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A Pleasure to Burn: Fahrenheit 451 Stories Grandmasterof American Letters Ray Bradbury Presents The Vintage Stories And Novellasthat Informed And Prefigured The Creation Of His Dystopian Classic, Fahrenheit Collecting Rare And Unknown Tales As Well As Notable Early Triumphs,A Pleasure To Burn Offers An Unparalleled Window Into Bradbury S Creativeprocess, And A Unique Glimpse At The Evolution Of One Of The Greatest Works Ofth Century American Literature Absolutely Essential For Fans OfBradbury Books Like Dandelion Wine, Something Wicked This Way Comes,The Illustrated Man, And The Martian Chronicles And For Readersof William Golding, George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, And Other Titans Ofspeculative Fiction A Pleasure To Burn Illuminates The Unusual Hiddencorners Of Bradbury S Expansive Imagination, Revealing A Creative Force Asvivid And Powerful As The Hottest Burning Flame , 451 ,. This is a collection of stories that use and develop the themes found in Fahrenheit 451 and the Martian Chronicles In it you get a sense of Bradbury working and developing the ideas of his later best selling novels What left me deeply shaken was his spot on reading of the the decline of American civilization and culture Ideas written 50 60 years ago are now headlines Finishing the book one is left with the question of what will happen to this country in the next 25 to 75 years Given the decline in reading, the almost 1984ish mindset regarding war, the level of greed I am not hopeful The only problem with the book is the lack of annotation regarding the date and development of the stories It would have been interesting to have Mr Bradbury s comments and thoughts on these stories and about how they aided him in the development of the novel we know today. 451 . Raccolta un po sottotono rispetto a L uomo illustrato, ma pur sempre gradevole. Valutazione per singolo raccontoIl Reincarnato Torre di fuoco La biblioteca La splendida fenice I maghi folli di Marte Maschere pazze 1 2 Il fal Il grillo sul focolare Il pedone Lo spazzino 1 2 Il sorriso Molto dopo mezzanotte Il pompiere Ultimi raccontiIl drago che si mangia la coda 1 2 Prima dell alba Al futuro Racconto presente anche nella raccolta L uomo illustrato Fahrenheit 451 in hemmen akabininde okumasam da beni ok etkiledi yk lerin dili, dizilimi ve konular n netli i ok g zel olmu Yine Fahrenheit 451 in ard ndan okunmas n tavsiye ediyorum. Il reincarnato The Reincarnate 3 Torre di fuoco Pillar of fire 5 La biblioteca The Library 3 La splendida fenice Bright Phoenix 4 I maghi folle di marte vecchia versioni di Gli esiliati The mad wizards of Mars 3 Maschere pazze ossia Usher II Carnival of Madness 4 Il fal Bonfire 4 Il grillo sul focolare The cricket on the Heart 3 Il pedone The pedestrian 2 Lo spazzino The garbage collector 4 Il sorriso The smile 2 Molto dopo mezzanotte preparazione a Fehrenheit Long after midnight 3 Il pompiere versione migliorata del racconto precedente The Fireman 3,5 Il drago che si mangia la coda The dragon who ate his tail 3 Prima dell alba Sometime before dawn 3 Al futuro poi diventato La volpe e la foresta To the future 4 Il drago che si mangia la coda, Prima dell alba e Al futuro compongono un unico quadro La cosa interessante che, leggendoli in sequenza e quindi in una sorta di evoluzione il mio giudizio nei confronti de La volpe e la foresta a cui diedi tre stelle durante la lettura in L uomo illustrato migliorato.Torre di fuoco il racconto dei lettori Galvanizzante. Last night I finished reading A Pleasure to Burn Fahrenheit 451 Stories 2010 by Ray Bradbury The 2010 copyright is pretty misleading there are 16 stories 2 pretty long 9 were originally published in the 40s and 50s, 1 in the 60s, and the other 6 between 2002 and 2007 and most of those were actually written in the late 40s and early 50s It s a good collection I d read several of the stories before and I enjoyed reading them again of course I m a Bradbury fan and I almost always enjoy reading him But the reason I bought the collection was to get two stories novellas The Fireman and Long After Midnight The Fireman was originally published in 1951 and was expanded and revised to become Fahrenheit 451 1953 Morgan had to read Fahrenheit 451 for high school this year and I decided what the heck, it s a great book and it d give us something else to talk about so I read it too It was fun to read the earlier version of the story, most of the basic plot elements were in evidence, although some of the characters names had changed Long After Midnight was originally published in 2007 in Match to Flame The Fictional Paths to Fahrenheit 451 However it was written much earlier, 1950 Until Match to Flame was published it was an unpublished early version of The Fireman Again, a good read I m not sure why it wasn t published in this form It s not as good as The Fireman , but it s much better than other published fiction I ve read from that time Having just read the two precursors, I m very tempted to dig out Fahrenheit 451 from whatever box it ended up in and read it again Most of the other stories in A Pleasure to Burn were also published in Match to Flame so it s not surprising that they almost all deal with similar concepts most of the stories center on book burning in one form or another Oddly, however, the last 3 stories are not from Match to Flame, but were published in a different collection the same year The Dragon Who Ate His Tail All 3 of these are time travel stories, further related by the theme of escape from oppressive governments, which is, I suppose, their link to Fahrenheit 451 All in all it s a good collection of stories, but since most of the stories are available elsewhere unless you are a nearly obsessive compulsive Bradbury collector like me or really interested in the antecedents to Fahrenheit 451 I don t think I d bother buying it And if you fall into both camps you might want to go for Match to Flame instead It has stories or story fragments and what sounds like some interesting additional maternal I know I d get it if it weren t for the 110 ouch price tag And if I ever see a decent used copy for significantly less, I probably will