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Two Old Women: An Alaska Legend of Betrayal, Courage and Survival Based On An Athabascan Indian Legend Passed Along For Many Generations From Mothers To Daughters Of The Upper Yukon River Valley In Alaska, This Is The Suspenseful, Shocking, Ultimately Inspirational Tale Of Two Old Women Abandoned By Their Tribe During A Brutal Winter FamineThough These Women Have Been Known To Complain Than Contribute, They Now Must Either Survive On Their Own Or Die Trying In Simple But Vivid Detail, Velma Wallis Depicts A Landscape And Way Of Life That Are At Once Merciless And Starkly Beautiful In Her Old Women, She Has Created Two Heroines Of Steely Determination Whose Story Of Betrayal, Friendship, Community And Forgiveness Speaks Straight To The Heart With Clarity, Sweetness And Wisdom Ursula K Le Guin

About the Author: Velma Wallis

Velma Wallis born 1960 is a Gwich in Athabascan Indian and bestselling U.S novelist Her work has been translated into 17 languages.She was born and raised in a remote Alaskan village near Fort Yukon, approximately 200 km north east of Fairbanks This location could be accessed only by riverboat, airplane, snowmobile or dogsled Velma grew up among twelve siblings Her father died w

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    Over the course of my reading this year, I have come across a number of books stressing the importance of age being just a number and that just because a person is old, does not make that person weak or enfeebled The latest book that I have encountered this in is Two Old Women An Alaskan Legend of Betrayal, Courage and Survival by Velma Wa

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    During a particularly bitter winter, with food supplies quickly being depleted, the Chief of a nomadic Alaskan tribe does the unthinkable he utters the words, We are going to have to leave the old ones behind And, just like that, two elderly women are left to fend for themselves.A rush of anger surged within her How dare they Her cheeks burned with

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    A classic native legend of two old women surviving the cold winter in the tundra region of Alaska A perfect quick read to kick off my year of reading Alaska and Canada, and book 1 of 2018.

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    5 beautiful inspirational stars I loved this tale of betrayal and injustice turned into hope, self discovery, integrity, survival of extreme situation and friendshipEspecially because the courageous survivors were two old frail women Now, because we have spent so many years convincing the younger people that we are helpless, they believe that we are no longer of

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    Update Mom loved it, and I am so grateful that she and I share a love of fiction Review I loved this book I can t wait to give it to my 89 year old mother to read It s such an affirmation of the dignity and wisdom of older age My review may spoil the story for you so proceed cautiously from here Two Old Women is based on an Athabascan Indian legend A starving tribe of Alaska

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    Velma Wallis was born in Fort Yukon, a remote village in interior Alaska and grew up in a traditional Athabaskan family Alaskan Athabaskans are native to Alaska, the original inhabitants of the interior of Alaska, living a culture of inland creek and river fishing, fabricating what they need from the resources that surround them, living by a matrilineal system in which children belon

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    I read Velma Wallis Bird Girl and the Man Who Followed the Sun An Athabaskan Indian Legend from Alaska many years ago and really enjoyed her translation of oral history to the written word It was nice to revisit her folk stories in this short novel My hard copy of the book is the 20th Anniversary edition, published in 2013 Glad to see the publisher re release the book to a new audience.The st

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    Tougher than an Artic WinterThe story of the two vulnerable amid the inhospitable is fascinating survival The author s style is sparse as the events unfold there s no lingering before moving on to what is next The downside is some characters seem shallow Good story in a brief read.

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    This is a rather wonderful re telling of a legend about two women who are abandoned by thier tribe The book chronicles the women as they find that while surviving is hard, they can do it, and perhaps teach some lessons of thier own.

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    I liked this The title is so accurate, because this is indeed a book about two old women They are old, and maybe they don t work as hard around camp as others So when times get tough for the tribe, the leader leaves them behind for the sake of the tribe as a whole, because these women aren t contributors While this is not great literature, I loved the messages These women realize things about themselves that they have

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