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An Excellent Wife? Re An Excellent Wife Charlotte Lamb kicks off a very short HP mini series called Man Talk There are actually eight books in this series, four set in HPlandia of 1998 and four that are published in the Silhouette Desire line the Silhouette HP equivalent six years later in 2004.The tag line for then entire series is There are two sides to every story now it is his turn is true to it s statement All of the HP books are written entirely from the Hero s POV there is no or very limited third person heroine POV This series makes for a really interesting read, as vintage HP authors, who are accustomed to only writing from the heroine s perspective, turn that around and write entirely about the H s side of things.Another interesting aspect of this book is that Charlotte Lamb the HP doyenne of all things Uber Alpha Manly Domineering Male revisits the tropes of one of her little known, but most beloved books ever, her published under a pseudonym tale called Sweet Compulsion and written as Victoria Woolf CL doesn t revisit Compulsion s plot entirely, but she does throw in a big house with a lovely garden, several extended family member secondary characters and an Alpha Male who gets steamrolled by the wallop of the HP Lurve Force Mojo when he meets his completely different from any other woman in all the best ways heroine and falls head over heels into love Even better, Compulsion s story is written with the heroine s pov at the forefront of the storytelling In An Excellent Wife, the striking of the coup de foudre at the hero s heart and his coming to terms with it is the foundation of the story.James is our H in this one and poor James has had a really tough life His mum ran off with another man and left him behind when he was ten, his father was a Icy Cold Routine Driven Martinet and his only comfort was the couple who served as senior staff in his father s luxurious historically listed home.James father had exacting specifications as to the behavior and mannerisms of his heir apparent and future head of the families international finance consortium, but no time to soothe the fears or encourage the affections of a very confused young boy.CL s descriptions of James formative years are heartbreaking with their sterile coldness and his father s fierce demands for James s subjugation to emotionless routine James had the normal amount of childhood fears growing up, the sounds from the London Zoo scared him because the animals might escape and eat him, he wasn t allowed to play or have hidden garden hideaways because the grounds might get messed up and at NO time whatsoever was he to be anything other than the dutiful son, seen but not heard and rigorous in following whatever dictates his cold hearted, emotionally abusive father demanded.But James father did not win entirely James remembers bits of nice mothering and importantly, his father s housekeeper did her best to be loving and kind, along with her husband The elderly couple are much James parents than his own biological ones were and James often thinks of that as he goes about his daily life.James has a sort of girlfriend too, tho he is by no means a lady buffet sampler and never sleeps with either his girlfriend or the h during the course of the book Fiona, the girlfriend, is straight off of the duly approved female who displays appropriate traits list that the H s now fortunately deceased father tried to instill since James was old enough to recognize that girls are a different gender Fiona is the epitome of class, breeding, sophistication and all things elegantly blonde and beautiful The fact that Fiona is about as warm as an iceberg in the North Atlantic doesn t really seem to impact James and his sterile routine too much, until he meets Patience, who has three little siblings and runs a rooming house for elderly people.James is quite irritated with Fiona for eating cheese and getting a migraine and cancelling dinner, as well as his secretarial staff for abandoning the phones for a goodbye party at the office, when Patience comes storming in to his office, grabs his feet and demands that James come to her house to see his mother.James has no happy feelings about his mother, who has been missing for twenty five years after she left with another man and took off, so he has his security team throw Patience out Much to the disapproval of his staff James doesn t care tho, his mother eloped, divorced his father and never bothered to contact James again, so she is pretty much dead to him.However, Patience, who is a red haired pixie of a fireball lady, manages to corner him in his car after work After James Daimler nearly runs her over when her sleeve gets caught in the electric window, James ends up driving Patience home and meeting her large extended family of two little brothers, one little sister, numerous dogs and pets and four or five elderly people who board with Patience, as well as his ill, but anxious to reconnect mother.James heart begins to soften as he interacts with all the people, completely melting when six year old Emily takes James around the garden and encourages him to hide out in their seekrit dens James also feels an uncharacteristic flash of jealousy when a young man shows up, clearly having designs upon Patience and James wants to go all cavemen alpha H on him.The meeting with James estranged mother doesn t get off to a rollicking start James is very hurt by being abandoned and his mother doesn t really have a good excuse for her actions, except that his father was a very cold and impersonal man and that the two of them were a very bad match.Still, Patience asks James to come for his mother and Patience s joint birthday party James decides to attend and he brings presents for his mother and Patience Guerlain s Champs Elys es perfume, a lovely Herm s scarf for Patience and his mother and an impulse buy of three birds for Emily and her brothers.Patience s scarf is in pink and she is delighted, because no one every buys her pink as her hair is red Things go along great at the party, with a veritable orgy of food porn and children s games, until