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Dmitri Hernandez Is Starting His Life Over After His Release From Captivity And Four Years In College, He S Just Accepted A Position As Vintner At The Lazy E Vineyard And Dude Ranch He S Excited About The Job, But He S Even Excited By A Tall, Handsome Cowboy That Turns Him On In Every Way Maverick Walker Is A True Marlboro Man In Every Sense Of The Word And Dmitri Falls Hard For Him The Two Begin A Relationship Which Only Burns Hotter Until A Third Man Steps Into The Mix And Complicates Everything Carlo Degli Esposti, A Famous Italian Wine Critic And Gay Playboy, Makes His Moves On Dmitri Right Away Dmitri Is Suddenly Torn Between A Handsome Blond Billionaire And A Dominating Cowboy With A Vulnerable Side Carlo Degli Esposti Is Turned On By Dmitri S Sexy Good Looks And Smokin Hot Body But The He Gets To Know Dmitri, The He Realizes The Vintner Has Devastating Secrets Buried Deep Within As Carlo And Dmitri Begin To See Of Each Other, Maverick Backs Off He Wants His Own Lover, Not A Relationship Where He D Have To Share Dmitri With The Gorgeous Italian As Dmitri S Nightmarish Secrets Are Eventually Uncovered, Carlo Realizes He S Deeply In Love With The Handsome Vintner And Vows To Make Him The Center Of His Life Will Dmitri Be Able To Forget The Big, Beautiful Maverick Is Carlo Enough To Fill The Hole Left In His Heart So Many Years Before Will Taking A Job In The Texas Wine Country Be The Worst Decision Dmitri Has Ever Made Or Will It Be A Very Good Year Indeed A Very Good Year (Westburg #2)

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    Romance and Fantasy for Cosmopolitan GirlsDmitri Hernandez torna dopo anni in Texas per lavorare come vinaiolo nella tenuta di Jenny Thorne, il Lazy E Ranch Purtroppo la zona gli riporta alla mente gli incubi del passato con i quali ha comunque imparato a convivere Nella tenuta, una specie di agriturismo, conosce il cowboy Clementine Walker che tutti chiamano Maveric

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    This book involves characters first introduced in Captive Lover As such, this review may contain spoilers for that book I recommend reading it first, but it is not required in order to enjoy A Very Good Year When Dmitri Hernandez was eleven years old, he was kidnapped by Marcus Tucker,a vicious pedophile and brutalized for the next seven plus years He had given up hope,

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    Avis mitig sur ce second tome de Westurg, que j attendais avec impatience J ai aim retrouver Dmitri, quelques ann es apr s la mort de son tortionnaire, l or e de sa vie d homme J ai aim sa rencontre avec le beau cow boy Maverick, qui va l aider reprendre pied, et re apprivisoiser son corps et sa sensualit Et le m lange du ranch et des vignes Et galement l arriv e du bel it

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    After having enjoyed the harrowing experience of Captive Lover s suspense wow, the warning Patricia gave was so needed I was glad to see a happier if still emotional time with Dmitri and his family It was even better to see his life talking flight with his post college graduation life When it became obvious to me that the action of this story was taking place at Lazy E Vineya

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    Even though I did not read Captive Lover first, I was able to follow the story A wonderful story I m so glad that Dmitri finally believed he was able to love and worthy of being loved in return And the ending perfect.

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    Captivating and was thrilled that the story was nearly a HEA throughout, from beginning to end Wonderful read and very recommended.

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    Very entertaining readI loved this book, the pace was a little slow but the build was fantastically Dmitri is trying to get his life back by taking the job as vintner at the Lazy E ranch Maverick is the Forman at the Lazy E when he meets Dmitri his first thoughts rant nice but after getting to know him better Maverick is in love The two begin a relationship that seems to be going well

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    Se devo essere sincera non mi piaciuto molto, l inizio era partito pi che ben, Mav mi piace un sacco, ma poi arriva Carlo, gi da come descritto non mi ha esaltato, per non parlare del carattere La storia nel finale diventa mega confusa secondo me, le reazioni di Dmitri sono assurde, scappa poi torna, poi la cosa a tre, volevo lanciare il kindle dalla finestra Dmitri rimpiange di aver fat

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    IntenseAbsolutely love this series Very interesting, absolutely romantic and totally sensual I absolutely recommend to anyone who loves a man on man love story

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    confessarvi che non ho ancora letto il primo romanzo della serie, perci la mia recensione si basa unicamente su ci che conosco di Dmitri e della sua storia da questo libro Sebbene sappia che il protagonista ha un passato di abusi fisici e mentali iniziati da quando aveva undici anni , il fatto di non aver vissuto tutta la storia a partire dall inizio stato un bonus per me mi sarei forse voluta

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