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Scales And A Tail (Midnight Matings #2) Big ol dragon with a cute little bunny Yeah, this was cute But that s about it.There s some fighting and discrimination happening among shifter kind, so the genius idea was to force shifters to marry outside of their own kind So Sebastian the DragonmarriesBeauregard the RabbitCute premise, big bag marries cute and tiny, but it could easily go from cute to silly And it did A lot Beauregard was an ornery little bunny so it was a lot of fun seeing him get into trouble and his dragon all riled up I really liked these two together They were very sweet and, not to mention, super hot I loved how Sebastian took care of his bunny and went all alpha, sexy male on him But then something dumb would happen, like apples make rabbits drunk What eyeroll Or Beauregard would smell Sebastian s arousal and all hot and horny which is fine but he d be all cave man about it, Need now Have it now Literally, that s what he would say eyeroll Or a huge misunderstanding that takes 25% of the book for NO REASON eyeroll Minus all the stupid, this could have been really good. Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M M, Shape Shifters The Paranormal World Is In Chaos The Elders Are Tired Of Their Younger People Playing The Field, Causing Trouble, And Fighting With Each Other Everyone Who Attends The UPAC Conference Now Has Twenty Four Hours To Claim A Mate Of A Different Species If They Don T, They Will Never Have A Mate The Spell Is Cast There Is No Escaping The Midnight MatingsBeauregard Stratford Is A Bunny Shifter Simple Enough, Right Unfortunately, He Is The Only White Bunny Shifter In Existence He Also Is Cursed With Violet Eyes, Hyperactivity, A Strong Weakness For Anything Shiny, And A Penchant For Leaving Bubble Gum EverywhereWhen He Finds Himself Mated To Sebastian Drakus, A Dragon Shifter And Prince Of His Kind, Beauregard Can T Seem To Make Himself Behave No Matter How Hard He Tries He Wants To Be Good, To Make Sebastian Proud Of Him, Really He Does, But Things Just Keep Happening To Him Bubble Gum Mishaps, Getting Drunk, Not To Mention The Fact That He Is A True Bunny And Constantly Horny Nothing Seems To Go Right Can He Convince Sebastian He S Worth The Trouble, Or Will The Dragon Prince Wash His Hands Of The Whole Bunny Fiasco The concept of the forced matings , including all the consequences if people don t obey these totally arbitrary as far as I can see even after the second book rules was still a bit ridiculous.What made this book enjoyable than the first was the characters Beauregard, the bunny, made me laugh out loud several times Yes, he may have been a bit over the top, but I still liked him With Sebastian the dragon being so different, it made for a very entertaining read I loved the twist about the white bunny shifter s physiology as well, it was a total surprise, but a very good one.A very funny, entertaining read, once you manage to suspend your disbelief around the forced mating idea. I m very surprised to say that I enjoyed this as much as I did I mean, sure, this wasn t exactly highbrow lit ra chure, but sometimes you just need silly, and this was silly and cute It had some tropes that I don t usually enjoy much, but they worked well for me here. Spoilery review.2.5 starsI feel angry That is what book angst does to me I stayed up late to finish this and now have a headache.I thought this would be another fluffy mpreg shifter read My guilty pleasure But instead I got a stupid misunderstanding.This is what happensYou ve all taken a toast with me As such, you are now bound by the covenants we put before you Each of you has twenty four hours to find and claim your mate, Elder Lucas said If you fail to claim a mate in twenty four hours, and bring him or her before this council to be recognized, you will not have a mate You will go feral inside of a weekSebastian is a dragon shifter The dragon prince to be exact And he is not looking for a mate But when he saves a man from a forced mating, he decides to take him as a mate It turns out the man s name is Beauregard and he is a bunny shifter.It was really cute, a dragon and a bunny shifter And I loved how Sebastian kept calling Beauregard bunny.So far everything was fine They were mated and headed to Sebastian s castle to live happily ever after And there was lots of hot sex, which was good.But then Sebastian acts like a total ass when Beauregard tells him he is pregnant Sebastian walks away, tells his servants to move Beauregard into a smaller room and doesn t talk to his mate for several weeks Beauregard is heartbroken and has no idea what s going on Turns out Sebastian was convinced Beauregard cheated on him because no way that baby could have been his, since they d only known each other for two weeks Of course the stupid stupid man didn t take into account the fact that bunny pregnancies last 40 days instead of 40 weeks.What bothered me the most was that Sebastian really treated Beauregard like shit He didn t talk to him and he banned him to a small room in the castle Poor Beauregard went through his entire pregnancy alone and miserable It took a long time for Beauregard to forgive Sebastian But if I were him, I would have dumped his ass.If this sort of thing doesn t bother you, this is actually a pretty good mpreg shifter story.It just made me very angry. 