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Under the Never Sky 2.5 stars My feelings on Under the Never Sky are fair to middling Overall, it had a lot of potential, but unfortunately, I had a hard time staying interested in the story and invested in the characters The book is one of many recent dystopian lite novels that have been cropping up in the YA market recently, and while I don t always mind books that are less focused on the world building as long as something else is done well, neither the characters nor the plot were so outstanding here that they could keep me fully engaged My partner also bailed about halfway through our readalong, if that counts for anything.Here s what I liked about the book The overall concept Occasional humor in the writing Interesting shorthand for words, which makes sense in a futuristic society champ, rancy, wrathy are all great examples of the way language might evolve or devolve, depending on how you look at it cool Smarteye technology a couple of interesting action sequences view spoiler including a decapitation hide spoiler WORLDS KEPT THEM APARTSTINY BROUGHT THEM TOGETHERAria Has Lived Her Whole Life In The Protected Dome Of Reverie Her Entire World Confined To Its Spaces, She S Never Thought To Dream Of What Lies Beyond Its Doors So When Her Mother Goes Missing, Aria Knows Her Chances Of Surviving In The Outer Wasteland Long Enough To Find Her Are SlimThen Aria Meets An Outsider Named Perry He S Searching For Someone Too He S Also Wild A Savage But Might Be Her Best Hope At Staying AliveIf They Can Survive, They Are Each Other S Best Hope For Finding Answers Fourth Time Read ReviewPerry nodded absently, imagining a world without fear Was that possible If there was no fear, how could there be comfort Or courageIt has become a habit for me to reread my favorite books once every year, and of course I will always read this book and the sequels once every year because I love going back to the world of this trilogy and it s all because of the marvelous characters and also the plot All of these characters are incredible in their own way, which I really love The strange thing that always happens to me is that every time I reread a book, I will find something that I didn t recognize no matter how many times I read it So I used to think that Aria was weak at the beginning of the book, but now after I have read this book for the 4th time, I realized that she is not a weak at all She is brave, smart and observant character and she also does not give up easily I don t know how I didn t recognize that before This book also feels so nostalgic for me because I remember that I read it for the first time when I was in high school and I was 15 and a half, and I also fell in love with reading at that same age So every time I reread this book, it just feels so nostalgic for me You know, sometimes when I read a book, I say to myself that I wish I lived inside of the story instead of in my own world But it s different with this book, I mean yeah I want to live inside of the story because of all the wonderful characters, but it also makes me grateful that I don t live in the world of this book because it s terrifying, especially the Aether I love this book and all the characters It is so amazing The plot, the romance and the friendship in this book are incredibly amazing I highly recommend you all to read it It s SO good Now, I m going to continue rereading the second book Bye Third read review What can I say, other that I love this book so much This is the third time I read it and thankfully, my feelings don t change toward this book However, I did wish I didn t remember about the plot as vividly as I did, because I would enjoy reading it a lot I m not saying I didn t enjoy it, because I enjoyed reading it, but due to me remembering the plot very well, I just didn t really feel surprised, but sometimes I did for certain scenes that I didn t remember Sometimes, I kind of feel annoyed by myself I often forget so many things, BUT WHY CAN T I FORGET THE STORY OF MY FAVORITE BOOK If you want to know about what I think toward this book, you can scroll down a little bit and read my second time read review Second time read review She looked up A world of nevers under a never skythis book tells us about a 17 year old girl named Aria She lives in a pod called Reverie and she has a mother, who is a scientist and her mother lives in another pod called Bliss because of her job but Aria doesn t even know what exactly her mom job is but the distance between she and her mom isn t really mattered because they can contact each other using Smarteye but one day, the link between Bliss is broken and she hasn t heard anything from her mom for 5 days She is worried about her mom and she does something to get information about her mom that doesn t end well She is exiled from the home and the only place she knows to the outside, where there is nothing can protect her from the Aether and this is the place where Aria meets an Outsider named Peregrine and they need each other to get what they want But don t forget