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The Beautiful Wife There Was A Time When Author Sandy Ralya S Marriage Was In Trouble She Needed Help But She Was Afraid To Ask For It At The Time, She Didn T Know That Hundreds Of Other Wives Were Struggling With The Same Issues She Was Though Sandy Eventually Sought Guidance From Godly Mentors And Christian Counselors, Other Women Remain Silent Many Churches Lack Ministries And Resources To Reach Out And Help These Women Sandy Ralya Founded Beautiful Womanhood In To Provide The Same Nurturing And Mentoring That Changed Her Life And Her Marriage And Began To Speak To Hundreds Of Women Each Year Hearing The Stories Of Women Like Herself, Sandy Realized The Need For Resources Based On Practical Teaching, Sound Research, And Real Life Experiences The Beautiful Wife Uses These Inspiring Stories Along With Biblical Principles To Guide And Encourage Any Wife Looking For God S Best In Her Marriage The Beautiful Wife Answers Serious Questions Women Have About Their Roles As Wives Discussing Everything From Romance And Money To Beauty, Communication, And Sex, Sandy Challenges Women To Open Up And Share Their Journeys So That Together They Can See God S Plan For Their Marriages It Is My Passion To Help Women Discover God S Heart For Their Marriage, Just As Other Women Helped Me, Writes Sandy When Women Share With Each Other The Details Of Their Journeys With God As Wives, It S A Beautiful Thing Indeed

About the Author: Sandy Ralya

When author and speaker Sandy Ralya s marriage was in trouble, she walked into church each Sunday morning desperate for help, but not daring to ask for it because everyone else s marriage seemed so perfect Her life appeared beautiful on the outside, but on the inside it was a mess Over time, Sandy turned to God by reading the Bible and prayer and sought guidance from trusted friends, godly mento

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    A little personal background on me so you know where I am coming from I am 9 months into my second marriage and I know about marriage now then I did when I married my first husband in 1985 I was married the first time for 23 yrs, have 3 children from that marriage, he was in the Navy, he committed adultery of which I didn t know until my oldest daughter told me which led to our divorce I spent time healing an

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    I believe this book will be life changing for many, many women and their marriages Shaunti Feldhahn, For Women Only Jeff Feldhahn has a book, For Men Only My Review The Beautiful Wife, by Sandy Ralya, is based on Titus 2 2 5, Older women likewise are to be reverent in their behavior, so that they may encourage the young women to love their husbands, children, being subject to their own husbands, so that the Word of Go

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    The Beautiful Wife is a book for the gloriously messy woman who has serious and not so serious questions about her role as a wife It s a book for the woman who longs to develop deep relationships with real women who don t gloss over the dirty realities of life It s book for the woman who wants to experience fulfillment, passion, and meaning in her marriage.It can be a difficult thing to understand the role of a wife in this

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    The Beautiful Wife Focused on Christ, Fulfilled in Marriage by Sandy Ralya is a 222 page book written in an eloquent, simple yet honest, heart filled way to encourage wives seeking to grow and be strengthen in and through Christ.Each chapter starts with a scripture and topic related quote and ends with a set of reflection questions that encourages the reader both for discussion and personal enrichment along with a set of first step q

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    The Beautiful Wife is an inspirational Christian guide for women, devoted to helping them define their role within their marriage, so that they can have a fulfilling and successful marriage The author provides information and spiritual guidance on important marital topics such as communication, money, romance, sex, prayer, self care and living a genuine life The 12 part study guide is filled with the author s own experiences, along with spir

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    The Beautiful Wife discusses topics such as self care, romance, communication, truth in love, the roles of wife and mother, and choosing God s best The author recommends following the chapters, encouraging a small group of women who will support each other, and holding one another accountable for implementing the suggestions in the book There are also companion books for the mentor of the small group and a prayer journal for each individual In the j

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    Are you married, or looking forward to the day that you will be Planning for your wedding is the easy part, becoming one with your husband, well, that is a life long process Sandra Ralya has written a devotional that is relevant to any women whether she is engaged, newly married or has been married a long time I know I found this book helpful, and I have been married nearly 18 years.The Beautiful Wife contains 12 meaty chapters that use examples from Sandra

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    Sandy Ralya did a wonderful job of pointing out things that I, as a wife, had never thought of before in regards to my role as a wife I ll be the first to admit that I get tired of hearing Christian authors and speakers tell us to submit to our husbands and while Sandy did touch on this she talked about it in a way that didn t leave me feeling like being submissive is being weak There were several points in the book where I felt as though she was talking directly t

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    I can not tell you how blessed I feel after reviewing this Bible Study I love the way Sandy writes, as if she knows me and is speaking right to me So much so I have several times wondered if she can some how read minds or maybe my house is bugged Seriously though, I have not been able to join a Women s Bible Study for quite a few years now But The Beautiful Wife Study has made me want to start up a Summer Bible Study at my house for my Homeschool Mama s I have to say I thi

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    I received the Beautiful Wife book, mentor s guide, and prayer journal for review I started with the mentor s guide and I have to say I am impressed As someone who has lead groups before, I have felt completely lost with HOW to go about becoming an effective group leader the author has completely laid out a plan of exactly what to do and how to do it I am blown away at the DETAIL the author has provided for the mentors Both the mentor guide and prayer journal are thin, but they bo

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