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Witch Born Brusenna Thought It Was Finished She Defeated The Dark Witch, Saving The Witches From Imprisonment And Death She Found Love And A Place To Belong But She Was Wrong A New Threat Merges With The Old As The Witches Dark History Begins To Catch Up With Them Only Brusenna Knows The Extent Of The Danger And How To Stop It, Though Doing So Might Cost Her Everything Including Her Life

About the Author: Amber Argyle

Bestselling author Amber Argyle writes young adult fantasies where the main characters save the world with varying degrees of success and fall in love with the enemy Her award winning books have been translated into numerous languages and praised by such authors as NYT bestsellers David Farland and Jennifer A Nielsen.Amber grew up on a cattle ranch and spent her formative years in the rodeo

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    Writing Witch Born took than I thought I had to give It s the end of Brusenna s journey which started with Witch Song , and I m not sure how to say goodbye I ve been wandering the house, glassy eyed and lost for days now It consumed so much of my life, and now it s over But that s the beauty of being an author insert evil laugh It s not over unless I want it to b

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    How gorgeous is THIS

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    Amber Argyle has, without a doubt, become a firm favourite of mine Her writing is amazing and her attention to detail is phenomenal She has never failed to grab me right from the start and take me on a magical, often times tragical, journey Every one of her books has been action packed and intense They have caused me to cry, to gasp, to shout out and to have a book hangover This

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    O.M.G If Witch Song was amazing, Witch Born was downright mind blowing Usually, I m not one to dwell on the ending of a series if the characters get their closure and or their HEA, I m OK with it and I move on this time though, I really, really feel like stalking Amber Argyle and begging her to write books in this world I didn t want the story to end sob If you loved Witch Song, but you

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    I read Ms Argyle s Witch Song novel than a year ago and I really liked it Her world of witches and Guardians was very exciting and I loved the thought of witches having power through their songs There were some pacing issues that I didn t care for and a whole secondary plot that would have been suited in a sequel since in my opinion it made the first book overly long However, I still really li

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    Starting this, I was wary this was going to be unsatisfying.Well, this was unsatisfying I wasn t satisfied.The main character didn t satisfy me.The love interest wasn t satisfying.The world building wasn t satisfying.The character development wasn t satisfying.Did I mention I was unsatisfied Because I m unsatisfied.I was also unsatisfied about finishing this.To be satisfied, I will be continuing this tr

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    Witch Born is book two in the Witch Song series, and the last one centered around Brusenna Senna has defeated the Dark Witch and saved Haven, but something else is beginning and she s becoming powerful as time goes on It was a real treat to be able to finally get back into the world of Witches and elements, and in a different format There may be spoilers for book one below this I was a bit worried that I would

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    This and my other reviews can be found at Dark Witch has been defeated and Senna is engaged to the man she loves, everything should be perfect, but it is not Haven is not the paradise she thought it would be, Tarten is still suffering from the witches curse and there is a new threat that could destroy everything Senna holds dear Witch Born is a brilliant sequel which has lots of twists and turns and is much unpredicta

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    I m a tiny bit conflicted by this book It did pick up rather quickly from the ending of the first book, and very quickly pulled me in, and built up the action nice and fast, which made this rather difficult to put down The build up to the climax was even better, but to my mind, the wheels fell off during the climax, and the resolution didn t help matters I think I am invested enough in the world that the author has woven that

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    Second books in a series are always tricky The first can be a home run, and the second has such high standards to meet that, on its own its good, but as part of the series its a stinker Or, the first can be just average, nothing great, and the subsequent books get better and better The trick is then luring readers into being interested.Witch Born was kind of a mix of the two Witch Song book 1 was excellent, and Witch Born was equally

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