Outsiders and Dwellers don t like each other My Opinion I should ve reviewed this book weeks ago but when I wanted to review it, I always had so many homework and finally I can review it phew This book is a reread The first time I read this book was two years ago and that time I loved it so much so few days ago I decided to reread it and I was afraid for days I was afraid because what about if I didn t like this book any what about if I didn t like the main characters any what about if I found this book disappointing after I reread it Because a year ago when I reread a book that I used to love I ended up not liking it any and I didn t even care about the love interest any and I didn t care about the main character and I even didn t care about the story any and I was afraid if that would happen to me again with this book I know this will sound weird or cheesy but Peregrine is my first book boyfriend and I really really love him and I didn t want I still don t to lose him or not liking him.But thankfully after two years I still love Peregrine and I still love this book But I have to admit that the feeling when I read this book for the first time was not the same as the second time the feeling I got when I first read this book was beyond happiness and lots of surprises But I still enjoyed reading this book even though it s a reread these are the reasons why I loved this book The Characters OMG I CAN T EVEN all the characters felt so real to me and all the feelings I felt when I read it for the first time still didn t change I felt like all the characters were my friends, like I knew them Except Brooke, of course I won t tell anything about her so you just have to read the book to know why I hate her I have always wished she were strucked by Aether RoarThere are some differences between the Senses Scires tend to be tall They re the rarest Marked Seers are the most common Seers are good at looking and good looking, but before you start wondering, no, I m not a Seer Just luckyI m sure you ll like him when you read this book most people I know love him and I love him to but in a friend way This guy is also so funny He always makes me laugh and I just love how friendly he is and he is warmer than Perry and he is an Aud, it means he can hear better than normal people his relationship with Aria was really wonderful They are very close but don t worry they don t love each other wait maybe they do love each other but only in friend way not Roar has a girlfriend and Aria also has a boyfriend But I m serious, their friendship was really awesome now this is always what I have needed Friendship between a girl and a boy but only just best friends not and I have always felt he was my best friend since I read this book for the first time I wish I could hug him like that sighs PeregrinePeople can be the cruelest to those they lovePeregrine is very unique He is both Seer and Scire Seer mean he can see better but he is very different from most of Seers as well, He sees better in the dark and Scire means he can smell people s emotions like whether they lie or nervous or angry and many I LOVE THIS GUY SO MUCH The first time I read this book I didn t think I would love him so much but in the end of the first book I realized that I loved him and I was scared when I reread it I was scared because what about if I didn t love Perry any what about if I didn t care about him what about if he disappointed me and worst what about if I hated him and thankfully all of them didn t happen to me and I don t know how to describe him he is kind of cold hearted guy but he s not that cold as well but there is one thing I m sure, that one thing is that this guy ruined my life I just love him so so much Aria I have always thought I was her since the first time I read this book and the development about this girl was really great She was weak and you might find her annoying at the beginning but she changed and she became much stronger girl So when you read this book and you find her annoying, do not stop reading because she ll change into a strong girl The Romance I loved the romance it was very sweet and in my opinion it was slow burn love and did I mention to you that I love enemy to lover kind of story and THERE IS NO LOVE TRIANGLE IN THIS BOOK YAY but I have to tell you that Peregrine has past with girls but he didn t love them and even before he met the love interest, He didn t have relationship with anyone any but there was one thing I didn t like about him at the beginning He didn t love this girl and he didn t want to be with this girl but he didn t make her to give up on him because this girl never gave up on him and it was cruel that he didn t love her but he kind of gave her hope, like playing with her heart even though I didn t like this girl and I love Perry I think what he did to her was wrong but it was before he met Aria, after he met Aria, she is the only one he loves and I m fine with it because that was just his past and he changed now, so it doesn t matter any everyone has past I m writing this review at 02 10 am and I might add another reason why