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Sexing the Cherry Sometimes I think I would like to write a letter of thanks to Jeanette Winterson The letter would go something like this, Thank you, Ms Winterson, for being so magical Thank you for holding on to the play of childhood and mingling it with a breadth of creative intelligence I never knew existed Thank you for reading as much as you do and for deploying history in new and invigorating ways Thank you for playing with your narratives, changing your characters into hyperboles of their human selves, and ducking back into reality with the seamlessness of silk Thank you for writing Please writeI ll read every word. Once I stood in a museum looking at a painting hanging on the wall It had all the components of a painting the canvas, lines and squiggles rendered in pencil, the artist s signature, and some blotches of color here and there I read the review on the little plaque next to it which described what it was made of, its post modern symbolism, it s meaning I didn t see that at all.Another time I put on a CD to listen to It had all the components of music instruments, notes, pauses, a musician behind the scenes who determined how the people playing the instruments were to perform I read the review on the back of the CD case which described the musicians, their instruments, its post modern interpretation and why it was supposed to be musical I didn t hear that at all.Today I finished reading a book It had all the components of a work of fiction characters, words, sentences, descriptions of places and ideas and things I read the blurbs on the back of the book, the reviews here at Goodreads and on , online on blogs and forums, and even what the author herself said about her post modern piece of literature I tried to understand why people liked it, but somehow nobody ever said why, only that they did Nobody could even tell me what it all meant They could only describe the component parts I didn t get it at all.All of these beautiful works of art I just mentioned remind me of a good wine People go on and on about the bouquet, the subtleties, the nuances, and the vast depth of flavor, the slight hints of this and that At the end of the day, what they re describing is rotten grapes I kind of feel that way about this book. Date 15 January 23rd JanuaryTime 19 00 20.15Location The BoxExcerpt from interview with P BryantDetective Munch Thing is, my literary friend, you got no proof.PB Proof Det Munch Anyone can invent an identity and claim to have read like a zillion books and then post up fake reviews Anyone I could pay 15 year olds to do it PB Well, so what That s the internet for you Who cares Det Pembleton Who cares Did you hear that John Who cares We care Let me explain a little This Goodreads thing, it used to be nothing much, a few book geeks with no social life, who gave a tinker s damn one way or the other But now, now s different.Det Munch Now you have like 20 million people on this site Now it s big Now you get mentions in Fortune magazine You know Fortune That s like when rich people notice Have you heard of rich people Yeah When they notice, it s important.Det Pembleton So we see that you reviewed this Jeanette Winterson novel here, er, Sexing The Cherry , and awarded it a whole two stars, I mean, come on buddy, where s your proof that you even read this damn thing PB It was years ago There s no proof You just have to take my word.Det Munch As a man of honour PB Well, er, I probably wouldn t quite use those words.Det Munch Well, let s see if we can figure this thing out May I direct your attention to these three mug shots Take your time Tell us which one is Jeanette Winterson He takes photos of Jeanette Winterson, Sara Waters and Ellen Degeneres and spreads them on the table.PB Er this doesn t prove anything.Det Pembleton Not in itself Let s say it s an indicator PB stabs blindly at the photo of Ellen Degenares.Det Pembleton Did you see that, Detective Munch The interviewee has indicated the photo of Ellen Degeneres who is an American television personality and not an English novelist Det Munch I did see that, Frank I take that to be indicative.PB Anyhow, how did I get here You guys, you re Balti murder cops I seen you in that show.Det Munch We re on secondment You re right, this fake reviewing crime isn t murder except in the sense of murdering a writer s reputation with fake reviews and fake ratings and general fake fakery You do realise that your fake reviews get Google hits This is not some nerdy game This is real life PB The last thing I remember I was at home I heard a hissing noise it was a kind of gas coming through my front door keyhole and I woke up here I ve read about this this is called extraordinary rendition Det Pembleton Well, could be extraordinary to you, but not to us Come on, let s quit the amusing back and forth did you really read this novel PB Yes Years ago Det Munch And what did you think of it PB It was weird and phantasmagorical Det Munch Much like her other one The Passion which you also read PB Yes no yes Different But similar Oh, I don t know.Det