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A Wizard of Earthsea Ged, The Greatest Sorcerer In All Earthsea, Was Called Sparrowhawk In His Reckless Youth Hungry For Power And Knowledge, Sparrowhawk Tampered With Long Held Secrets And Loosed A Terrible Shadow Upon The World This Is The Tale Of His Testing, How He Mastered The Mighty Words Of Power, Tamed An Ancient Dragon, And Crossed Death S Threshold To Restore The Balance

About the Author: Ursula K. Le Guin

Ursula K Le Guin published twenty two novels, eleven volumes of short stories, four collections of essays, twelve books for children, six volumes of poetry and four of translation, and has received many awards Hugo, Nebula, National Book Award, PEN Malamud, etc Her recent publications include the novel Lavinia, an essay collection, Cheek by Jowl, and The Wild Girls She lived in Portland, Orego

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    The hunger of a dragon is slow to wake, but hard to sate The Folio Society edition is superbly illustrated by David Lupton.The boy is born on the island of Gont in the archipelago of Earthsea This is a world infused with magic Not

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    If there were ever a time I d curse my constant reading of Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance or YA lit, it would be now.Because clearly, CLEARLY this is a fantastic book that deserved to be finished Ursula K Le Guin is a phenomenal writer

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    It is very hard for evil to take hold of the unconsenting soul This seemingly simple statement actually says a lot about the human nature just as all the Ursula Le Guin s books that I ve read so far seem to do

    A Wizard of Earthse

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    A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K Le Guin is a beautiful fantasy First published in 1968, it has clearly influenced many fantasy novels since Orson Scott Card, with his 1980s era Alvin Maker series, stated that he wanted to make an American fantasy, and e

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    This what A Wizard of Earthsea taught me To know a thing s true name is to know its nature Don t fuck with dragons unless you know their true names Summoning the spirits of the dead is a bad idea, especially on a schoolboy dare Truly changing your form is danger

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    This is old school fantasy at its finest It has all the classic elements It has a young and na ve protagonist who learns the dangers of power he overcomes his initial stupidity and learns how to wield his power effectively It also has wizards, dragons and creatures of g

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    How come Harry Potter is the publishing sensation of the century, and this is only a moderately popular cult novel Life seems unfair sometimes, but I suppose that in a few hundred years it will all have sorted itself out The ending is one of the best I know in any book.

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    As a reader of Fantasy, this book felt like a return home, even though I had never read it before The tale of this young wizard and his hardships and coming to terms with his own darkness is one that has been redone again and again, from Rowling to Jordan to Goodkind, and so far, despi

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    Here s an odd bit of trivia I had just read Beagle s Last Unicorn this month, so it is still very fresh in my mind I agreed with everyone that it was a real classic with so much to love within its pages.And yet, right after reading A Wizard of Earthsea, I m gonna have to say I think A Wizard o

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    A man would know the end he goes to, but he cannot know it if he does not turn, and return to the beginning, and hold that beginning in his being If he would not be a stick whirled and whelmed in the stream, he must be the stream itself, all of it, from its spring to its sinking in the sea Th

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