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Remember Me is a solid book if you like Sophie Kinsella, and it s got some humor, but I think it s a pretty big step down from her other books The story was just too slow moving and predictable for me I kept waiting and waiting for something interesting and funny to happen, but I m disappointed to say nothing ever did In typical chick lit fashion, the conflicts do get resolved with some twists and turns, which are pretty fun and empowering, but I m not digging the whole romance between Lexi and Jon They don t have any chemistry at all, and it felt contrived While I giggled in a few spots, I had nowhere near the normal amount of laughs I get from Kinsella s hapless characters Like I said, it was a fun book but not as enjoyable as her previous books. Typically, I don t give 2 star ratings cause I ve never felt like a book was just ok It s usually, I love a book, enjoy it, find it pleasant, or hate it Finding a book that is just ok for me is rare But sadly, I must give it to this bookRemember Mewas an interesting book with great potential but terrible, terrible implementation It was boring and predictable and just dull to read When thinking about continuing to read the book, I d feel like I was being forced to do chores and that s never something you want to feel when reading Like, um no, stop this nonsense It s about this girl who s having the worst luck in the world then wakes up the next day to find herself in the hospital with a sparky wedding ring and 3 years worth of missing memories The whole point of the story is for her to retrieve her memory but like yawn I could barely make it through this one One of my problems with it, is that I found it to be too juvenile Now, I m one to appreciate silly humour, sly quips, and lots of sass but the characters in this book are like middle aged adults trying to act young by using words like hip and rad Also, the whole plot is kinda just missing, like yes I understand you lost your memory and now you have no idea who you are and now you must find yourself and look beyond your exterior and blossom into the beautiful, empowered young woman you really are, but seriously, can we please get a proper plot And now, I must apologize to my dearest friends who are probably unfriending and blocking and deleting me right now because they loved this book and I m being a judgmental poo, but I M NOT SORRYAnd just so you know, Lexi I love you Really I beam delightedly before I can stop myself I mean fab Thanks very much2 stars book 2 in the Sophie Kinsella binge read Sophie Kinsella s books follow a formula that s as simple and delicious as my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe Start with a twenty something heroine who s slogging away at her career in London She s far from perfect Neither an Oxbridge graduate, cover girl, or WAG of a world class footballer, our girl s best quality is that she s a true blue friend She s a pretty hard worker, decent and well meaning She hasn t a mean bone in her body Her flaws tend to run in the direction of materialism This may manifest itself in a shopping addiction, or a tad too much lusting after designer goods, or a bit too much interest in the glitzy trappings of material success The recipe in The Undomestic Goddess is slightly different like an inverse chocolate chip cookie recipe, I suppose Chocolate dough with white chocolate chips The heroine was a brilliant, high powered City attorney or investment banker can t remember which , who lived for her work but was clueless outside the office.To these raw ingredients is added a crisis a nasty workplace conspiracyThe Undomestic Goddess, a terrifying plane ride that loosens her lips Can You Keep a Secret, or an automobile crash Remember MeIf I recall, the Shopaholic books crises pretty much revolve around the pitfalls of overspending The crisis performs a function as essential as the baking soda in the cookie recipe it forces our heroine to rise to the occasion She draws on qualities that she never knew she possessed, using them to make lemonade from lemons The sugar is of course provided by Mr Perfect, who crops up somewhere in her newly jumbled circumstances Our lucky London heroine grows in important ways, and finds true love in the process Lexi Smart, the central character in Remember Me , learns an especially important lesson the perfect life with a perfect body, career, and husband just isn t all it s cracked up to be.I know that cookies aren t good for me I should be eating fruits and veggies, right But once in a while I really need to indulge myself in something that s unrealistically sweet, simple and predictable What fun to imagine that career success can come so easily from selling vintage carpet designs and in London, no less Conclusion Remember Meis an especially quick and fun read that s driven by an admirable philosophy that I m determined to adopt I give it four yummy stars. This book represents every reason why I do not just pick up adult novels and read them without getting a trusted opinion But, I d heard of this author from her previous work even though I ve never read them , it s been well received, and the description sounded interesting, so I thought I d try it The fact that every other page contained the f word not an exaggeration was enough to turn me off to the book Add in the fact that the characters discussion of sex made it sound like a boys high school locker room, and I d had enough Do women really talk like that I expected to turn to the back cover and see a picture of a construction worker instead of Ms Kinsella I didn t feel connected to a majority of the characters, and I finished it only because I have a hard time leaving a book without some type of resolution, but most pages I had to simply skim through It s rare that I say a book is not worth reading, but this would have to be one of them I think I ll stick with my previous inclinations to get an opinion from a trusted friend first, which is the main reason I love Goodreads When Twenty Eight Year Old Lexi Smart Wakes Up In A London Hospital, She S In For A Big Surprise Her Teeth Are Perfect Her Body Is Toned Her Handbag Is Vuitton Having Survived A Car Accident In A Mercedes No Less Lexi Has Lost A Big Chunk Of Her Memory, Three Years To Be Exact, And She S About To Find Out Just How Much Things Have ChangedSomehow Lexi Went From A Twenty Five Year Old Working Girl To A Corporate Big Shot With A Sleek New Loft, A Personal Assistant, A Carb Free Diet, And A Set Of Glamorous New Friends And Who Is This Gorgeous Husband Who Also Happens To Be A Multimillionaire With Her Mind Still Stuck Three Years In Reverse, Lexi Greets This Brave New World