Pembleton John, let s leave Mr Bryant to think things over for a minute or so They leave The Box and join the Goodreads editorial staff who have been observing the interview through the two way mirror Det Pembleton He ll break They all do, eventually. I loved this book At the level of plot, we read about a gigantic woman who finds a small boy, Jordan, on the banks of the Thames in London in the 17th century She raises this boy and watches him grow to develop a passion for boats, sailing, and exploring, knowing that she will lose him to his passions, and knowing that he will lose his heart to a woman who will not return his love At the core of this novel, though, are metaphysical and philosophical explorations both for us as readers, and also for Jordan as an explorer Winterson sets out two ideas that guide the metaphysical inquiry of the novel in a brief preface that all time might exist simultaneously without the traditional divisions of past, present, and future, and that matter is largely empty space and points of light And so even though Jordan travels the world, he comes to realize that the true journeys are inward, into our own minds and our own hearts Along with these post modern ideas that undercut traditional, rationalist notions of the truth of the world, we also explore the bafflingly complex affairs of the heart Is it possible to find true love in a world where matter and time do not exist as we have previously believed them to Was it ever possible to find true love Does it even matter Is it possible to findafulfilling life exploring oursolitary desires According to one of the most well received portions of this novel according to many of the Goodreads reviews I perused , The Story of the Twelve Dancing Princesses, it seems clear that traditional love existing in marital life is largely a fiction Instead, these women find fulfillment in a lifestylefitting to their hearts and ultimately, living together than the arranged marriages they lived in briefly as young women And their individual stories bear this out All were slightly touched by magic elegant dancers because they were born with the capability to fly, and were finally able to find their own joy, rather than live in a world that sought to restrict the natural, magical freedom of their hearts and their bodies.Yet the characters in this novel still seem to desire love, as I believe we all do Jordan s mother doesn t seem to have given up believing in it, though she is never able to find a suitable male companion Jordan, after meeting his love one night, and without even speaking to her at dinner, searches the world to find her again He does finds her, but like Artemis on her island the myth of she and Orion, slightly re imagined here by Winterson , needs no man She has found peace in her own life, and sends Jordan back upon his way with a necklace and a kiss Damn I feel him, there He spends the rest of his life exploring the world, and when he lands in London, he has been gone for 13 years He reunites with his mother, but it is clear that he still thinks of Fortunata, the object of his heart s longing.In this case, the epic journey narrative is somewhat inverted And Winterson s characters reflect on this over the course of the novel, as well Rather than the heroic, man s man fulfilling his hearts desire to explore the world and find adventure while his beautiful wife and loving children send him off tearfully and wait for his return, Jordan issensitivein touch with his feminine side, if you will He only loves one woman, and she does not want him the way he wants her Further, he considers that for all his traveling, the journeys of the world are not worththan the explorations of the mind, and that thehe journeys he took, theof the world there was, and themystery crept into his mind And in this novel, we see three travelers in this novel who seem slightly unsatisfied, who seem always to be searching As such, this idea recurs Jordan postulates that in travel we are really searching for ourselves, and that finally, this can be accomplished living in a muddy hut, and raising dogs in the bank of the Thames In fact, his gargantuan and endearingly murderous and grotesque mother to whom he returns after his journey , seems to have a much better grasp of who she is than almost anyone I know, and to find peace in it Many in her situation would find only depression, but she raises fighting dogs, and lives life as she pleases She seems to hope for love, and companionship, but also seems to find peace in its absence.This book is fantastically imaginative, and at moments reminds me of Italo Calvino s Invisible Cities in fact, strikingly so in Jordan s description of some of the places that he visits The humor and grittiness of the plot, as well as the insightful explorations of time, space, matter, meaning, love, and life make this short novel as rewarding as it is dense, while still effortless to read.This book leaves mepeaceful in the face of complexity in the world I do not think I ascribe to fairytale notions of love or what sort of life I ought to lead, and this book makes me feel