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Sparkle and Purr (Midnight Matings #10) Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Fantasy Paranormal Romance, M M, Shape Shifters, Fae, Sex Toys The Gathering Is Called The Spell Is Cast There Is No Escaping The Midnight MatingsElder Davan Solaris Has Secrets, The Most Important Being The Love He Still Harbors For Manuel Tejarda, The Man He Bonded With Four Years Ago At The Last Great Gathering Some Days, Thoughts Of Manuel Are The Only Thing That Keeps Him Going Other Days, The Anguish Of Being Abandoned Brings Him To His Knees Manuel Will Always Hold His Heart When Manuel Appears At This Year S Great Gathering, Davan Panics He S Given Up Too Much To Let Manuel Rip His Heart Apart Again Besides, He Has An Even Bigger Secret To Hide, And This One He Needs To Hide From ManuelManuel Knows Davan Betrayed Him He Has The Proof But He Can T Help But Seek Davan Out When He Attends The Gathering A Cloud Of Rage Fills Him When He Discovers The Plans Of The Elder Council, And He Takes That Anger Out On Davan, Claiming The Man As His Mate When His Mind Clears, Manuel S Only Thought Is To Guard His Heart From The One Man That Has The Power To Destroy It, Even If That Means Not Having Davan As His Mate Destroying The Forces Bent On Keeping Them Apart Might Be Easier Than Giving Davan Up, Especially When Manuel Discovers The Secrets Davan Has Been Keeping From Him

About the Author: Stormy Glenn

About MeI believes the only thing sexier than a man in cowboy boots is two, or three men in cowboy boots I also believes in love at first sight, soul mates, true love, and happy endings.I live in the great Northwest region of the USA, with my gorgeous husband and soul mate, two boxer collie puppies, one old biddy cats, and three fish When I m not being a mother to my six teenagers or cleaning up

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    Spoiler Ahead This was book ten in the Midnight Mating series Elder Davan Solaris has secrets, the most important being the love he still harbors for Manuel Tejarda, the man he bonded with four years ago at the last Great Gathering Four years ago Manuel thinks that Davan who is Fae cheated on him so he left him without saying goodbye or leaving a note at the gathering the Elder s put a mating spell in the champagne that everyone drank and before he knows it

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    I have never read a Stormy Glenn book that was so angsty and heart wrenching and make you want to shake your Kindle emotionally charged before Out of all of the Midnight Matings books, this was the one that I always cringed when I thought about reading it, which is weird for me because I m such a Stormy Glenn book whore But there was something about the blurb that let me know it was going to be a book that was going to make me want to punch one of the main characters in t

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    I love this book so so much It s angsty, it makes my heart hurt, brings tears to my eyes, every time I read this.

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    3.5 These stories all sort of follow the same storyline, but that s ok.I liked this one, although Manny was an idiot , but he groveled nicely so that helped

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    This book is just as much fun as the others in the series Maybe even so, because we finally get to see some of the background from an elder s perspective While the urgency behind the idiocy they are committing essentially forcing paranormals to mate still isn t clear, the fact that this decision was apparently debated and seemed like the lesser evil to them made me think Whatever it is that forced them to do this might be truly serious.Davan is a great character He s a fae who is loyal t

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    This book makes me think that the world depicted in this series doesn t need forced matings as much as it needs a good translation device that can overcome this me Tarzan you Jane thing The MCs are practically poster boys for relationship counselling everywhere I can picture it already a dimly lit room, a projector projecting a blurry and unfocused image of men slamming doors and crying and screaming at each other Suddenly, a row of delicate china is swept off the shelves Hysterical screaming en

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    So far, I think this is the best one of the series I loved the earlier ones because of the different characters bunny, mouse, ferret, etc , but this one seemed to have a lot depth story and characters.Davan is Fae and an elder of UPAC He is also brokenhearted Enter Manuel, who we learn is the reason for the broken heart Through the forced matings they are reunited and mated Their new relationship takes them through why they split and the deceit of those involved in their split.I really liked them tog

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    Oh, what to say I realize that I m so not the target reader for this kind of book, I only read it because I had to read an MPreg book for a challenge.I ve read some Paranormal Romance before, but those were M F This book might as well have been too, but I actually felt that the two MCs were even less equal than the MCs in the M F PNRs I ve read Ms Glenn could have written Davan as a female and it would have made very little difference to the plot, or to the dynamics between the MCs.The two M

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    Similar to the other Midnight Matings stories, this one features two protagonists who get permanently bonded In this case, Davan, a Fae, is bonded to Manuel, a jaguar shifter The twist is that they came together for the first time four years ago and Davan thought he had found the love of his life In his mind, they were bonded back then, but Manual disappeared one night, without a word, and never returned Unknown to Davan, someone had slipped pictures of him with another man to Manual and Manuel reacted by categor

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    A wonderful tale of a romance full of misunderstandings that gets a second chance Davan was such a sympathetic character, you want him to find happiness even if it means with Manuel Now Manuel you want to kick, the man just ran What the heck kinda love is that You do feel bad for him though, he lost a lot doing something that was just an immature mistake.

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