Patience has another go at James for not being warmer to his ill and hopeful mother.James is willing to concede an allowance and financial support, but his mother did leave him to be abused with a man she couldn t live with herself and he is still feeling put out about that On the other hand, Patience and her brood fascinate him and he can t help but fantasize how the pink of Patience s new scarf matches the pink of her lips.Even a date with Fiona doesn t really move him She thinks she can get away with an in depth interrogation of his movements when she isn t around and since they don t sleep together, James feels she is imposing too much James is irritable around everybody, cause infrequent dates with Fiona are becoming annoying and his thoughts are lingering way too long on Patience James is also beginning to realize that these new emotions boiling in his heart are very much the emotions of caring and love So when Patience shows up at his house to tell him his mother is in hospital with a heart attack, James can t help but kiss her.Fiona walks in on the end of the kiss and she takes herself off in a huff when James has the gestault that it is Patience that he really wants to be with But he worries that Patience already has a boyfriend and he worries that she will think her 23 to his 35 is too old for her Plus there is the differences in their lifestyles, but James is gradually gaining confidence that with love, they can work things out.James unbends enough towards his mother to ask her if she wants to live with him, she refuses and James has to take a little time to think things thru It doesn t help when Fiona pops back up again and tries to seduce James with a coldly calculated, passionate kiss that completely creeps James out.Patience shows up at the end of the James Fiona kiss and James is frustrated that she rushes off before he can throw Fiona off We learn that Fiona s father is in trouble for fraud and about to lose everything This will jeopardize Fiona s cushy lifestyle, so she is going down her list of eligible males to seduce one into marrying her Fiona winds up with one of James business acquaintances, a fifty year old multiple divorcee who likes the pay to play lady buffet and it seems Fiona is his perfect type She went to the guy s house and got the acquaintance to propose after James kicked her out That leaves James having to go make his declaration to Patience at her house When he gets there, the wanna be young OM is trying it on with Patience and trying to kiss her James gets mad and punches the young OM in the jaw and Patience tells the guy off too Then James does a really nice plea for Patience to be his girl and marry him and finally we learn that Patience has fallen in love with him right back James is selling his horrible house to move in with Patience and the family and his devoted staff is either going to move to a retirement cottage in Bournemouth or James and Patience will add on to Patience s house and his devoted adopted family can move in too.James is going to build his own treehouse hideout in the backyard, where he and Emily and assorted pets can hang out and everyone is happy to welcome James to the whole family for a very cute and fluffy pink sparkly HPlandia HEA.This story is adorable and funny and OTT in it s pink sparkly fluffiness CL doesn t get into the lighter side of her craft very often, but when she does, it is always a story to remember James evolution from his sterile and routine existence is extremely well done Patience s and her family s obvious caring and love allow James hidden marshmallow tendencies to be fully developed and expressed and CL does it in a believable evolution that is one of HPlandia s best Because of CL s sheer talent in demonstrating the excellent transformation of an HP H to a loving husband and father, this book is on the required reading HP reading list CL does a fantastic job of bringing an emotionless robot man to full and sparkling life The fact that she does so without any hint of the heroine s pov makes this one a keeper and an HP outing not to be missed. A rare hero s POV, and what a hero James, our stuffy stuffed shirt was abandoned by his mother and raised by the cold father that drove her away He s slowly slipping into his father s life rude to his employees, an eye to what s proper, and a non sexual dating relationship with a icy blonde cold stick named Fiona.A spunky redhead named Patience literally jumps into his life as intermediary for the mother who was dead to him Not only is Patience raising her pretty adorable plot moppet siblings, but she has taken on what amounts to a surrogate family in elderly renters She s pretty cute, and ole grumpy, shut down James falls hard and fast It s hard to point to what makes this book so charming as the contact between James and Patience is limited No steamy sex scenes, no ridiculous adventures What works and makes it so poignant James opening eyes and inner monologuing fears about turning into his father his conflicting emotions about seeing his mother after a couple of decades, and his longing to be near and with Patience He dodges the poor pitiful Heathcliff big fat jerk role as he is really damaged His mother left him to the cold man that drove him away Charlotte Lamb, as always, provides details about him as a child that humanize the cold jerk he is now He can hear sounds of the London zoo from his home and recalls how frightened he was as a child He thought the animals would hunt him down and eat him James falls for Patience and her crazy life but fights it all the way He bonds with Patience s siblings when they show them their secret den in the garden Emmy, Patience s younger sister, takes him under her six year old wing and she s pretty adorable.All in all a winner, but what stops it from being a four star is the abrupt ending and losing sight of some of the secondary characters that made this so much fun I also had a very difficult time with the concept of the mother that could abandon a child like this He is the product of his parents, and his mother did double damage by leaving him in the first place and leaving him with a emotionally abusive