I loved this book but for now, this is all I can write and thank you so much for reading and liking this review I highly recommend this book and I hope you all have a great day THE FIRST READ REVIEW BELOW CONTAINS MILD SPOILERS YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED READ AT YOUR OWN RISK First read review view spoiler when the first time i saw this book in a bookstore,i was like this book has a weird cover and i know, don t judge a book by its cover but i do that sometimes but i decided to buy this book because i didn t have any books to read that time.and i thought this book would be weird but i was wrong so so wrong and after i read a few chapters,i captivated with this book,the story was getting better and better every chapters and what i loved about this books are The CharactersAria she s so amazing,she was a weak girl but after she lived in the outer wasteland she changed,she became a strong girl and she s peregrine s girlfriendPeregrine OHHHH,i don t know what to say because he s really amazing and i loved him so much and he could smell people s feeling and he could see in the dark better than most people and peregrine was a cold heart guy with a bad childhood,his mother died in childbirth and Peregrine s father blamed him and hitted him but his siblings always saved him from their father and he was so romantic,and the first time he met Aria he was a little bit mean to her but after he spent his days with Aria, he fell in love with her and i really loved the chemistry between Peregrine and Aria and he was a brave guy too and he s a perfect guy that i ve ever read.Roar he was peregrine s bestfriend and he was really funny and handsome but i still choose Peregrine 3 3 and he was in love with peregrine s sister,Olivia liv The RomanceOMG the romance was really awesome i loved the romance between peregrine and aria,it was really romantic and so so sweet and there was no triangle love between Aria and Peregrine YAYY but i think Peregrine used to have a feeling toward Brooke but it was his past so it s fine to me because he never showed any feeling toward Brooke any even when he separated from Aria i love this book so much and this book is my favorite book all the time3 3 i highly recommend this book to people who love YA fantasy adventure romancei hope you guys like my review i m sorry if there s any mistake about my English writing because i m still learning about English language hide spoiler Iactually really liked this book.I was captivated from the very first page, and that doesn t happen to me very often I don t read a lot of Dystopian novels, so I was really surprised in myself Our heroine, Aria has lived her whole life in the protected dome of Reverie She s never thought about what life is like outside the dome s doors So, when Aria s mother goes missing, she knows her chances of surviving are not very good She them meets an outsider named Perry, who is also searching for someone too He s an absolute savage, but he s Aria s best hope of surviving PERRY IS PERFECT I fell in love with him straightaway Enough said And Aria Loved her too She s kind, brave, strong and honest I don t read enough books when the heroine s like this People who know me well know that I absolutely hate weak heroine s because it drives me insane When I read books like that, I literally just want to jump into the book and shake the heroine, but Under the Never Sky was such a refreshing read As seen on The ReadventurerMy opinion about Under the Never Sky is similar to the one I have about Unearthly I am not going to claim that these books are ground breaking or Printz worthy But in their genres, dystopia post apocalyptic and PNR respectively, they are as good as it gets They are well written and entertaining, with characters and relationships that do not annoy and make you roll your eyes The summary of Under the Never Sky does this book a disservice It is accurate enough, but overwhelms you with weird names of things and places I ll try to explain the plot in a, hopefully, simpler way In a distant future, our I assume planet is ravaged by strange climate changes that make living on the surface quite rough A big part of the population now exists inside huge, self supporting, sealed from the outside domes This group of people finds its only relief from the tediousness of the confined, sterilized living in virtual realities The other half of the population barely survives outside Food is scarce, climate dangerous, the living is primal, only the fittest survives.Aria belongs to the sheltered kind, Perry to the savage kind When Aria is expelled from the security of her dome, she joins Perry, and together they ally to reach their separate goals.While Under the Never Sky is hardly super original, whatever genre tropes are used in it, are done exactly to my taste The novel has dual narration, but the choices Veronica Rossi made here work just right 3rd person helps her avoid the customary similarities between her characters voices The switches between the POVs always happen when it is the most advantageous, no repetitiveness, no