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What Do Fish Have to Do With Anything? Kind of strange and odd And not in the way I like strange and oddI can see why lots of people like this set of stories, and even why kids might like them Just wasn t my thing. I really enjoyed all of the short stories in this book They had an enormous amount of details and amazing plots I really enjoyed the short story The Goodness of Matt Kaizer The reason why I love this short story the most is because of its stories meaning I recommend this book to people who love short stories and anyone who likes books This book is really one of my favorites and I will probably read it again and again. In the 7th grade we read the first story, What do fish have to do with anything, and even though i thought the ending was completely blunt the story always stuck to me because of its meaning Then 3 years later I found a book with the same title as that story I read in 7th grade flipping through the first few pages i was delighted that it was the same book and bought it I enjoyed reading the first story again and then i read the others and really felt their meanings strike at me I loved them all except maybe the one about Pets was a little wary but the rest were so compelling I loved that most of the stories had their own meanings and for some reason during some of them I even wanted to cry. this book has a lot of good stories i havent finished but i recommend this book to a lot of people and i think my favorite story is talk to me where this girl keeps on getting calls at 4 oclock on friday but she doesnt know who it is and she thinks that it his her brother that ran away a year ago and she told him her a lot of things so he she can talk to her so like i said i recommend this book for a lot of people Just like most short story collections, this was a mixed bag There were a couple of interesting stories that made me think a bit, but then there were the othersSome I really disliked. What do fish have to do with anything by Avi is a collection of short stories from different authors There s various stories leaving you amazed I love the choice of short stories and how there not random and connect back to the same theme I also like how these short stories and are not time consuming One of my favorite ones is The Goodness of Matt Kaiser It is about a daredevil kid who is mistaken for a angle by his classmate s sick dad Then he starts believing he might be a good kid I recommend this book to people who like short stories and realistic fiction To sum it up, Avi did a great job making this book There are some wonderful short stories here and I am waffling over whether it deserves four or five stars The first story, WDFHTDWA , is about a boy on a quest to find the key to happiness, and his emotional growth as he learns to accept people the way they are a lesson his mother has yet to learn The Goodness of Matt Kaizer was a fantastic tale of a preacher s wayward young son and how he learns that he has goodness inside of him Truly it is an inspirational story about the miracles we perform for each other daily by simply being respectful.Talk to Me was one of two stories that I was not crazy about the tale and the main character were great but the ending was too abrupt a change and seemed uncomfortably glossy to me Essentially, a young girl learns to accept loss and move on But does that mean you should forget That is my concern in this story.Teacher Tamer was perhaps my favorite story it puts into perspective for children why some teachers might seem unfair or mean at times A boy seeks revenge on a burned out teacher who targets him for punishment, but in the process he learns her motivation He begins to treat the teacher differently not that he treated her particularly badly before, but now he has a sort of reverence for her and his small action soothes the anger she sometimes takes out on her students.Pets is another story that didn t really appeal to me a young girl who has had lots of pets in her life learns to take care of and love two cats, who end up dying of distemper This story is about letting them go I found the means to get to this lesson to be too unpleasant for my tastes.What s Inside deals with adolescent cruelty and suicide prevention a wonderful and heartwrenching tale woven with a lot of symbolism and reality together It comes together in a way that makes this difficult topic appropriate for younger sets of children.Fortune Cookie, the final story, is the other competitor for my favortism It s about a wisecracking kid who attempts to get his divorced parents to behave civilly towards one another and to the children It doesn t end happily ever after, but it does have resolution, and the character is endearing in spite of or perhaps because of his anger. This book is a collection of short stories, the short story I m going to be reviewing about today is called, Pets Eve Hubbard, a passionate for pets girl, wanted to get two cats, a black one and a white one She s had a lot of experience with pets before this She s had gerbils, rats, hamsters, dogs, cats, salamanders, and turtles She wants to get cats because her old dog, Chase, died, and his remains were buried in the backyard, along with other pets, she got a female white cat named Angel, and a male black cat named Shadow Shadow was always so polite to Angel, not eating until Angel takes a bite, always comforting her, licking her etc But, after a few weeks, Angel grew sick and she started fighting with Eve, and not eating correctly too After weeks of that, they took Angel to vet and the vet said she has a distemper disease and it s contagious too And after putting Angel down in Eve s arms, Shadow became weak and weary too He wouldn t eat his food, meow all the time for no reason and Eve hadn t taken Shadow to the hospital because on one night, they say Angel s ghost sitting in a tree meowing at Shadow, as if waiting for him So, Eve tried talking to the cat s and trying to make Angel stop haunting their family, and when Eve s parents had enough of that, they took Shadow to the hospital, tears were in Eve s eyes trickling down her cheeks Three main ideas are kindness, reasoning, and being passionate. Avi Charts The Turning Points In Seven Young Lives In This Extraordinary Collection Of Short StoriesIn The Overlapping Years When Childhood And Adolescence Blend And Shift Like Waves And Sand, Nothing Is Certain And Everything Is Changing In This Extraordinary Collection Of Stories, Avi, One Of The Most Innovative Authors Writing For Young People Today, Charts The Turning Points In The Lives Of Seven Protagonists In Their Restless Middle Years Here You Will Meet, Among Others, The Subject Of The Title Story, Who Wonders Why He Shouldn T Ask Questions That Have No Answers Is It Because He Might Discover The Truth You Ll Also Encounter A Bad Minister S Son Who Is Dared To Be Good, And A Chilling Tale Of A Girl Who Is Haunted By The Ghosts Of Her Cats Always With A Surprise Built In, An Angle Unseen, These Are Stories That Step Just Beyond The Edge Of The Everyday I would give this book a 3 1 2 star rating Personally this book was childish with a really big meaning to each story I just felt the book was just written in a way for children at like the age of 10 Maybe the author wanted to do that or maybe he just wanted to write a book that is very simple with a broad meaning left behind of it This book contains short stories of fictional kids and some problems they face in their childhood Something about this book just is very intriguing and makes you want to read It just keeps u entertained with these stories Maybe it s how you can relate to having some problems like this when you were younger or how you ve never experienced some of these problems It just gives you a glimpse of many children s problems at the same age Though this book is probably ment for younger kids I really found interesting life lessons and I don t really learn lessons from books because most of the books are non relatable But this book contains lessons that maybe even adults don t think about In each story there is a unique theme and life lesson In overall I think this is a great book for kids ages 8 11 because of the unique themes and lessons I would recommend this to anybody that wants to read a easy simple but entertaining book.

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Avi is a pen name for Edward Irving Wortis, but he says, The fact is, Avi is the only name I use Born in 1937, Avi has created many fictional favorites such as

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