get it. The incipient 451.I wonder who would have believed it, back then when he was writing it The Burning of Books The mark of an anti civilisation Yet here we are, watching it happening all around us Manchester Library is on a rampage, it turns out they could make the library such a better place if it weren t for all those damned books Manchester Library destroys its books Just as we now have generations who did not know an internet free world, now we have children being brought up bereft of books, not out of some sort of to be despised or pitied poverty but because the format of the book is now seen as undesirable In my home town Adelaide, whole schools are simply eradicating the book as if it is some sort of pest Children in those schools will no longer read books, they read words on machines.I have never felt comfortable walking into book free houses It is one of the things that makes a house a home, something with character, a way of reading where one is Maybe Ray Bradbury died just in time He hated the kindle no great surprise there.One impact of the internet and it is impossible not to associate electronic forms of books with some of the bad aspects of the internet is that falsehoods spread about enough become facts The times they are spread about, the sure we are they are correct I reflect upon that because I want to end with the famous Bradbury quote I don t try to predict the future I try to prevent it This has been quoted a gadzillion times lately as everybody cuts and pastes the same few bits of information to do their obit of Bradbury I wanted to see where it came from, was it a real quote, or just one of those made up internet facts that we can no longer even being bothered questioning It s on the internet, lots of people believe it, who cares whether it is actually true I can t find the original source at a first glance, but I am comforted to see that Arthur C Clarke says this PP It s frightening that man is so destructive and at the same time so much good is being done.AC I ve many, many times quoted my friend Ray Bradbury on this when he says I don t try to predict the future, I try to prevent it.And there is audio of this interview with Clarke to boot AC Clarke interviewNot that this makes it a fact either, but we are getting close The so since ACC himself seems to have some care for the facts I love the dry response here PP But you also said that you had a dream about extraterrestrials who got off a space ship and said Take me to Arthur Clarke but that dream turned into a nightmare when they said Take me to Isaac Asimov AC Ah yes, I never actually dreamt that but I saw and read that quotation once, or twice. Ben lungi dall esser una trovata commerciale, questo volumetto raccoglie tutti quei racconti, alcuni editi, altri fino ad adesso inediti persino in America, che hanno contribuito alla creazione del mondo distopico di Fahrenheit 451 e alla formazione del pensiero di Bradbury, sul valore della cultura contro l oppressione del potere, della societ e dell eufemisticamente chiamato progresso Innanzitutto rimarr certamente soddisfatto l affezionato lettore di Bradbury in questa antologia viene ottimamente ricostruita la storia editoriale di Fahrenheit 451, dagli spunti originari ai manoscritti ufficiali ai racconti editi L idea di una societ che opprima la cultura e bruci i libri sembra esser un incubo di vecchia data di Bradbury gi nei racconti pi vecchi, a cavallo tra gli anni Quaranta e i Cinquanta, quando cio riecheggiava ancora troppo assordante l eco delle bombe di Hiroshima e Nagasaki, compare il fuoco, i roghi di libri, le torri di fuoco che bruciano i cadaveri Il concetto fa inizialmente da sfondo ad un paio di racconti dal sapore horror, e che bene restituiscono il senso di straniamento che certamente l autore dovette provare in quel tempo successivamente, si comincia ad intravedere la figura di Montag, che da un racconto all altro diventa sempre pi nitida Si intravede Montag nel racconto Il pedone un brevissimo racconto nel quale la libert dell individuo viene esaltata nella passeggiata notturna e solitaria, per la citt , di un uomo insonne e tanto basta alle forze dell ordine per parlare di aperta sfida alle regole della societ Il pedone senza nome in realt Montag, il pompiere il racconto del pedone viene infatti inglobato in Molto dopo mezzanotte, la prima versione, inedita, di quel che poi sar Fahrenheit 451.E seguendo questa storia editoriale, quest esatta successione di racconti, che si pu riconoscere e seguire la progressione del pensiero di Bradbury, forse ancor pi che nel suo romanzo pi famoso Bradbury , inutile dirlo, un conservatore spaventato dai pericoli del progresso tecnologico, dalle false promesse del benessere lo si vede nel ruolo sempre fortemente negativo ricoperto dai nuovi media, che uccide l immaginazione, e della scienza, che crea le bombe atomiche, lo si vede soprattutto nel fuoco, simbolo massimo, sembra quasi di sentire l eco degli antichi miti greci, di Prometeo e del ratto del fuoco, il fuoco come prima invenzione dell uomo A chiudere l antologia gli ultimi e pi recenti racconti eppure, dopo cinquant anni, le tematiche son le stesse, o quasi Sebbene non si siano avverate le pi funeste profezie di Bradbury, ancora vivo in lui, forse ancora pi di prima, lo straniamento E con un totale straniamento che l autore vive l epoca attuale, al punto che vorrebbe fuggire via, tornare nel passato Ed esattamente ci che fa compiere ai suoi personaggi in questi ultimi racconti tutti, in un modo o nell altro, in fuga dal loro tempo, di oppressione e miseria, verso le rassicuranti epoche del passato Che un po ci che permettono i libri, essenzialmente evadere dal presente, viaggiare nel tempo.

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Ray Douglas Bradbury, American novelist, short story writer, essayist, playwright, screenwriter and poet, was born August 22, 1920 in Waukegan, Illinois He graduated from a Los Angeles high school in 1938 Although his formal education ended there, he became a student of life, selling newspapers on L.A street corners from 1938 to 1942, spending his nights in the public library and his days at

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