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Traphis A Year After The Death Of His Father, Fifteen Year Old Traphis Stumbles Across His Father S Hidden Collection Of Books Forbidden From Learning Magic At A Young Age, He Resolves To Read The Books In Secret Doors To A Dark And Formidable World Begin To Open, And A Treacherous Adventure Awaits Both Him And His Newfound Friends In Their Journey To Fight The Power Of Lies, Betrayal, And Greed, They Discover That No Matter How Well They Master Their Magic Skills, They Are Powerless Without The Most Important Skills In Life, Such As The Abilities To Trust, Care, And Forgive

About the Author: James D. Maxon

James D Maxon 1977 Present was born at Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage, Alaska His parents were divorced when he was three years old Raised in a strictly female household, James grew up in the midst of mental illness and depression He, himself, struggled in school due to a learning disability Without a positive male role model, James learned how difficult it can be for children to rea

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    As the son of a great wizard, Traphis doesn t understand why his mother and father have forbidden him from learning magic Raised to tend fields, he often dreams of a bigger life one in which he performs in front of an awe stricken crowd.A year after the death of his father, Traphis, now fifteen years old, spies his

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    If you liked Harry Potter and Eragon, check this one out too.

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    This was a fantastic fantasy story I have no complaints The story centers around a young boy whose father was a magician He is led to believe that he has no ability to do magic, however when he discovers and reads some of his deceased father s books, he discovers that he can indeed perform magic At first he is only interested in

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    I found this book on Freebooksy and something about the description just MADE me want to read it Turns out it was JUST as good as I thought it would be It s full of adventure and magic, heroic moments and the beginning of friendships, answers to questions and the discovery of secrets that had been kept from him throughout his life In my

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    This was a great story.I really liked reading this story, it has plenty of action and adventure, along with a morale to the story Of you enjoy good fantasy, tailored for young adults, then this novel is for you.

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    Excellent BookIt is a very good coming of age tale There are many twists and turns in the story and plenty to keep it moving It is a quick read and kept me engaged.

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    This was a most enjoyable read The author built upon the characters so that you came to feel as they did This produced for me a desire to see some characters advance and to enjoy when some were put into their place The magic system presented in this book is thoughtful and well designed I could easily see a follow up book, but one is not required to fully ap

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    WonderfulA fantastic Adventure, I enjoyed every moment of it The story draws you in and keeps you there You will lose yourself in this book, and wish for .

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    Traphis has always wanted to be a wizard like his father, but now that his father has died that dream seems farther away than ever But his own experiments have given him some measure of success and with that comes a danger he never imagined Soon he s studying magic at a school for wizards, with one of the greatest mentoring him and nothing is working the way he expected

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    nice little magical audio book i listened to i used magic today

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