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Who I Am From The Voice Of A Generation The Most Highly Anticipated Autobiography Of The Year, And The Story Of A Man Who Is A Londoner And A Mod Wanted The Who To Be Called The Hair Loved The Everly Brothers, But Not That Drawling Dope Elvis Wanted To Be A Sculptor, A Journalist, A Dancer And A Graphic Designer Became A Musician, Composer, Librettist, Fiction Writer, Literary Editor, Sailor Smashed His First Guitar Onstage, In , By Accident Heard The Voice Of God On A Vibrating Bed In Rural Illinois Invented The Marshall Stack, Feedback And The Concept Album Once Speared Abbie Hoffman In The Neck With The Head Of His Guitar Inspired Jimi Hendrix S Pyrotechnical Stagecraft Is Partially Deaf In His Left Ear Stole His Windmill Guitar Playing From Keith Richards Followed Keith Moon Off A Hotel Balcony Into A Pool And Nearly Died Did Too Much Cocaine And Nearly Died Drank Too Much And Nearly Died Detached From His Body In An Airplane, On LSD, And Nearly Died Helped Rescue Eric Clapton From Heroin Is Banned For Life From Holiday Inns Was Embroiled In A Tabloid Scandal That Has Dogged Him Ever Since Has Some Explaining To Do Is The Most Literary And Literate Musician Of The Last Years Planned To Write His Memoir When He Was Published This Book At

About the Author: Pete Townshend

Pete Townshend born Peter Dennis Blandford Townshend , is an award winning English rock guitarist, singer, songwriter, composer, and writer.Townshend made his name as the guitarist and principal songwriter for rock band The Who His career with them spans than 40 years, during which time the band grew to be considered one of the greatest and most influential rock bands of all time, in additi

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    I really wanted to love this book I love the Who, and I m a huge fan of Townshend s solo work up until sometime in the early 90s Empty Glass and Chinese Eyes are just stellar albumsand Quadrophenia was for years my most often played album I read Keith Richards autobio, and love

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    I just don t know what to make of this Is my tepid feeling for the book about the book or about or Townshend The band, as the first pages says, is Roger s thing, but everything that follows says that it s Pete s thing Pete is not just writing music he s making personnel decisions he s n

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    As a long time Who fan I ve been looking forward to Pete Townsend s frank appraisal of life with the Who and beyond I first saw them live in Auckland, New Zealand in the late sixties, and for many years kept a small piece of Keith Moon s drum kit which I souvenired after he demolished it at the

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    Read in the interest of fairness after Roger s book It s double the length of Roger s efforts, and is thorough and fair, as I d expect Pete to be He comes across these days as humble and aware of others than he ever was in his younger years, and clearly has deep respect for Roger He writes kindly about

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    As a long time admirer of Pete Townshend s songwriting and musicianship, both as part of The Who and as a solo artist, I was a bit nervous about reading this book It can be very disillusioning to discover that people we look up to as inspirations are, in fact, real people, and may not correspond at all with the l

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    I must admit, I m really waffling on whether Pete gets two or three stars I confess that I m a sucker for a rock book I tend to leap into them without coming up for air until the last page is turned This book was no different, but I can t say that it was the scintillating prose that kept me enthralled Maybe my expectation

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    Without a doubt The Who was a major band in their time and place Also Pete Townshend surrounded himself with great eccentric figures Keith Moon, Kit Lambert, Nic Cohn, Chris Stamp, John Entwistle,and the first Who manager and visionary Pete Meaden How I would love to hear stories about these guys from Townsend, but what we get ins

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    Much of what I read was much the same as the tales of my other pop heroes I did learn about his great love for and understanding of the technical chores and challanges of recording Also to be discoveredis Pete s need to use big words that chased me to seek the assistance of Webster sometimes three times on one page Yes, I do feel mixed I a

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    Every year is the sameAnd I feel it againI m a loser, no chance to winLeaves start fallingComedown is callingLoneliness starts sinking inBut I m one I m One Goodbye all you punksStay young and stay highHand me my chequebookAnd I ll crawl out to die They Are All In LoveThe Beatles Were Over With Herman s HermitsPete Townshend has long

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    The Who was my favorite band when I was a teenager When I began to make the transition from records and tapes to CDs, the first longbox I bought was Quadrophenia I started reading Who I Am in the middle, because I think Pete was most compelling when he was in his late 30s From 1980 to 1982, he released two solo albums and the Who released two albums None ar

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