Determined To Be The Person She Well, Seems To Be That Is, Until An Adorably Disheveled Architect Drops The Biggest Bombshell Of AllSuddenly Lexi Is Scrambling To Catch Her Balance Her New Life, It Turns Out, Comes Complete With Secrets, Schemes, And Intrigue How On Earth Did All This Happen Will She Ever Remember And What Will Happen When She Does With The Same Wicked Humor And Delicious Charm That Have Won Her Millions Of Devoted Fans, Sophie Kinsella, Author Of The New York Times Bestseller Shopaholic Baby, Returns With An Irresistible New Novel And A Fresh New Heroine Who Finds Herself In A Life Changing And Utterly Hilarious Predicament My First Sophie Kinsella BookLexie Smart Was she or was she not Ghandi in a previous life The fun and farcical story of Lexie Smart has the heroine in this tale, Remember Me , wondering how she got to a completely different station in life between the years 2004 and 2007 She believes she s stumbled into a dream life, but soon steps into a hornet s nest of complications, including finding out she s married to a guy she just met, Eric, who is so rigid you have to sit up straighter just reading about him She also discovers her best mates, a colorful threesome, have grown to hate her and call her the bitch boss from hell Having no basis for comparison with the author s earlier works, this was just plain an enjoyable little story about a young woman trying to piece together her life after a car accident causes her to suffer from amnesia She can t remember the last three years of her life and the drastic changes she underwent to go from a snaggletooth bumbler to a high styled corporate bigwig married to a millionaire It s well written, very funny and has a clever plot that kept me turning pages at a record pace I can see why Kinsella has so many fans and look forward to reading her Shopaholic series. Lexi Smart has the most ironic name in literature I think there must be houseplants smarter than she is Pages and pages and chapters and chapters of her trying to digest the fact that she doesn t remember the last three years And it s like each new thing she learns is this totally amazing, unexpected event I ll send your sister in, then, shall I and she spends two pages wondering who the sullen teen is who enters the room What, you can t add three to 12 and come up with teen She seriously expected the 12 year old of her memory And that s not even the worst example as the sister proceeds to spitefully dupe her over and over and over again.It just got too painful spending any time in a first person story from a credulous idiot This is supposed to be the powerful, dynamic director of her company The rich, successful power executive with designer everything Yeah, right I might have been able to continue if there had been anybody sympathetic but she was surrounded by flat jokes rather than other characters Her mother is a self involved idiot and her sister is a self involved jerk neither one showed as much empathy as a weasel in heat Added to the credulousness of the viewpoint character and it all felt like someone performing slapstick in front of a traffic accident. Cute, fun, and hilarious as always Actual Rating 4.5 starsI really enjoyed this one My favorite Kinsella book to date I m still not a fan of the relationship storyline that I get from this book and the other two adult SK books I ve read I don t know if it s the chick lit genre or just Kinsella, but I m hoping some of her other books have something different to offer But aside from that, the story was so funny and crazy but it just worked I was laughing out loud and cringing all the way Is it just me or does Sophie know how to write the most cringe worthy embarrassing scenes for her leading ladies Haha It s almost painful to get through at times but so, so, so funny I highly recommend this one Sophie Kinsella Sophie Kinsellaa rainha do chick lit Os seus livros divertem me como ningu m se bem que entre todos os livros nicos da autora, este capaz de ser o mais fraquinho Agora lembrei me do s capaz de guarda um segredo esse sim o mais fraco dela Ainda assim foi uma boa leitura de entretenimento.A sinopse lan a basicamente a premissa do livro, temos a Lexi que numa noite de farra com as amigas, cai ao tentar apanhar um t xi Na manh seguinte, acorda numa cama de hospital, sem saber bem onde foi parar e porque que as suas unhas est o perfeitas, os seus dentes arranjados e tem uma mala de uma marca cara Depressa descobre com muita confus o da sua parte que est no ano de 2007, embora a ltima coisa que se lembre a tal festa com as amigas que aconteceu em2004 O que posso dizer Foi uma leitura divertida que n o h melhor adjectivo para classificar as leituras desta autora A Lexi foi uma ptima protagonista mas como j tinha dito na minha opini o de Tenho o teu n m3ro a Lexi n o diferente da Samantha ou da Becky, ali s para eu n o andar a repetir me passo a citar me Para quem j f como eu, j sabe o que espera N o foi surpresa as mil e uma trapalhadas em que a protagonista Poppy se meteu Eu j previa isso e realmente foi isso que aconteceu As personagens principais que Sophie Kinsella caracterizam s o sempre todas iguais, apenas mudam os nomes S o todas trapalhonas, divertidas e muito muito mas mesmo muito curiosas E isso meio caminho andado para divertir o leitor realmente um ponto positivo nas leituras desta autora e mais uma vez consegui arrancar boas gargalhadas com as aventuras da Poppy O nico defeito com a Poppy que eu j vi esta personagem imensas vezes em 6 livros da s rie Louca por Compras e na Fada do Lar A Poppy n o se distingue das outras protagonistas criadas pela autora, e embora seja uma personagem que divirta n o lhe encontrei caracter sticas inovadoras.Neste caso basta trocarem a Poppy pela Lexi e a minha cita o continua actual E aten o que j li o Tenho o teu n m3ro h dois anos e mesmo assim continuo a achar o mesmo das protagonistas que a Kinsella cria N o que seja mau mas gostava de ver algo totalmente diferente por parte da autora Talvez seja por isso que estou muito curiosa em ler o seu 1 livro young adult, s para ver se a protagonista tamb m trapalhona e caricata.http algodaodoceparaocerebro.blogsp Remember Me?

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Sophie Kinsella has sold over 40 million copies of her books in than 60 countries, and she has been translated into over 40 languages.Sophie Kinsella first hit the UK bestseller lists in September 2000 with her first novel in the Shopaholic series The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic also published as Confessions of a Shopaholic The book s heroine, Becky Bloomwood a fun and feisty fin

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