excessive navel gazing also, very frequent whenever 2 POV structure is used.Another plus, Under the Never Sky is of an adventure story, rather than romance thank you, Jesus I mean, Harper Teen The love story line is strong, but the romance is slow burning, not angsty, not overwhelming The priorities are straight here there are important things in the characters lives than a few days long romantic relationships, things like families and loyalties Finally, the characters I really liked Aria and Perry, especially Perry There is a soft spot in my heart for a guy who is understanding of and helpful during the special lady days aka periods.Basically, Under the Never Sky, in my eyes, is a perfect mix of adventure and love, sci fi and romance, entertainment and heartbreak I am definitely coming back for. i started reading this for the intriguing plot, but finished reading it for the characters specifically, the romance so funny how priorities and interests can change throughout the course of a story and its not because the storyline is lacking in any way i just found the characters to be the strength of this book they are so complex and have so many layers even the minor characters but especially perry he is one of those characters that is than meets the eye and that is such a treat for a reader i also think aria is really well written her character has such a lovely balance between being tender, but also strong and these two together are the ultimate couple goals there is soooo much angst between them for like 70% of the book, but it built up to something to satisfying to read i am definitely rooting these two in the books to come i would definitely recommend this to those looking for a unique sci fi story set in a crazy world, filled with very likeable characters 3.5 stars Well, this sure isn t your usual dystopian read It was quite captivating, but not actually perfect I enjoyed many things about it, such as the little twists, that were mostly unpredictable, the unique characters and the romance This was my first kiss, she said My first real one Felt like the first real one for me, too Aria and Perry were so beautiful together To be honest, there is a lot lot lot of angst in this since around 75% of the story is based on them getting to know each other and most importantly trust one another Needless to say, when the real thing finally happened the romance it was as amazing as fireworks And, of course, worth the wait.I didn t truly cared for the plot as much as I wished to At first, indeed, but, then, it didn t feel like a lot was happening, until a certain percentage Aria was looking for her mom and coincidence is she encounters Perry again whom is looking for his little Nephew, Talon In a way, it is true Destiny brought them together And I m glad it did because they are simply perfect for each other The world building was a little confusing There were some words related to it that I didn t always knew the meaning to or what type of people it represented because, let s not forget, it is a dystopian so the society is divided indeed in spaces with different habitants It is a doom with that contains multiple doors It did remind me of Blood Red Road due to the main plot , however, not throughout my read Only during some of the scenes but it is not a rip off of it at all, so no worries.What I loved the most about it were the characters They were gorgeously developed and I grew to like every one of them, even the most despicable ones And what is great is that there are many but you will know who they separately are No confusion.The writing was good, but not quite impressive There was so much of he she said in dialogs and I, sometimes, was annoyed of them, since it wouldn t have been that hard to choose some synonyms, I believe Nonetheless, it was a pleasant writing still.An atmosphere was always present and that helped to make the holes in the plot less evident, in a certain way What I mean is that, there may not have been a grand quantity of events in it, but I still wasn t what we can call bored I anyways wanted to know what would happen next because that s just how connected to the characters I was and I m pretty sure the lively yet sometimes very poignant ambience had to do with it as well.Overall, this was a book I enjoyed reading As said, not flawless but still worth it and recommended You simply have to meet the wonderful couple that is becomes Aria Perry Enjoy Source of beautiful drawing. This is a difficult book to review I want to start off by saying this is not a bad book I think this book will appeal to a lot of people, but at the same time will turn others off I was, for the most part, turned off I really don t think it is my kind of book, which is strange considering dystopian is my favorite sub genre And if I m really being honest here, I feel a little conned by this being marketed as dystopian Sci Fi, yes Dystopian, no Maybe post apocalyptic, but even that is pushing it Recently, another GoodReads reviewer Marg reviewed this book and her feelings regarding it s placement in the dystopian genre mirror my own Aria lives