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Words Heard in Silence Historical Drama Culpeper, Virginia In The Fall Of Was At A Dark Time In This Once Bustling Town Rebecca Gaines, Widowed By The Conflict That Had Torn The Nation Apart, Struggles Single Handedly To Manage The Family Farm Life Is Hard In The Beleaguered South, So When A Troop Of Union Soldiers Rides In To Winter Over On Her Property, Rebecca Is Grudgingly Glad Of The Extra Income The Dashing Commanding Officer Of The Union Troops, Colonel Charlie Redmond, Is Courteous And Gentle In His Dealings With Her, And She Is Drawn To This Intriguing Professional Soldier But He Is Still The Enemy, And Rebecca Finds It Difficult To Come To Terms With Her Feelings For His Part, Charlie Is Alarmed To Realize He Is Romantically Involved With The Lovely Southerner, For He Hides A Secret That, If Discovered, Would Mean Social Disgrace And The End Of A Distinguished Military Career For Charlie Is A WomanIn This Meticulously Researched Novel, T Novan And Taylor Rickard Have Captured The Agony And Devastation Of The Civil War And Its Impact On Soldiers And Civilians Alike With Its Moving Love Story, Powerful Scenes Of Battle, And Memorable Characters, Words Heard In Silence Lays The Foundation For The Redmond Family SagaCover Design By L Cia A De N Brega

About the Author: T. Novan

Author T Novan, has been writing essentially his entire life His love of the craft and his desire to master the art started young when he won a community creative writing contest at the age of 8 with a short story about how mankind would settle future disputes over a chessboard.40 years later, he realized that after spending some time as an auto mechanic, police officer and even most recently a

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    Words fail me This book is one of the most interesting and passionate books I have ever read I ve read many including many off the classics But this book I feel was written from the heart The American civil war, like all wars are damaging beyond recognition But amongst the brutality and devastation relationships are formed and nurtured Both love and friendship blossomed between the excellent characters This book ev

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    The kindle version of this book is free on from 07 May 2016 to 11 May 2016.

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    Words Heard in Silence 3 and stars I read the on line version It started out well, with interesting characters and plot Words Heard in Silence is well written but needed editing for the repetitive details and plot point reminders, and some side plots could have been removed, probably due to the fact it was most likely posted a chapter at a time I think it would have been good as 2 novels, with time spent with the characters after

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    3.5 stars It has likable characters, lovely dialogues and storylines A lot of things i find them irrelevant but some people may like all the details It takes some patience to go through the entire story though.

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    I read the original fanfic version of this a long time ago It s one of my favorite historical FF Someone should publish this in ebook format

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    I liked the story, glad I read it.

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    OkeeDiawali dengan bagus, pacing okeTapi kenapa 3 4 akhir Charlie nya jadi nyebelin banget Dua bintang untukmu, karena karakternya nggak terlalu loveable Nggak konstan, tepatnya.

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    4.5 Stars

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    Disappointing.A friend convinced me that I simply HAD to read this book Obviously this friend doesn t know me as well as I believed Rather dull Long on unnecessary details and people The ideal of the story was fine but taken to extremes by the writers So very many unnecessary descriptions of just about everything and everyone Ridiculously unbelievable The finest character in the book, Elizabeth, should have been the main character Her role, her background, intelligence, and per

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    This is a very long book with a lot of detail It s great if you want to spend a lot of time with great characters just living their lifes, but too slow if youre coming from standard format romances I d actually compare it to Slice of Life animes.One thing that irked me was that, even though there are a few black characters and the book plays during a war fought over slavery, it was never a topic.

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