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കേശവന്റെ വിലാപങ്ങൾ Kesavante Vilapangal Is The Life Of Kesavan, A Clark Cum Novelist Who Has Written A Novel On EMS

Kesavante Vilaapangal Received Vayalar Award In http://satyasurya.wordpress.com/2013/...

As a person interested in politics and the political setup of India it is only natural that I love reading books on politics. Much of the stuff written on/about politics is nonfiction and is written by eminent politicians or historians . However, political fiction is also fantastic to read. Jefferey Archer’s “First among equals” is the best book when it comes to political fiction for me.

The other day I was just typing political fiction in Flipkart and was searching for books and then this book, Kesavan’s lamentations came up. I was just curios on what it would be, read the intro of the book written over there and ordered it.

This book set up in the steamy political backdrop of Kerala and has the “EMS” the great socialistmarxisttheorist and the first communist chief minister of an Indian state as the central theme of the book. One of the most fascinating things about this novel is that there are two stories within the novel and the author transports us back and forth across the stories as we progress with the book. When I say two stories it does not mean two parallel stories running,the twist in the tale is that the protagonist (Kesavan) is a writer himself and this book is about the troubles and travails he undergoes while writing a novel with the contemporary Kerala politics in the backdrop. So we travel back and forth between Kesavan and Appukuttan (the protagonist in Kesavan’s book) as we read the book .

The plot is somewhat like this, Kesavan an established author in Kerala, wishes to write a novel about a boy who falls in love with the communist ideology very early in his life. He creates and names the character as Appu Kuttan. How Appu adores EMS from childhood and how this turns out into in to a hero worship as Appu grows into a young boy form is something you ought to read from the book.

As Appu Kuttan grows up, the troubles and travails of Kesavan also grow. The demands from home and family, the demands from the friends that he should be showing the work to them , demands from the left and right groups about the content of the novel etc..

M.Mukundan, the author of the book has done a very good job when it comes to depiction of the characters, I really loved the way the way the characters evolved and the way the plot gets developed. I only wish to differ on the Hindu extremism part of it due to my personal biases and convictions. I was like why should the author touch this topic in the book, nevertheless I am not really aware of the ground realities of Kerala and the reasons that prompted the author to do so. I would have really been very very happy had the book had some other ending.

Nevertheless, Kesavan’s Lamentations is definitely worth a read, it is real good and something different. You would really see and appreciate a good level of maturity in terms of writing, in terms of plot and in terms of characterization Definitely worth a read… The line between the writer and 'the person' in the writer is a blurred one. This novel examines how both these identities influence each other. To achieve this it uses the backdrop of a writer whose latest work is based on a boy, who from his birth is influenced by EMS Namboothiripad. The lives of the writer and his creation starts to resemble each other. The metafictional devices and the critique of the left movement which would have been reduced to poorly academic discourses is saved by the strong emotional core of the work. Read the Malayalam one. OK OK. Didn't like it much. Completely personal opinion. The book has won many awards and stuff. That doesn't mean everyone will like it right ;) I loved this book. The way the story of an author and his character, intertwined, made it more interesting. As I am not very political, I didn't not quite get if any political messages the author wanted to convey. It is a different kind of novel,very different from mukundan's much known "Mayyazhipuzhayude theerangalil".For me, the major attraction was the book was about(or the theme was about)kerala's one of the greatest communist leaders ,comrade EMS.The book is sharp and the climax is also very brave.When i read mayyazhi for the first time, i was taken aback.deeply influnced.but, after reading kesavante vilapangal,the reader is assured that mukundan is talented to do more.for me, the best character in the book is Aaman sir. Not bad according to me... He introduced lot many characters some without proper introduction and they just disappeared like that. that's the thing I didn't like.. Also I didn't like the atmosphere creation for the story. ഒരു വ്യത്യസ്തമായ അവതരണ ശൈലി . Kesavante Vilapangal is the life of Kesan, a clark cum novelist who has written a novel on EMS. A book which has given a new face to Malayalam novel, written by M Mukundan.
Not good as Mukundan's other books.

About the Author: M. Mukundan

M. Mukundan(Malayalam: എം. മുകുന്ദൻ) is one of the pioneers of modernity in Malayalam literature. He was born on 10 September 1942 at Mayyazhi in Mahe, a one-time French territory in Kerala. He served as the president of Kerala Sahitya Akademi from October 2006 until March 2010.
Mukundan is known in Kerala as 'Mayyazhiyude Kathakaaran' (The story-teller of Mayyazhi). His native village of Mayyazhi

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