in a world where her people live in pods and fear the outside world dubbed The Death Shop due to the cannibals and Aether storms that wreak havoc on the land Her people spend almost all of their time in virtual reality Realms rarely attempting to live in the Real One day Aria is exiled from her pod city, Reverie, and embarks on a journey with an outsider named Perry to find her way back into her society The premise of Under the Never Sky vaguely reminds me of The Reality Bug because it has the same general idea of people in the future too busy in their virtual reality worlds to come outside and play So, I was excited to read Under the Never Sky because the possibilities with it are endless and I applaud Rossi for going outside the YA box and doing something different Unfortunately, I don t think that potential was really tapped into in this book But I m getting ahead of myself What I really want to talk about is what I did like first I did like the characters In fact, I liked them all except for Aria I think Perry was well developed and I felt I could easily sympathize with his situation throughout the novel Roar, a good friend of Perry s that we meet halfway through the book, was awesome I loved his humor and I always felt like I enjoyed the scenes best that involved him Aria fell short for me I understand she was going through a lot in the story, but I never really felt connected to her Though, admittingly, this could have to do with the fact that I m not a fan of third person PoV narratives Still, I found Aria rather annoying in the beginning For example, there is one scene in the novel where she and Perry are stopping to rest in a cave and Perry tells her to stay in the cave so he can hunt Now, Aria has zero survival skills because she has never needed them ever, but what does she do She wanders on her own in search of berries Did she stop to think they could be poisonous NO How about a wild animal mauling her to death NO Or maybe even getting lost NO As a result of her little adventure, she ends up getting her and Perry in a serious bind So, along with survival skills, people living in pods also do not possess common sense either sigh Thankfully, there is character growth for her and she did grow on me by the end of the book I wouldn t call us BFFs, but I no longer had the urge to fling my Kindle across the room I also enjoyed how Rossi played with the Outsiders having heightened senses Perry, in particular, has a heightened sense of smell enabling him to smell emotions That was pretty cool, but there were a few awkward parts with regards to this special skill Like, say, knowing when your female companion is on her period Yikes Talk about uncomfortable Other than that, there were times when it felt like he was one sniff away from becoming man s best friend sniff Just throw him the damn ball, Aria Whose a good boy, Perry You are That is pretty much where the likes end for me friends.So, let s cut to the chase and get down to it Two words World Building If you are reading a dystopian novel there are a few things that are kinda, sorta important We need to know what stuff is, how it works, why the world has come to be where it is, information about how the society is run, ect You know, basic dystopian elements That is where this book lacks the most The reader is flung into the story, head first, without any background information We don t know what caused Aria s society to live in pods We know nothing about her society except that they have these realms We know nothing about the Aether or the Unity This is the most background information we are given The Aether didn t look like something that could put an end to the world, yet that had nearly happened during the Unity. And speaking of the Aether, that angered me the most It is talked about ALL THE TIME, but it is NEVER EXPLAINED What is an Aether storm I don t know and neither will you Unless, of course, you are a mind reader If you are, please share the secrets of this universe with me There were so many holes in the story that I just could.not.compute Throwing around capitalized words does not impress me The writing style was another issue for me I had a lot of trouble getting into the beginning In fact, I almost wanted to give up, but I was told to stick with it because the beginning is rough, but it s worth it in the end HmmOk, yeah I didn t see it that way I d say a little than the first half is very rough I found it difficult to keep up with what was going one because not a lot of time is used to describe what was happening One minute the characters are having a conversation and the next sentence they are walking in the forest This book could have used better transitioning It didn t feel smooth to me However, my fellow readers are right The book is noticeably better during the last half If only the first half could get it s act together All in all, again, this isn t a bad book, but clearly holds the markings of newbie mistakes I will most likely check out the sequel because I like where Rossi is going with things and who knows Maybe she will surprise me ARC was