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Letters to a Young Brother: MANifest Your Destiny Offering Inspirational Advice In A Down To Earth Style, This Unique Compilation Of Letters Provides Wisdom, Guidance, And Heartfelt Insight To Help The Reader Chart Their Own Path To Success Based On The Author S Motivational Speaking At Inner City Schools Across The Country, The Letters Deal With The Tough Issues That Face Young People Today Bombarded With Messages From Music And The Media, Harper Set Out To Dispel The Stereotypical Image Of Success That Young People Receive Today And Instead Emphasizes Alternative Views Of What It Truly Means To Be A Successful Male, Such As Educational And Community Achievements And Self Respect Intended To Provide This Frequently Regarded Lost Generation Of Young Men With Words Of Encouragement And Guidance, Harper S Deep Rooted Passion Regarding The Plight Of Today S Youth Drove Him To Write This Book, Sure To Change The Lives Of Readers For Years To Come Hill harper wrote a great meaningfulbook for young adults The events in the book were based on the experiences Harper had mentoring kids Harper gives the kidd some good advice from his perspective Then he would call up and contact one of his close friends and they would give the kid some good advice too Throughout the book Harper and the kid did not communicate through phone calls, in person but through emails.through the phone or even in person it was through emails Also in the book he talks about where he got his name from and how he made the debate team and how his siblings and him got beat and he and his brother moved into a foster home. Black male struggle seems to be a clique them that finds its way into American society Though this theme may seem redundant, repetitive and continuous, the truth of the matter is that there is a struggle with Black men in America as there is one in many other countries Reading Letters to a Young Brother , I felt as though many of the themes concerning Black men such as personal success, respect for your brother and mother, taking responsibility for your life and actions, and manywere touched in this book From just reading the title, you know the book is targeted to young men Then with the understanding of Black culture, you can infer that the book is targeted to African American males Underneath the title, you can see that the man in Manifest You Destiny is in all capitals, suggesting that Hill Harper s idea in this book is to teach young Black males to be men I think he does a good job of that The things with these books is that they don t do that much of a job connecting to struggles that are already known He took a different approach by being blunt with many of his ideas and thoughts, speaking openly about tough topics like being a father and having sex for example, he went over many ways to be responsible when faced with these situations Not only were his opinions in the book, but other celebrities were too.Black celebrities have the ability to make an impact on other Black people simply through speech Hill Harper is known for playing in movies, and being a main character in CSI New York He s been a NAACO award recipient and nominee, and he gives much of the credit for his successes to his family In the book, he talks much about that aspect of not only his life, but life in general.One thing that I think everyone should still take from this book even considering that it s targeted to Black males, is that this is a book for all young males In every society and different parts of society, whether it be culturally, socially, racially, and economically, every young male goes through a similar struggle becoming a man Respect for other individuals, getting and maintaining an education and job, avoiding legal troubles, and being a role model to everyone they come across that looks to them for guidance are just some of the things that males experience themselves coming across daily This book touches on all these things andSo with that being said, don t let the title deter you from allowing the book to reach all kinds of people because it can. OK, I have to quality my rating for this book I didn t really enjoy it that much, mostly because his voice and writing style seem forced and unconvincing HOWEVERI understand that I am not the intended audience for this book, and that s why I give it 5 stars The intended readers are teenage males And considering how frustrating I find it that so few celebrity males go this far out of their way to be role models for youth, how could I really criticize this guy for not being the best writer ever I have to respect any male who is not afraid to reveal himself as honestly as Hill does here He talks about confidence, girls, success, education, fear, commitment, hard work, etc I applaud his message and I will recommend this to my students. this book is very helpfull for young man to know how to survive in life I personally believe that every young male should read this book to better there life Unreasonably Happy Thank you Hill Harper for Letters to a Young Brother This is a must read for every young man If you have a son, young brother or just know a young man I recommend you gift this book to them The principles Hill Harper shares and teaches young brother are lessons everyone can benefit from especially young men. Great self help book whether man or woman. I would give letters to a young brother a 5 star rating because it tells alot about the struggles that I have at school and the things that I deal with One of the letters took us deeper on how some people feel without a parent in their life That is because a kid had written a letter asking how should I feel on mother s day if I don t have a mom Harper replied sharing a story about how he did not have a dad growing up and how he had to live without him But he also said that his mom was not running away because of him, she was running from responsibility of taking care of him.To be honest this book was one of the best books i have ever read and on a scale of one to 100 its 1000, for sure recommended. Hill Harper gives a young man the tools required in order to be someone notable in a tough generation via e mail Young Brotha is that young man He s very confused about his life and is seeking somewhat of a father figure which he s never had to help him traverse through life s many obstacles It all started with one letter Hill eventually befriends Young Brotha, and they begin to exchange letters Like every young man, Young Brotha is faced with adversity and Hill provides him advice on how to deal with it appropriately Young men these days are bombarded with artificial images of what a man SHOULD be Hill guides Young Brotha and teaches him the real meaning of what being a man is This book is a heartwarming example, that in this life, although there may be many circumstances in which you will be put under pressure, with the right judgment, you will overcome I found this book enlightening, and I bet if young men took the time to read it they would also I was as well as Young Brotha, worrying about my career and education until I read this book Hill answered many of my questions about life and I m thankful for that I believe that this is a potentially life changing book That may sound exaggerated, but if you read this book, you d understand. This was a wonderful read and I m glad I decided to pick it up Pretty amazing how well he conveys the messages to the Young Brotha and how easy the message are to understand I enjoyed some of the ups and downs Hill Harper takes the reader through and how he explains the bigger picture of some of his failures or mistakes.

About the Author: Hill Harper

Francis Harper, known professionally as Hill Harper, is an American film, television and stage actor, and author An alumnus of Harvard Law School, he is best known for his portrayal of Dr Sheldon Hawkes on the CBS drama television series CSI NY.

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