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The Crown of Valencia It S Tempting To Describe The Actinon In The Crown Of Valencia, But Then We D Reveal Spoilers From The Spanish Pearl Just Know That Once Again, Kate Vincent Finds Herself In A Mess, Both Romantically And Time Travel Wise Romance, Betrayal, Intrigue, Disobedient Children, And Religious Fanaticism Pack This Tense Conclusion To The Epic Adventure Begun In The Spanish Pearl

About the Author: Catherine Friend

Catherine Friend had what she calls a boring childhood, but she says that boring was just fine because it gave her time to read She read so much her parents had to set a no reading at the dinner table rule She was slightly shy as a child, but enjoyed playing Beauty Parlor with her sister, taking family trips, and watching STAR TREK and TIME TUNNEL She studied Economics, but because

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    This is 3.5 star rating It just couldn t deserve the 4 star rating I gave its predecessor It gave us an anticipated thrill, quirkiness, romance though not as the previous book While one won t necessarily need to have read the book before it, it does help to do so My issue most with this book was the too many modern slang use

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    The Crown of Valencia is the sequel to Friend s first novel, the Spanish Pearl The story takes place eight years later Kate Vincent has adopted Arturo, who is now fourteen, a teenager, martial artist, and high school actor Anna, her ex, hasn t been seen in eight years Kate takes martial arts with her son and learns some unarmed combat

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    I liked this book, though less than its predecessor There wasn t as much romance in this one as in the first I like my historical fiction to have a nice mix of adventure and romance, and like I said, this had less of the latter What s , I just couldn t bring myself to agree with a major decision Kate makes in the beginning of the book, so I fo

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    An incredibly ambitious time travel romance with smatterings of alternate history that doesn t quite stick the landing We ve got a woman warrior passing as a man, the Christians fighting the Muslims in 12th century Spain, Viagra, an adoptive family, sex, drugs but no rock and roll , changing historical timelines, multiple people going back in time for

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    This is the sequel to The Spanish Pearl Kate is living a happy life back in 10th century Spain, married to her love, Elena, who poses as a man and is a key figure in Rodrigo s army When Kate finds out her ex love Anna has come back in time under the pseudonym Paloma de Palma and has abandoned the boy t Arturo hey were to adopt, Kate makes the diffiicult choice

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    I admit that this novel is not as enjoyable as Friend s last novel, the Spanish Pearl, as it didn t have the same humor and I found it was very fast paced towards the beginning But even so, the words still sucked me in, almost like that ale, so addicting that I refused to drop it until I was finished with it And even then, I stared at the book for a good minute and wond

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    From my review Catherine Friend s book The Spanish Pearl leaves you wanting Although you get a teaser at the end of the book, it doesn t feel finished This is where The Crown of Valencia steps in It feels action packed and has less romance than The Spanish Pearl but it delivers the same level of gripping historical fiction I m not sure how the book would fare if read on it s

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    I liked it, I admit it It had quiet the drama, suspense, some acceptable amount of action and romance Just like the previous one, I liked the characters, but some of them were really dumb There s one part I did not liked, but that is not a good reason to affect the score, so I will ignore it The ending was good, not REALLY good, but good anyways It was great, but not to the point that I

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    A delightful sequelI do not usually enjoy sequels, especially in romance but I enjoyed this one usually they drag out a story unnecessarily that has already had its requisite happy ending this was the exception For those who enjoyed the Spanish Pearl, you will love this revisit and wrap up still, this can stand alone without the first and is enjoyable and substantive on its own.

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    I loved this book It had everything a girl could want in a book Romance, swashbuckling, political intrigue, historical depictions and unique diverse ethnic flavors of life Wish I could read another book like this series

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