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Wesley and the Sex Zombies A Tale Of Erotic HorrorComputer Wizard Wesley Greensward Is Having A Terrible Day His Girlfriend Is Cheating, His Best Friend Has Let Him Down And He Hates His Job Then, In A Grungy Motorway Service Caf , A Vision Of Unearthly Loveliness Walks Into His Life It S The Most Beautiful Woman He S Ever Seen And The Most Beautiful Man But While Wesley Weaves An Erotic Fantasy About These Two Mysterious And Delectable Strangers, Luciferia And Maximillian Are Plotting And Planning Too And Their Arcane Scheme Might Mean The End Of Wesley S Life Words Approx

10 thoughts on “Wesley and the Sex Zombies

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    I picked this up for free from while searching for some Zombie fiction the other day It was short so I thought, why not.Ultimately, this story feels empty, unfinished and to be honest with you, kind of nonsensical I have seen that the author has several works to her name, all of which have been well received, however, I feel the horror elemen

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    This short story is labeled erotic horror It was not Mentioning the c word to describe the ummmmale appendage over and over does not make an erotic tale and silly Zombie lovers do not make this short story a horror Plus, I was scratching my head over the last sentence This story reminded me of the dreadful Greg Isles novel Sleep No More in which a supe

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    Joint review with Amanda at

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    This short story could have been worse but it could have been much much better.The author marketed this as erotica buterotica has gusto ah hem, sex in it.I really don t know what to say other than, I wouldn t waste my timeeven though the story only takes like 10 minutes to read.

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    Actually hilarious how badly this was written Shame, cause I think the concept could be used to write some pretty cool stuff.

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    I read this in one sitting and do not understand why it is called a Horror, Erotic There is no horror what so ever fantasy than erotic as well.

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