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Of Drag Kings And the Wheel of Fate This book is good, for what it is.Because it s pure, light lesbian romance fiction the kind of book you take with you to the beach, or to read over the weekend I personally enjoyed it on a 12 hours flight I won t go so far as to say that it s trashy because it isn t , but there s nothing about it that screams fantastic literature Rather, it s an enjoyable read about destined lovers It won t rock your world, but it will hold your attention for a while and maybe hit your inner romanticist.I picked up the book because, while I certainly like lesbian romance, I really, really like drag kings girls who dress up as boys and do performances, much like drag queens And with it right in the title, well, come on Rosalind, a college professor, moves to Buffalo for her first job where she meets Taryn, a young butch tattoo artist slash drag king, and they set the harsh upstate winter ablaze with their intense attraction, but find out it is so much than that all the world s their stage, and they must act on the demands of fate, or lose everything.The fantastical, magical aspect of the book definitely brought a fun edge to it, although at some points it really stretched my sappiness factor by being, well, so sappy in the love department Like most romances and my lack of tolerance for them, I had to wonder at how quickly they become inseparably devoted to one another But I m willing to let it go, because, like I said, it is nice light reading.Go for it i picked this book off the clearance rack at a bookstore in sydney years ago and decided to finally read it since we re in Pride month.So if I had to forwgo my wife and draw my perfect partner, it d be Taryn one of the main characters I loved her Rosalind, her partner and main character bored and annoyed me and got on my nerves I liked the story of their meeting the while I m in love after one week was too cliche and the storyline about past lives and all that fantasy was just too far fetched and weirdo for me I skipped most of the last 30 pages, it was just too far out there for me. Of Drag Kings And The Wheel Of Fate Is A Novel About History, Sex, Drag, Paganism, Death And Family Using An Ancient Myth Reset In The Queer Community In Buffalo, New York, It Explores Gender Fluidity, Sexual Diversity, And The Deeper Questions Of Love And Identity

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