, though, and would recommend it.

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    It s not often that I come across a series where the second book is a good as the first This was one of them In this case, I also strongly suggest that you read Backwards to Oregon first It is not needed to enjoy this book but it explains why for many of the crisis points in this book JAE is one of my favorite authors, and this book and the Backwards to Oregon are my favorites, which is unusual because I am not a f

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