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Der andere Prozess - Kafkas Briefe an Felice Felice Bauer Was Kafka S First Great Love And The Inspiration For His First Great Fiction Six Weeks After They Met, He Wrote The Judgment For Her In One Night Of Feverish Activity Kafka Always Inferred To The Traumatic, Public Breaking Off Of Their Engagement As His Tribunal, And Indeed He Began Work On The Trial Within A Month Of That EventKafka S Letters To Felice Offer Rare Insights Into The Writer S Life And Art Elias Canetti S Brilliant And Sensitive Examination Of This Moving Correspondence To Shows Is The Origins Of Kafka S Voice As A Writer And His Torment As A Man . For my part, I can only say that these letters have penetrated me like an actual life, and that they are now so enigmatic and familiar to me that it seems they have been mental possessions of mine from the moment when I first began to accommodate human beings entirely in my mind, in order to arrive, time and again, at a fresh understanding of them These words of Canetti s had the same effect on me as Kafka s letters had on him There is something incredibly valuable in seeing authors in their roles as readers as well, as die hard fans of other people s thoughts, words, dramas The occasionally difficult relationship between author, reader, work and criticism is turned into a beautiful love affair, a mutual, fruitful and necessary interdependence.In that respect, it is always fascinating to see what world class authors make of other authors, and Canetti trying to understand Kafka is one of the most interesting cases I can think of To be the third party the reader of Canetti, wandering around in the mind of Kafka is a pure delight It does not really matter if Canetti got the facts of Kafka s aborted love story right or not, the slim book is very much reminiscent both of Kafka s and of Canetti s fiction, an interesting case of merging different minds to form something new and enigmatic, and yet familiar, in the words of Canetti The disconnection between literary and physical self is demonstrated just as vividly as in Auto da F , only shorter, andpainful, since it is based on a colleague s true experience The ineradicable peculiarity of Kafka s cast of mind is shown by his inability to learn from mistakes Failure multiplied by failure does not, in his case, equal success The difficulties always remain the same ones, as if to demonstrate that they are by nature insuperable This description applies to almost all characters in Canetti s own opus magnum, and it leaves me with a smile, thinking that Canetti himself might well have had that very ineradicable peculiarity , and that Kafka s failed love story took new shape when Canetti accommodated it in its entirety in his mind What remains now is to follow in the tracks of Canetti, and read the letters themselves, and make sure to create a calm and quiet guest room for Kafka in my mind.Great read . .

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