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Beautiful Disaster The New Abby Abernathy Is A Good Girl She Doesn T Drink Or Swear, And She Has The Appropriate Number Of Cardigans In Her Wardrobe Abby Believes She Has Enough Distance From The Darkness Of Her Past, But When She Arrives At College With Her Best Friend, Her Path To A New Beginning Is Quickly Challenged By Eastern University S Walking One Night Stand Travis Maddox, Lean, Cut, And Covered In Tattoos, Is Exactly What Abby Needs And Wants To Avoid He Spends His Nights Winning Money In A Floating Fight Ring, And His Days As The Ultimate College Campus Charmer Intrigued By Abby S Resistance To His Appeal, Travis Tricks Her Into His Daily Life With A Simple Bet If He Loses, He Must Remain Abstinent For A Month If Abby Loses, She Must Live In Travis S Apartment For The Same Amount Of Time Either Way, Travis Has No Idea That He Has Met His Match

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    Warning If you re easily offended by cursing, and or aggressivity, then don t FUCKING read this I am literally losing it This book contains one of the most disturbing scenes I have ever read in any book EVER.So here s one excerpt from the book Abby slept with Travis

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    DELETED AND READDED BECAUSE SOMEONE HAD IT BURIED Beautiful Disaster opens up at night in the basement of an empty academic building on a college campus where a fighting betting ring known as The Circle is being run This is where we meet Travis Mad Dog Maddox, the male ro

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    I m not sure what to write about this book The reviews for the book were SOOO incredibly misleading I thought Travis was going to hit her, or come close, the way everyone was going on about the abuse in the book I get it, it was intense But having seen real abuse with my own eyes, in real

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    WowTravis, Travis, Travis I liked him, I hated him, I liked him againI worried about his sanitythen I loved him And, oddly enough, I had a lot of the same feelings about Abby So many times I wanted to scream at her, then him, then her again Great, complex characters I loved this Wonderful story, wo

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    This book is a nightmare It s as if Jamie McGuire reached into my brain, found my worst nightmare, wrote it down, and then charged me 13.99 to relive it But that s not all I read this book on an 8 hour flight from London to Toronto This book and I spent 8 hours together, in coach seating, with nothing to do

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    Shake in your boots,boys,and drop your panties,ladies I give you Travis Mad Dog Maddox He made his entrance,shirtless,relaxed and unaffected.The lean muscles stretched under his tattooed skin Okay ladies,here we go.1,2,3 and.S.W.O.O.N He oozed sex and rebelliousness with his buzzed,brown hair and tattooed fore

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    Nope Can t do it It s just too horrible I ve reached my max saturation point of stupidity.

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    5 stars with a caveat, and by far my most difficult review to write to date.I m honestly baffled by my response to this book because I not only enjoyed the story, but I also gave it high marks In many ways this book is everything I hate in a Young Adult romance, but I still found myself enthralled, giddy, and starry eyed, regardless of h

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    I read this book right after shameless plug I wrote my first book, Slammed Speaking of Slammed, who do you think would win in a fist fight between Travis Maddox and poetry teacher, Will Cooper Haha HAHAHAHA BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Let s look on the bright side Will Cooper would write a really kick ass poem about his hospital stay.

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