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Spells And Bananas (Midnight Matings #9) Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Fantasy Paranormal Romance, M M, Shape Shifters, Witches, Public Exhibition, Bondage, Sex Toys Kirby Saxon, A Fun Loving Spider Monkey Shifter, Finds Himself Being Rescued By A Large, Muscled Man With Kind Eyes From An Overzealous Woman He Decides To Mate Now And Learn About Each Other Later Including That Male Witches Can Get PregnantAmery Goddard Is An Ancient Witch Who Carries The Weight From His Lengthy Past On His Shoulders He Works At A Hospital In Colorado Springs, While Kirby Can Live Anywhere With His Job For Sups Weekly, So It Seems They Are The Perfect Fit Amery S Job As CNO Has Been His Main Passion That Is, Until He Meets Kirby But That Same Hospital Is The Cause Of His Greatest Distress In Years, And He Almost Crumbles Under The PressureWill Kirby And Amery S Attendance At The UPAC Conference Be A Blessing Concealed Within A Curse, Or Will Amery S Haunted Past Lead To Them Losing Everything They Ve Built

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    Spoiler Ahead Read At Your Own Risk This was a really good book and one of my favorites in this series At the Great Gathering held by the UPAC When Kirby Saxon a fun loving spider monkey shifter is hit on by a woman who isn t taking no for an answer Amery Goddard a witch comes to his rescue they decide to mate now learn about each other later This was a good book and had some funny scenes in it after they have mating sex Kirby learns that male witches and g

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    I don t know what to say but this book was crazy like all over the place crazy I laughed at the whole book It had some funny and disgusting jokes mostly about monkey shit but most of my laughing was at the absurdity of the book Roll my eyes funny My favorite was how time seemed to work differently for these guys Like 6 hours after meeting they were mated, in love, and knocked up and moving in together I was thinking wow they move fast but later in the book when th

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    This book gets a lot of points from me just for being very funny I mean, a spider monkey shifter and a witch A pairing that just asks for trouble Then add the element of male pregnancy as always a huge surprise to anyone other than the male carrier himself and you re ready for some real adventure.What bugged me a little was the slightly overdone sentimentality of both main characters, but that was a personal issue On the whole, the storyline was well paced, fun and had a

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    1.5 starsFrom the blurb, I had no idea if I d read this or not It sounded familiar as I skimmed it but then something didn t quite fit But I can imagine myself abandoning it at this line Fuck off, cunt, I snarled, turning only my head to face her And then she bitch slapped me I shook it off and narrowed my eyes I don t have a problem hitting women More on the misogyny, in spoiler tags since it s kind of a rant okay, no kinda about it view spoiler I m so sick of misogyny in M M

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    I m really enjoying these Midnight Matings stories This mating of a witch and spider monkey was a fun light hearted read Amery, a witch who s thousands of years old was such sweet character but I couldn t understand how someone so old could still be so na ve I would have liked to have seen Amery stand up for himself, I mean he s supposed to be a powerful witch and he let mere humans push him around I liked Kirby s forceful personality and how he dealt with Amery s insecurities He was

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    My Rating System3 stars Good book I enjoyed it.4 stars Struck a chord, made me think or question5 stars Something about it haunted or stayed with me long after I finished it Unforgettable While the story was interesting for the most part, but the characters were a bit cliche Except for the part about the pregnant male witch That was entertaining.

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    This one was barely a 3 star read for me I didn t enjoy it nearly as much as the others I ve read in the series The writing style wasn t nearly as engaging That said, it didn t suck Kirby was a cute little spider monkey and his mate Amery was a big ole witch with serious self esteem issues That part did get a little annoying We had us some MPreg, which I love, and lots of sex and shifters and trouble and typical stuff for this series.

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    This installment in the Midnight Matings series was a whole lot of fun Not necessarily the funny HA HA kind, the funny you have got to be kidding me way I mean what woman doesn t like reading about a man being pregnant That s the greatest funny ever Kirby and Amery were really good together and it was nice to see Amery finally being treated the way he deserved after all those millennia An enjoyable read

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    Extra star for being funny as shit and I do say shit because there was the tossing of shit really really enjoyed it, and yeah I know it was so sweet my teeth are about to fall out but really who am I to judge on slutty book from another This series has been up and down for me, I have a few to read I ll see how that goes

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    Now this story was chaotic and full of comic I really loved this story Gosh Kirby was a character you simply have to love this monkey, I sure did He was amazing Amery was sweet, warm giant full of love And both made an excellent mated pair.

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