3.5 This was a reread, after a conversation on the greatness of mpreg books with Jenni Lea and teaching Gina what mpreg actually is, I decided it needed to be celebrated by rereading this one.It s still so cute, I mean a bubblegum chewing only watermelon please toenail painting, cute green bunny purse wearing bunny shifter, Beauregard being unwittingly and not quite willingly mated to the prince of dragons So yes, great set up Beauregard was honest to his mate from the onset However, I am still a rabbit That being said, and considering we are now mated, you should know that rabbits are clich s As the saying goes, we fuck like bunnies Carrots are an aphrodisiac, and if you piss me off, I will leave pellets in your shoes I have to admit, I really really wished he had left those pellets in Sebastian s shoes.Sebastian, Prince of the dragons and full of himself and asshat not only screws Beauregard, he sort of screws him over.I was so mad at him a lot of the times and yes he grovels, but it s never enough for me you can never have enough groveling But still, it s cute, silly fun and I totally have flashes to the movie Shrek right there at the end. This was silly, so very ridiculously sillyand yet it made me smile throughout so three stars.Chick with a dick to the extreme, confusing and crazy mpregnancy, weird woman less world, every mills and boons trope thrown in to maximum effect, substantial editing errors, plus some shifting to top it off and you have the Pulitzer Prize equivalent of pulp with which to pass time on the train. 2.5 starsI actually believe I felt a few braincells dying while reading this Still, bunny tails and smoke brathing dragons aside, it was not bad, in fact I actually enjoyed it Which makes me ashamed I must admit, but there you have it. This was a short quick funny read I mean a bunny and a shifter mated This is book two in the Midnight Matings series this one was written by one of my favorite shifter m m writers Stormy Glenn The elders are tired of their younger people playing the field, causing trouble, and fighting with each other Everyone who attends the UPAC Conference now has twenty four hours to claim a mate of a different species If they don t, they will never have a mate The spell is cast There is no escaping the Midnight Matings Beauregard Stratford is a bunny shifter yes a bunny named Beauregard he is the only all white bunny shifter existence He also is cursed with violet eyes, hyperactivity, a strong weakness for anything shiny, and a penchant for leaving bubble gum everywhere Sebastian Drakus, a dragon shifter and prince Sebastian can t believe that the elders are doing this he doesn t want a mate and as he tries to leave as the violence breaks out around him from the other shifters trying to claim mates as fast as possible he comes to the rescue of Beauregard who is running from a wolf who is trying to force him to mate with him This book was funny I mean the things Beauregard gets into and his special skill of being so flexible Sebastian who has to fight off a man that was his play toy who was not taking know for answer and a big misunderstanding Beauregard who was a virgin before mating with Sebastian gets pregnant and Sebastian thinking that he was lied to not knowing that bunny shifters can get pregnant This was a very good book that I didn t want it to end after everything that these two went through This book was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling If you like reading hot paranormal shifters who have hot sex and the book is funny I recommend that you read this book I am looking forward to reading the rest of this seriesHe Can Lick My Balls While I Fuck Him The premise of this series is rather disturbing I find it hard to believe that the idea of forcibly making the paranormal community mate by putting something in their drinks and giving them 24h to find a mate is the idea of a mature, intelligent Council of Elders Maybe because it sounds too close to rape aided by the use of date rape drugs Beauregard is saved from this fate by Sebastian Thinking the best solution is to just mate each other they do so and make their way to Sebastian s castle, where they end up really falling for the other Sebastian isn t the big, bad dragon he wants Beauregard to believe he is, at least not with his mate He was gruff but loving and totally unready for being mated to a hyperactive white bunny shifter For his part Bunny was lovely Cute and bouncy, he was an adorable character who just wanted to be loved I liked the rabbit shifters traditions and their mating rituals but never really understood why Beauregard was shunned by his own kind, which was a little frustrating Stormy Glenn relied on the usual massive misunderstanding to add tension towards the end But it was fun reading about Sebastian grovelling when he pulled his head out of his ass And their babies were just so cute I wish we could get a story on each of them when they grow up

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