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Squeak And A Roar (Midnight Matings #1) Honestly I only read this to get to the next two And trust me no one was as surprised as me but I actually really enjoyed this one A few editing mistakes but much fewer than the other Joyee books I have read It was a simple story but enjoyable and entertaining I liked the world Joyee set up and now hope the next two books are as good I am a sucker for unusual shifters and it is even better and here we get a mouse shifter yay and lion shifter.Ant and Gavin Here is the thing Gavin is a jerk Now, he was raised to be that way but it is still annoying However, he does learn and improve But, yeah, he is mean and knee jerk to often.Ant is much better character Willing to make the best of a bad situation and supportive Brave.We get to spend time with the Pride which really who cares Jerky Pride Politics Bleh I would have loved to spend time in mouse culture with the Mischief So, not great but I might try another in this multi author series because bunny shifter. A Squeak and a RoarI really enjoyed most of this book but there were a couple of things I just had to disregard to make it work for me I didn t have a problem with the multiple character first person POV but others might But some good things first I liked the minor story plots, that the characters were willing to contact authorities to help with issues, that there was past abuse and trauma I hate birthright which happens too often with shifters, but I like how in this book it doesn t mean that the person is fit to lead That s not unique but less common then the opposite I could have used danger and mayhem but there was some and that was good The premise is ridiculous and could never work What if there were an odd number of people of whatever orientation, like 17 gay guys, or those who were in menage relationships One if one person isn t likeable and or attractive and no one wants to mate with them No one would mate with me when they hadn t known me even a day Or whate if there were too many of one species like if 12 of those 17 gay guys were vampires People would lost the most important part of who they were because they couldn t find a partner right there What if they were close to mating someone who wasn t at the conference or who was their same species Maybe they were planning to announce their mating the next day They would lose their abilities like a vampire couldn t drink blood which would kill her or a shifter couldn t shift which would make him go feral and have to be killed The even dumber rule is that view spoiler they have to have intercourse every 24 hours or they would die within the week hide spoiler Ok, Ill admit this series is a guilty pleasure of mine I dont read shifter books as a general rule but when I have a challenge and I need one, this is my go to.Gavin and Ant are matched at the UPAC meeting and set up together in Indiana.There are some background issues for Ant with abuse and for Gavin, trouble with his father.However, a quick short read. This was a short quick read that I almost didn t complete when I found out that one of the MC s was a mouse shifter The paranormal world is in chaos The elders are tired of their younger people playing the field, causing trouble, and fighting with each other Everyone who attends the UPAC Conference now has twenty four hours to claim a mate of a different species If they don t, they will never have a mate The spell is cast There is no escaping the Midnight Mating s Software developer Gavin Ashby who is a lion shifter is perfectly happy with his life He finds other people annoying after being around them for only a short period of time, and having a mate sounds like pure torture to him Video game tester Ant Marino who is a mouse shifter is satisfied with his quiet, solitary life After being accosted and almost forcibly mated, he meets the aloof but handsome Gavin This was funny a lion and a mouse I had to laugh I almost didn t complete this book because I thought that it wouldn t make since I am so glad that I did This book was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling As Anthony Ant and Gavin get to know one another they learn that both of them had a bad childhood that made me sad Ant was in an abusive relationship and Gavin s mother left him with an abusive father Ant showed Gavin how to love another person he was selfish and inconsiderate of other people s feelings This is the first book in a new series to me and I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series This book was funny. Okay, i think i should add context to my 4star rating First, i picked up the first three books from this series because i expected them to be a bit of fluff i think it s a bit naive to pick up a series called midnight matings from Manlove classics and expect deep literary nuance The premise is insane, but it is what it is the ruling council for all paranormals in the world a population drastically diminished by a war a quarter century before decides it s time for everyone to get over it, and start getting along Their edict, and the ensuing chaos is what is used as the basis for the entire series, which seems to center on mis matched pairings struggling to find common ground in order to cement their love and secure their continued existence Now, with that premise set in stone, if you can t abide by the rules of the series you probably shouldn t bother picking up any of the books The first book lets us watch the evolution of the relationship between Gavin and Anthony Ant , a lion and a mouse shifter Overall, the book is a nice study of the relationship between a rather angry young man with a lot of daddy issues, and a submissive man with a painful history I think the thing that is most disturbing about the story is that it seems to be told with the fast forward button on This rapid progression of story can leave the reader rolling their eyes in amazement as the relationship turns into a near literal roller coaster ride of ups, downs, twists, and turns Overall it s a pleasant ride, with a good finale. Awesome read.Okay as awesome as a shifter romance can be.Very cute,bit funny and entertaining read.I used to love mills boon which had marriage of convenience as it had ample amount of drama in it.This story was something like that, but between two men.One the Lion shifter Gavin who was arrogant and a little jerk at times but with a very redeemable character my instant love material was forced into mating with Ant the mouse shifter who had hots for him and seek Gavin out when the UPAC casts the spell and ultimatum of mating within midnight.Though both had lots in common there would be some misunderstanding,jealousy and drama filled ride through out the story.Very enjoyable read if you are looking for something light.The fear a lion shifter has to live with if mated to a mouse giggled for 5 mins straight before acknowledging the seriousness of the matterI only got about ten feet before I froze and scanned the yard Nothing would make this worse except if I stepped on my own mate Ant Ant, where are you I cried out as my gaze darted all over the grass Fucker threw me into the tree, Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M M, Shape Shifters, Sex Toys The Paranormal World Is In Chaos The Elders Are Tired Of Their Younger People Playing The Field, Causing Trouble, And Fighting With Each Other Everyone Who Attends The UPAC Conference Now Has Twenty Four Hours To Claim A Mate Of A Different Species If They Don T, They Will Never Have A Mate The Spell Is Cast There Is No Escaping The Midnight MatingsSoftware Developer Gavin Ashby Is Perfectly Happy With His Life He Finds Other People Annoying After Being Around Them For Only A Short Period Of Time, And Having A Mate Sounds Like Pure Torture To HimVideo Game Tester Ant Marino Is Satisfied With His Quiet, Solitary Life After Being Accosted And Almost Forcibly Mated, He Meets The Aloof But Handsome GavinNeither Ant Nor Gavin Are Prepared For The Feelings That Arise Will The Two Men Continue To Dance Around Each Other Or Will They Pounce On Love And Never Let It Go I ve been reading some of these stories from the Midnight Mating series and first I need to say if you re going to read these, you need to understand from page one that these stories are basically, fluff stories There is no great literature being written here They are from the Everlasting ManLove department, for crying out loud With that said, I really enjoy them, for exactly what they are No , no less.I liked this first book about a lion and a mouse Yep Makes you think of the fable, huh Yeah, me too Gavin and Anthony are great together The story has a little depth to it than some of the others and overall it s fun smexiness and good times Read it and enjoy Update 3 23 17 it was a lot of fun to reread this first book in the series It reminded me of how much I ve always enjoyed this series because of the unique pairings. 2.5 StarsOH WOW Gavin you are one major dickhead Your actions in the beginning of the story really weren t enough for me to get over by the end of the book Ant saved this for me I ADORED him He was a mouse shifter, but wasn t a pushover I LOVED it What I didn t get was view spoiler Why did Gavin have to take over Couldn t he appoint James and GiGi to do it instead of him He REALLY didn t want to do it, so why Change the rules If anyone challenged his decision, then fight them or kick them out Easy Then to have GiGi be his Lioness, ummmwhy do you really need that Can t Ant just take over all of those roles I didn t understand why a woman was needed for that So basically, Gavin s dad got what he wanted after all A bully got his way hide spoiler

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