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Fang And Fur (Midnight Matings #6) This book was just a series of contradictions One chapter someone wouldnt know something and the next they would Sometimes Sterling would be very masculine and then he d be feminine and small He was this badass body guard except for when his coven leader was the one fighting him It was so confusing There were several times that I almost quit reading but decided to power through and finish it I think I ll just skip the ones in this series written by this author after this. Another Stormy Glenn addition, another good read.I m still seriously disturbed by this premise thoughhere is some quotes explaining the premise I would like you all to drink a toast with me in memory of those we lost The Elder held up his champagne glass and waited until everyone in the crowd held their own glass You ve all taken a toast with me As such you are now bound by the covenants we put before you Each of you have twenty four hours to find and claim your mate If you fail to claim a mate in twenty four hours and bring him or her who is he kidding, ain t no hers in these books lol before the council to be recognized, you will not have a mate You will go feral inside a week blah blah blah To insure that you will find a mate, something special has been added to the potion that each of you drank It will insure that the need to mate outweighs your need to fight It is a particular additive that induces the mating heat in each of you You will not be able to deny the need to mate SObasically the elders roofied everyone Who thought dubious consent was a good premise for a series of books lol In anycase, aside from that whole debacle, I am enjoying these for the most part What really worked for me in this book were two things one was the depth of feeling between Sterling and Beau even if the relationship started off on a misunderstanding and some truly idiotic kindergarten level behavior on both sides The second, and this is a biggie for me this was the first book with a hint of a look behind the scenes of the Council of Elders I ve been complaining all along that this forced mating theme and the way it is executed is just stupid, but some of the characters and character combinations were interesting enough that I kept reading Now that there is hope for getting some sort of explanation as to why the elders were behaving the way they did, there may be hope for this series maybe 2.5 stars They were idiots and just blah The crazy lady werewolf escapes killing one guard and injuring the other The one guy says they are vampire scratches on the dead guy They never ask the injured guy what happened the next scene they are reviewing something and wondering how she escaped Hello ask the injured guard then they think she had an accomplice, hello it was already determined a vampire killed the one guard of course she had help This whole scene never made sense just showed how stupid they were Then the huge turn around with the elder at the end was just stupid and his excuses for his actions just didn t make sense. Ok, I finished it, time for a proper review, i m trying to be open, and relaxing my standards in order to not be to harshI can t.this book is to awful, full of incoherency, i could smell the self insert in Sterling all the way.and BITING your mate s penis IS NOT SEXY.and wtf, Beau s wolf was so docile he could easily be an omega.I hated every single character by the end.and Elder Lewis excuses were so lame. 3.5 StarsI dip in and out of this series They all start off at the same point a meeting off all the paranormals being told that they have to find a mate of a different species within 24 hours or risk being declared feral After being given a glass of spiked bubbly their lust increases and basically it is a sexual free for all.This time round it is Vampire Sterling and Werewolf Beau The biting mating part is easy It is always the impact it has on real life after the lust has worn off that causes grief Two strangers having to merge their lives togetheroh and the rule passed on by the Elders that the mating has to be consummated every 24 hours, or again the effects will be that you go feral and will have to be exterminated A light hearted series and a bit of fun. 2.5 2.75Though this is an incredibly comforting series to read if you want something fun and mindless, I kind of feel my brain smooshing together and distorting into this peculiar blob of jelly tissue from the pure stupidity some of these books contain.Is smooshing even a word Oh well, not like I would know My brain has already been smooshified and that definitely isn t a word. I originally bought and read this book in 2012 and decided to reread it so I could give it a proper review This story had a lot of potential because of the powerful hook and my interest in the paranormal elements and urban fantasy setting Ultimately, it fell short of my expectations The story really needed a good line edit to filter out repetitive and trite dialog, as well as to address some of the inconsistencies These range from Sterling turning from badass bodyguard into damsel in distress or Sterling conveniently knowing that a supporting character s favorite food is chocolate, despite not knowing their name for the first half of the book Lastly, I think the book is overpriced for the quality of the content, but you might find it a worthwhile read if you really enjoy steamy sex scenes. Why can t I stop reading these books They re like candy and crack all rolled up in one They aren t great or anything but totally addictive In this one we have Sterling, a vampire, and Beau, a werewolf in charge of the Pacific Northwest They re initial meeting was a bit different than any of the others in that Beau just attacked Sterling then passed out not even remembering that he had mated anyone And he was sure he was straight Interesting And not so much We met a few of Beau s pack and I m hoping to see their stories I find myself enjoying Stormy and Scarlett s books in this series a whole lot than Lynn Hagen s No surprise there I Must Keep Reading. Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M M, Vampires, Werewolves, Sex Toys The Gathering Is Called The Spell Is Cast There Is No Escaping The Midnight MatingsSterling Roane Has A Job To Perform He Is The Personal Bodyguard Of A Vampire Coven Leader When The Council Of Elders Decrees That Everyone Needs To Find A Mate, Sterling Isn T Interested, But He Can T Deny The Mating Heat Sweeping Through His BodyStill, He Has A Mission To Complete And A Coven Leader To Protect When A Wolf Shifter Interferes With That Duty, The Fight Is On Before Sterling Knows It, He S Accidentally Mated To The Alpha Of The Pacific Northwest Region It S Just Too Bad That His New Mate Swears He Isn T Gay It Gets Even Worse When Sterling Finds Out That Beau Is Engaged To Be MarriedHeartbroken, Sterling Drops Beau Off In The Middle Of Nowhere And Flees Back To New York Only To Find Out That The Hell Waiting For Him There Is Worse Than What He Left In A Wyoming Airport Someone Is Trying To Claim Him, And It S Not His Mate

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