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Kings Conquest (Mending the Rift #1) 2,5Prince So far looks too easy and has flaws in logic You are supposed to become a prize for an enemy king, a part of his harem And you request marriage and fidelity He never met him, he has no idea how sex between two men even work and the best idea he got is to make sure he has plenty of sex which he might hate If he felt so strongly about making conditions, why not make a condition of no sex or a higher position than one of the toys in harem and live his life peacefully Is there no other way to secure his honor, place or whatever No he decides it s either marriage and fidelity or no truce Lets get thousands hundreds people killed just for my honor forbid anyone sees our prince as a whore His image is way important than his kingdom I just realized that I don t like this character He is selfish and without honor or sense of duty, responsibility Later on, he is angry and disappointed because king, after telling him that the main reason he agreed to this marriage was an heir, tries to impregnate him How dares he to not fall madly in love with our prince after having sex for the first time It s an arranged forced marriage and it s ok to want for your husband to care and love you, but you cannot be angry if he doesn t on the first day of meeting you It s normal, you just met, you don t know each other Get over yourself Now he seems to me like stupid, whiny, selfish, egocentric b tch Will see how it goes later I actually had to stop reading and turn on my computer to write this paragraph immediately it bugged me so much D.King And why a king who is winning, who is stronger agrees to get married to some prince instead of taking him as a prize I completely don t get this Prince is supposed to be a conquest, a prize The point is to humiliate and show ones power And instead he marries him There was a logical reason about wanting a child so much and the prince promised one which is very dangerous for the mother But he is a king of a powerful kingdom, surely there has to be women men prepared for the risk for the chance to be his partner Can t he really choose from many on his own terms Plot Further, plot flows way too easy Once conditions are met it s all cozy, nice and no problems And I am half way in I doubt there will be any problems Only some villain trying to kill the prince or something like that I am just guessing I hate it when the relationships is flawless, especially an arranged forced one It s a crime against logic and reality.I m glad it s short or I might not be able to finish Although if it were longer maybe it would make sense, could be developed. Heather C and susan65 made me read this with them Just FYI I liked the start okay but some parts seeme longer than needed I didn t like that he didn t even see the king until like 27% they didn t talk until around 30% that s a big chunk of the short story Then things like the palace and character descriptions are too detailed for my tastes Roughly 30% to 58% is sex Starts with talking while stripping to talking about sex to sex Then that long scene ends immediately followed by another sex scene Guess we re not wasting time on a plot here Yay ends at 97% Overall some interesting stuff happened last half but it was all rushed and not enough to save the overall book IMO This was like really flowery and descriptive followed by a lot of sex or remembering sex they ve been having while falling instantly in love Really the characters aren t developed at all except for the numerous physical descriptions The pregnancy doesn t happen till last pages and you see nothing about that and it s not explained why babies all come out needing magical healing Should add that the writing quality was excellent and the only reason I finished was because its good writing. This Edition No Longer AvailableIn A World Where Two Kingdoms Are Constantly At War, Prince Rinin, Heir To The Throne Of Kari Kingdom, Has Been Demanded As A War Conquest By King Merinej Of Jede The Choice Is Simple The Prince Will Travel To His Enemy S Kingdom And Share The King S Bed, Or Else The War Continues But Rin Will Not Lower Himself To Be A Whore, So He Demands A Contract Requiring The King To Be Faithful In Return, The Prince Will Risk His Life By Giving The King A ChildWhere Rin Expected Nothing Than A Business Arrangement, He Receives Affection, Yet The Surprising Realization Is The Willingness Of His Own Heart To Return The Same But Even His King Cannot Save Rin From Those Who Wish Him Harm, And Their Joining Might Be Over Before It Can Fully Bloom My first foray into mpreg and I survived It was strange at first but it was different enough that I could really enjoy it without worrying over the actual mechanics Rin, the Prince, and Merin, the King were both amazing characters I could easily relate to them both and I honestly liked them I wanted to know about the mystery man who had it out for Rin but c est la vie.I am unsure how I feel about the ending I think I was so worried about how it would end for Rin that I was a bit disappointed that it was so open ended I can t wait for book two because I really want to know if the HFN can really turn into a HEA. Reread June 2018 WowI didn t remember it being so underdeveloped This one needed way It