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Steam Laundry Steam Laundry is part of Literary Mama s essential reading list.See the full list here A book I didn t anticipate finishing, much less enjoying It is written in poems, letters, historic pictures and receipts A realistic story of the many challenges of the gold rush for not just the men who went, but the first women and children to accompany them A quick and fabulous read. Having lived in Fairbanks for 44 years, I was delighted to read this novel told in poems and letters about Sarah Ellen Gibson, the sixth woman to arrive in Fairbanks She came during the goldrush of 1903, following her husband Joe who had traveled north several years previously.Known as Nellie, Ms Gibson s life is celebrated fictionally and through actual documents The reader learns about her husband s drinking and philandering as he tries to hit a gold streak while she is in San Francisco raising two children Her husband, Joe, says I confess the saloon has swallowed our marriage..I didn t think I d be the man I ve become..I will go after a new life if you will follow and bring our boys We can bury the past under tailings.When she finally arrives in Fairbanks, she takes in ironing, sewing and washes clothes for others.While Mother, steam burns and sweat, hands as raw as a plucked hen, knots her full purse Even poor men need washing, and the rich, they have no time to sew The Old Man digs and stinks while she makes the living.Sarah Ellen, known as Ellie, takes care of her family, putting up with her husband s dream of hitting pay dirt and his narcissistic meanderings.Nellie comes to life through the wonderful writing of Nicole Stellon O Donnell who manages to capture life during the goldrush and a true sense of time and place through her beautifully evoked imagery and words. This novel in poetry chronicles one family s and especially one woman s experiences during the gold rush Nicole Stellon O Donnell s use of primary documents add authenticity, but it is her mastery of voice that keeps the reader deep in the hearts of her speakers These are not easy folks to love, but through telling detail, carefully controlled tone, and engaging voice, O Donnell connects their hopes and wishes with our own A wonderful book about Alaska, and importantly, I wonderful book of poems. I wish I were teaching againAs a retired teacher of English and Alaska studies, I fell in love with this poem novel that I almost didn t bother to read The world of the gold rush days and of life, comes alive in this short cycle of poems I think many students would learn what poetry can be from reading this book How O Donnell can make the gold rush era come alive with her words is fascinating. Magnificent and breathtaking, both subject and form. I was lucky enough to win this collection of poetry from a Goodreads Giveaway and loved it.This is a book of poetry that follows the lives of a historical family during the 1903 gold rush in Alaska, each poem written as letters between the various family members, especially focused on the mother, Sarah Ellen Gibson s life The poems are beautifully written and each character s voice is distinct and easy to follow One of the interesting aspects of this book is that because the poems are written as letters, you get the story of these character s lives told entirely during transitions You don t see the family s direct interactions, but rather their impressions of each other during times of transition or distance You gradually learn their struggles and personalities as told by one another.The story is fascinating and if you re a fan of historical fiction especially stories of survival and struggle then you d particularly enjoy this collection I would imagine if you enjoyed Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse you would also enjoy this book I would recommend this collection to anyone who enjoys stories of frontier women s lives and struggles, as well as anyone looking for poetry written with a clear story and historical foundation. If you like poetry and history, this book blends the two perfectly Carefully researched, this story, written in a series of linking poems, follows the life of Sarah Ellen Nellie Gibson Nellie was one of the first white woman to land in Fairbanks, Alaska during the gold rush, after having followed her husband to the Klondike When she reaches Fairbanks, she has left behind the ne er do well husband and her two adult sons, and has taken up with another fellow.The author is an amazing wordsmith The poem where Will says goodbye to Nellie put tears in my eyes She is able to capture both the strength and the frailties of human beings, the harshness of life on the frontier, and the experience of being a woman in a man s world I highly recommend, especially if you are Alaskan or have an interest in Alaska. What can I say about Steam Laundry I had to go to bed and dream of water and whiskey and biting cold before I could formulate something good enough to do this book justice This is definitely one of my favorite books of poetry I love it for selfish and unselfish reasons For the selfish it manages to blend my two disciplines my love of creative writing and my love of archives into one significant work This mirrors what I think when I go to work every day there are people in archives who deserve to have their stories toldand not just in a history book, but in a creative work where their lives can be flushed out, poignant and real For the unselfish this is just good writing It is so hip to write abstract poetry that I think the narrative poem has not been given its due lately I think Nicole Stellon O Donnell has done an excellent job of proving the worth of the narrative poem here This is a book of poetry I can recommend to my friends who don t normally read or enjoy poetry It is accessible to everyone Thank you, Ms Stellon O Donnell, for bringing Nellie s story to the world in such a lyrical, beautiful way. Steam Laundry Is A Novel In Poems Based On The True Story Of Sarah Ellen Gibson, A Miner S Wife During The Klondike And Alaska Gold Rushes Her Journey Began As She Followed Her Husband To Dawson City, Yukon Territory In She Stayed There Three Years As The Town S Boom And Her Marriage Burned Out In , She Left Her Husband And Sons To Start Over In Fairbanks, Alaska With Another Man Based On Archival Research And Incorporating Historical Documents And Photographs, The Poems Approach The Past Through The Ghosts Of Correspondence The Poems, Written In The Voices Of Gibson, Her Family Members, And The People Who Knew Her, Take On Love, Loss, Failure, And Desire Some Confront The Drama Of Failed Marriages, Troubled Family Relationships, And Alcoholism Others Spin The Dramatic Details Of Hunting Accidents And Subarctic Survival Into Compelling Stories In Verse They Embody The Opposing Voices Of An Era During Which Men And Women Struggled In Different, But Overlapping, Universes By Staring At Gibson Through The Spectral Lenses Of The People Around Her, The Documents She Left Behind, And The Vision Of A Contemporary Poet, The Particulars Of Gibson S Life Are Transformed Into An Exploration Of The People History Usually Forgets Steam Laundry Offers The Reader The Chance To Try On The Dusty, Mining Town Overcoat Of Gibson S Life

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Nicole Stellon O Donnell s new book, You Are No lOnger in Trouble, will be published in March 2019 by the Marie Alexander Series in Prose Poetry Her first collection, Steam Laundry, won the 2013 WILLA Literary Award for Poetry Her poems have appeared in Prairie Schooner, Passages North, Beloit Poetry Journal, Zyzzyva, and other literary journals Her essays and commentaries have appeared in the

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