provided by the publisher via NetGalley.Shameless self promotion Don t forget to stop by Cuddlebuggery Book Blog to check out Kat Kennedy and I duke it out in a hilarious Review War of Under the Never Sky. Under the Never Sky had been sitting on my TBR list for years I had heard so many great things about it, but since it isn t my usual type of story, I kept putting it off Recently, the Audible edition was on sale and so I picked it up and decided to finally give it a go.Unfortunately, this book left me feeling a little disappointed It was good, but I expected to be blown away after all of the hype Again, this isn t my normal type of read Maybe if I were a big adventure fantasy dystopian sci fi reader then I would have loved it I m not and it ended up being okay for me.This is a futuristic dystopian story, with sharply divided sects of people There are the dwellers, who live in enclosed compounds, such as Reverie, where Aria is from The dwellers live a virtual existence, never leaving the confines of their compounds, but experiencing different realms through the use of a device called a smarteye In many ways, they are the privileged class, but their entire existence is a lie facilitated by the use of virtual reality.Outside of the dweller compounds there are several different tribes These people live under the harsh conditions of the tumultuous Aether, with danger lurking everywhere They are viewed as primitive and barbaric by the dwellers, simply referred to as the outsiders Some are hunters, some are cannibals and some possess supernatural abilities They are as harsh as the environment in which they live.When Aria is cast out of her dweller compound, she sets off in search of her mother A scientist working at the compound Bliss, her mother has gone missing Despite finding herself in a dangerous situation that she is unprepared to navigate, Aria is determined to make her way to Bliss and find her mother.Before long, Aria crosses paths with Perry Perry is an outsider and an exceptional hunter He has the ability to scent things that are undetectable to others, from great distances His supernatural ability has been an asset to his tribe, even as he exists in the periphery under his brother s rule.When Perry s nephew is stolen by dwellers and taken to a compound for studies, Perry sets out to rescue him He partners with Aria to find the dweller compound They form a friendship based on necessity Aria needs Perry to survive in the Outside world that is foreign to her He needs her to find his way to the dweller compound and to gain entry.The two set out on their journey, against all odds Along the way, they face multiple threats and setbacks Amidst the danger, Perry and Aria s relationship grows into far than a partnership based on necessity They fall in love, even knowing that their relationship would be forbidden Outsiders and dwellers do not like one another.While there were parts of this story that I did enjoy, like the love story between Aria and Perry I had a hard time connecting with the storyline I wanted to get lost in the world that the author crafted, but I just couldn t The whole dystopian, futuristic setting was kind of grim and off putting to me In the end, this ended up being an okay read for me I can see the appeal, but it just wasn t my cuppa There were things that I liked about the story, but it just wasn t the type of story that speaks to me or is particularly compelling for me If you re a big adventure fantasy sci fi reader, then you ll probably appreciate this one far than I did. He jerked when she traced the shape of the wings on his skin, a groan sliding out of him Perry silently cursed himself He couldn t have sounded savage if he d tried.4.5 stars I fell so in love with this book that I scrapped my original thought to do a rolling montage of a girl walking in combat boots with her hair blowing in the wind while the theme song of The Young And The Restless played in the background I realized that I just wanted to talk about the damn book without being sarcastic or witty for a change Yes, I had this entire scene playing out in my head because of that damn soap opera book cover which, btw, is actually a cool looking cover Surprisingly enough, just about every single thing which would normally make me rant, jeer and shake my head was present in this book There was serious pining, prose bordering on purple, crazy names, romance than needed for sci fi, a few hazy world building details, etc etc Yet, I found that this author had the talent to pull it all off in such a way that I didn t mind hearing 20 times how Aria had the scent of violets imagine that Ms Rossi has got the flair Not the spirit fingers type of flair, but she has that certain something when it comes to her writing which makes me want to be dropped down into the middle of this crappy dystopic world and spend time with Aria, Perry and Roar simply because I want to be in the presence of such dynamic personalities.The writing style was third person rotating PoV s Now that s something you don t see every day Usually, third person flows in and out