s very short but a lot going on ILY s very quick and it leaves you wondering why It s still somewhat unique Originally read August 2017 Very different MM fantasy historical sci finot sure how to classify it It was short so not a lot of character development One of the H s could have been a female if not for his bits and pieces There wasn t much maleness in the way he spoke and acted But it s an mpreg story so.I m interested enough to see what happens next. Oh this was so much fun and came complete with a shadowy villian trying to kill our hero Prine Rin I loved Rin, so sweet and inoocent but plucky and smart And the king, so in love, so alpha I am ready for the the sequel Now. 3 Stars To save his kingdom from the stupidity of his father, and the armies of another, Prince Rin has agreed to join with the King of Jeda, Merinej But he will settle for nothing less than marriage, even if that all but guarantees his death in childbirth He does not know what to expect from these new people, or this new country, but he comes to hope that there will be some measure freedom from the strict rules and regulations his not so dearly departed father bound him with He never thought to hope for love, though.For such a short story it wasn t all that bad I liked the attempt at world building here, though it did feel like it was trying to pack in way information than the story needed, or could support, in such few pages I do love mpreg though, and I found the method of impregnation here a new and unique twist on the usual nonsensical method that is usually touted in these types of stories I would have loved to have seen the story thru to the birth of the child, though, since a large part of this story is about how the birth of their child is a real danger for Rin I felt that if you are going to make so much of a fuss about it, it might be good to show us how all of it concludes But this book is part of a series, so maybe that is just a story for another time.I had a hard time with the whole jealous lover side plot You meet the bad guy for like three seconds in this story, and not only is he never identified except thru a quick and vague he was annoyed at the king explanation to Rin he was apparently killed off page, as well It is not like I am demanding to see the assholes head tumble across the floor, but not doing the whole reveal on page just made the whole plot to kill Rin seem very one dimensional, and not at all believable Not to mention the fact that the guards of this castle need to go back and retake Keeping Your Client Alive for More Than a Day 101.The love story was also a little flat I think the story spent so much time trying to build the world that it kinda forgot to build up the characters as well There is a whole lot of insta love flying around this book Not only with Rin and Merinej, but everyone at the castle seems to fall instantly in love with Rin as well He is apparently a foreign, and enemy, prince and yet he smiles once and all of a sudden all that is forgotten There s a bit of time condensing going on in the story, because of the page length, but I just found the speed at which it all happens is rather too quick for me to believe all the love floating around in the air here.All that being said, I probably will end up reading the next book in the series because I kinda want to know what happens This book was provided free in exchange for a fair and honest review for Love Bytes Go there to check out other reviews, author interviews, and all those awesome giveaways Click below. In addition to the amazing cover, Conquest is a roller coaster ride to read Rin is a prince of a warring kingdom, but his father, the king, has had definite ideas of what Rin can and can t do Mainly, he isn t allowed to do much of anything He is a prince in name only, and has no real idea of the workings of the politics of the kingdom When the king dies, and Rin is demanded as a war prize to be uralain for King Merin, from the enemy kingdom, Rin has no idea of what this entails Har, chief advisor, is no forthcoming as to what will occur Rin demands show of backbone, yes a marriage contract with Merin He will not be a whore, vulnerable to being sold or dispensed with once Merin has tired of him For his part, Merin agrees to the marriage contract His plan for Rin is to have a child who will unite the two kingdoms, ensuring peace at last There are differences in the kingdoms that make it difficult for both men Rin is uneducated not only in the workings of politics, but sex as well He comes to Merin a virgin with little idea of how things work Har promises him a book to show him, but doesn t provide it, poor Rin Add in a stalker who wants Merin for his own and the growing emotional connection between Merin and Rin which are colored by the idea that Merin only wants Rin for the child a childbirth process during which most men die and you end up with a fantasy story to keep you reading NOW, I want the sequel. This story wasn t for me at all and if I wasn t reading it for a challenge I would have stopped reading it very early on The MCs didn t even meet until well after 25% and there was absolutely zero chemistry between them The whole point seemed to be getting the MC pregnant so he could view spoiler DIE hide spoiler

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