better about that I feel confident that finding ones self is the true task in life, whether that takes us around the world, or occupies our hours in the same place for a lifetime, and that the attendant chaos is to be welcomed And while our passions are worthy indulgences, we should also know that our passions for others are bound to be temporary and somewhat tragic for that is their nature, and we should only accept it as part of our larger journey to discover self, unexpectedly, in a garden somewhere or on a mountain watching the rain. Elimden dusurmeden okudum Ozellikle Ingiliz kulturunu ve tarihini birazcik taniyorsaniz keyifle okuyabileceginiz ilginc ve surukleyici bir kitap. A very rewarding reading experience My favorite quote The Buddhists say there are 149 ways to God I m not looking for God, only for myself, and that is farcomplicated God has had a great deal written about Him nothing has been written about me God is bigger, like my mother, easier to find, even in the dark I could be anywhere, and since I can t describe myself I can t ask for help. Winterson kendi yazm oldu u ns z nde diyor ki yk lerin de kendi kendilerini de i tirmek gibi bir zelli i vard r ve okumak zg rl kt r, bir dizi kural de il Bu vesileyle kat cisimlerden olu mu d nyaya meydan okuyor kalemiyle D nyan n ger ekli ini sorguluyor ve de zaman alg m z , Tanr y ve benlik sava m z , egomuzu Ge mi zaman, gelecek zaman gibi ayr mlar yapmayan, zaman tek olarak alg layan ve bizim asla renemeyece imiz asl nda son derece yal n bir alg d zeyinde ya ay p, bunu sorgulamayan Hopi lere nazaran bizim y zy llard r hep umutla ve zlemle bekledi imiz gelece in asl nda ldeki kentler misali biz yakla t k a par lt s n kaybedi ini, biz uzand k a bo bir uzam n bir par as olduklar n idrak edi imizi anlat yor Zamanla Vi nenin Cinsiyeti nin ne hakk nda oldu unun hi bir nemi yok asl nda nemli olan, farkedilmeden i inden f rlayan hayatlar Farkedilmeden Okuyucu ba lam ndaysa zg r irademizle, hi kimsenin tesiri alt nda kalmadan anlayaca z ki bir ocuk bir kad n n kalbini k racak ve bunu onu sevmesini sa layarak yapacak te yandan onun kalbine ok talip kacak ama kimse kazanamayacak, nk o a k n bir y re i nas l etkiledi ini renemeyecek Kalbini vermek isteyece i tek ki iyse onu reddedecek ve bu a lar kapsayan modern masalda kocalar yla olamasa da mutlulu u yakalam on iki prensesin de hikayesi anlat lacak Zaman, i inde bir ileri bir geri gitti imiz d lerimizdeki gibi i imizde hareket ederken, b t n kar la t klar m z n bir par as old umuzu, b t n kar la t klar m z n da bizim bir par am z oldu unu anlayaca z Zamanla Hangi kayadan yontuldu unu, hangi ukurdan ekilip kar ld n hat rla P nar K r n evirisiyle Zamanla de il bir anda sevilen bir yazar var kar m zda. Kitaba b y k merak ve beklenti ile ba lasam da birka sayfa sonra beklentimin bo a oldu unu anlad m Bir kere bi im ve i erik konusunda, dilin kullan m belki eviriden de kaynakl d r bilemiyorum konusunda bence ciddi s k nt lar var Masalllar , fantastik olaylar hikayeye yedirmek g r nd kadar kolay bir meziyet de il san r m nk yazar bunu ba aramad takdirde karmakar k bir anlat k yor ortaya Ger i burada yazar n yapmak istedi i de biraz bu asl nda yani biraz karma a yaratmak ama bundan keyif alan okuyucular i in zevkli bir okuma sunuyor Bense san r m bu tarz anlat m pek sevemedi imden keyif alamad m Benim i in ok tekd ze bir ritmi vard.Metnin kurgusu rg s anlat m bana keyif vermedi. Jeannette Winterson is one of my all time favorite writers and I m constantly recommending this slim book For what it lacks in girth, the book makes up for in substance I have neverfuriously scribbled passages down in my journal for future reference.The story itself is entertaining enough to merit the book worth a read The premise is reminiscent of a Brother s Grimm fairy tale you know, back when fairy tales were sort of dark, creepy, and a little scary, before Disney got its hands on them.But it s Winterson s introspection on love and relationships, their possibilities and their limits, conveyed deftly through her inventive fables, that make me love this book. In A Fantastic World That Is And Is Not Seventeenth Century England, A Baby Is Found Floating In The Thames The Child, Jordan, Is Rescued By Dog Woman And Grows Up To Travel The World Like Gulliver, Though He Finds That The World S Most Curious Oddities Come From His Own Mind Winterson Leads The Reader From Discussions On The Nature Of Time To Jordan S Fascination With Journeys Concealed Within Other Journeys, All With A Dizzying Speed That Shoots The Reader From Epiphany To Shimmering Epiphany

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Novelist Jeanette Winterson was born in Manchester, England in 1959 She was adopted and brought up in Accrington, Lancashire, in the north of England Her strict Pentecostal Evangelist upbringing provides the background to her acclaimed first novel, Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit, published in 1985 She graduated from St Catherine s College, Oxford, and moved to London where she worked as an assi

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