man.P.S On than one occasion I had to check to make sure I was actually reading a Charlotte Lamb. Awww this is just the fluffiest story, told entirely from our emotionally buttoned down hero s POV There are other great reviews so I won t go into the plot details The writing is exquisite The dialogue snappy The hero s unspoken longings and fears are so well done He could have come across as a whiny man baby, but CL rounds him out nicely His poor secretaries, though I hope they all get raises I loved the heroine s determination and how she wore her heart on her sleeve I wish there had been between the hero and his mother and less time spent on the OW She wasn t remotely interesting Lots of food porn for those keeping track A partial list from memory Melonavocadosalmonrocket salad served at least three times sometimes with cucumberspotted dick spaghettiplumscustardSunday roast with Yorkshire pudding and 3 vegpears with balsamic vinaigrette and walnuts scotch eggshot buttered crumpets and muffinsmarzipanbirthday cake cheese and spinach souffleChocolate mouse They drank a lot as well Mineral waterrough red winecold white winescotch gin and tonics brandytea coffeeWhew Who knew CL could give me so many ideas for dinner Funny and cute story Hero was clueless when it comes to love He was also inexperienced and so endearing He was so in love with the heroine poor guy Entertaining book. When it comes to originality, CL doesn t disappoint and this book is testament to her skills Told from the H s perspective, this MB is the romance equivalent of the Christmas Carol H is Scrooge, a rich and powerful man with very little grasp of feelings and emotions His ghosts include his mother aka Ghost of the Christmas Past a woman he tries to forget and confine to his mental box of bygones Then there s Fiona ghost of the Christmas Present , a cool, arctic blonde who values ambition and wealth much like himself without the complications of emotional bonding And finally you have the h Patience the Ghost of the future or his future rather aptly named I thought a woman who teaches him how to love and change the way he sees the world or reacts to it This was very well done with appropriate amounts of humour, romance, and drama The H is constantly bewildered by the women around him and for a change it was fun to read about his tumultuous emotions whenever he comes across the h Definitely worth the four stars for originality if for nothing else. Reading the story from H s POV was different and this H was special it made it all the lovely. Wanted A Wife Of ConvenienceJames Had Never Been In Love He Intended To Marry A Woman Who Didn T Make Demands, Or Wouldn T Change His Life So Why Did He Find Patience Kirby So Attractive She Certainly Wasn T His Idea Of Marriage Material For One Thing, She Was A Sparky Redhead, While He D Always Preferred Cool Blondes For Another, He Was Used To A Peaceful, Elegant Lifestyle, And Patience S Home Was Full Of Kids, Old People And Animals Noise, Warmth And CaringBut In Order To Have Her In His Bed, Did James Have To Make Patience His Wife More like 3 to 3.5 stars, but rather unique in that it is told entirely from the hero s point of view One day, a successful financier is rudely interrupted when a young woman comes barging into his office to explain that his long lost mother is back in town and desperately wants to see him The young woman runs a boarding home for the elderly and has decided to help one of her boarders by contacting the woman s son Hero is not too happy to have this red headed bundle throw herself at him, and he physically calls his security force to have her removed Seems he resents that is mother has come back after abandoning him to his ruthless father when he was only ten years old Of course, it s instant attraction with the firecracker heroine even though she is nothing close in the way of his tastes Seems Mr Success is quite taken with those long legged, cool blondes The story was unique and kept my interest because it was told entirely from the hero s viewpoint It also was a much lighter touch than is typical Lamb with some laugh out loud moments and some secondary endearing characters However, I felt the author missed some opportunities to make this story stronger by not providing interaction and connection with the secondary players and only superficially touching upon the abandonment Though, in spite of these issues, I did find myself entertained.If you like Charlotte Lamb, you might want to give this a try Even if only to experience something very different from her usual approach. I had to check midway through this book to be sure it was indeed Charlotte Lamb who wrote it she surprises me every now and then with outlier stories but this was still a first What a happy, charming, silly book This story was told entirely from the Hero s perspective He s supposed to be a cold, austere, emotionless businessman, but we get full on descriptions of his heart crashing and his mind spinning and the world exploding in dazzling light every time the sweet, clumsy young heroine bumbles into his vicinity It s adorable Hilarious too, to see him thinking frantically of how to win her over, desperate to be with her, and spewing out mean nasty word vomit instead From now on, I m going to choose to think that all Alpha Heroes are like this inside when they re being cruel to their heroines.Quick, fun, and will leave you with the warm fuzzies for sure. I like the fact that it was entirely from male POV..but the book itself lacked something..for my liking there was not enough tension and to little emotions to invest myself with the characters to care for them.However, I liked the heroes transformation from a very cold, selfish man to a considerate and open minded about his life and what he really want for a womancertainly, the OW he though to be a walking dreambecome his nightmare and his transformation allowed him to see the real woman and he did not like it The heroine was very sweet and innocent, but their chemistry was lacking the sparks That is not to sat the book was bad..its enough to satisfy romance reader

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