among the characters without hard edged distinctions In this tale, the main characters got separate chapters, yet the perspective stayed focused on the atmosphere around the characters instead of a first person account I was surprised at how much I FELT, given the writing style I could relate to what Aria and Perry were thinking and feeling, even without the use of I in the story My stomach was doing flip flops at certain crucial points in the book In a good way The world was complex, yet still had a few gaps that needed to be filled in Hopefully, we ll get answers in the next couple of books about the world structure and genetic twists this science almost feels like magic Truth be told, it took me over a week to get through the first 25% of the book The first few chapters were pretty darn confusing The slow start is the one and ONLY reason why I had to stick with 4.5 stars because the second half of the book was 5 stars all the way. Once I met Perry and started to see who he was as a person, I found myself falling hard and fast Even though most of my review will focus on the characters and feelings, I should add that there was a healthy does of adventure, survival, world politics, techie stuff virtual reality , etc in this book It wasn t all swoony fluff This is probably a girlier form of sci fi Normally, I prefer to keep my romance isolated to other genres because I want to see of the techie side of sci fi With this book, the romance was the draw And this time, was I not only okay with it, but I was completely absorbed in it A story like Aria and Perry s is rare I devoured every moment of their interaction because it was absolutely beautiful While I am happy that the world and story was interesting and engaging, I will let you read someone else s review if you want a book summary The racial genetic talents were exciting to read about and I liked how the characters started out as enemies before finding solace in one another It amused me to no end that Perry s first impression of Aria was that she literally stunk because of where she d come from We ll be here all night if I tell you everything I liked about the story, so I m going to end this review with the main reason why I will be gushing about this book the characters Peregrine PerryI have kids who have watched Phineas and Ferb, so it was hard not to think of Perry the Platypus when seeing the name Perry This character has to be one of my new favorite male characters He s tough, protective, and strongyet still managed to be one of the nicest guys I d seen after we got past his standoffish exterior I adore characters with multiple layers His hair looked like it had never seen a brush Snarled blonde ropes, all uneven in length and color, coiling in every direction As he d spoken, she could ve sworn she d glimpsed canines that were slightly too long and canine But nothing was hideous than his eyes The Savage s eyes were bright green but also reflective, like the eerie gaze of a nocturnal animal.He didn t have a clue what book he d chosen He couldn t read Had never learned He walked out of the cave before she could see that and call him a stupid Savage.He smiled It was the lion grin she d only seen a few times Sweet and engaging, with a hint of shyness It showed a whole part of him she didn t know.Peregrine or Perry She didn t know what to call him Perry made her shoes from book covers and taught her how to find berries Peregrine had tattoos and flashing green eyes He twirled a knife without fear of cutting himself and put arrows through people s necks. Aria She s got some attitude, but still falls into a very acceptable version of normal She isn t badass for no apparent reason, nor is she a complete dumb girl who needs to be rescued non stop And at least the reason for her being named Aria made sense than what I ve seen in other stories America Singer comes to mind Roar I want me a Roar I m kicking myself now for not reading his prequel with Liv first This will have to be fixed asap because I loved Roar almost as much as Perry His playful and good natured cockiness balanced Perry s serious nature perfectly Up close, she saw the gleam in Roar s gaze He had a prince s looks but a pirate s eyes Seers are good at looking, and good looking, but before you start wondering, no, I m not a Seer Just luckySigh I have nothing else to say I will be having a serious book fantasy about these characters and world over the next few days while anxiously awaiting my chance to dig into book 2 of this series Of warmth and calluses Soft and hard together She absorbed the beauty of him and his world Of every moment over the past days All of it, filling her up like the first breath she d ever taken And never had she loved life. Oh, and HOLY CRAP to that ending, btw p

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Veronica Rossi s debut novel, UNDER THE NEVER SKY, will be published in over twenty five international markets, starting on January 3rd 2012 in the United States Film rights to the trilogy have been optioned by Warner Bros.

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