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Literacy and Longing in L.A. Some Women Shop Some Eat Dora Cures The Blues By Bingeing On Books Reading One After Another, From Flaubert To Bodice Rippers, For Hours And Days On End In This Wickedly Funny And Sexy Literary Debut, We Meet The Beguiling, Beautiful Dora, Whose Unique Voice Combines A Wry Wit And Vulnerability As She Navigates The Road Between Reality And FictionDora, Named After Eudora Welty, Is An Indiscriminate Book Junkie Whose Life Has Fallen Apart Her Career, Her Marriage, And Finally Her Self Esteem All She Has Left Is Her Love Of Literature, And The Book Benders She Relied On As A Child Ever Since Her Larger Than Life Father Wandered Away And Her Book Loving, Alcoholic Mother Was Left With Two Young Daughters, Dora And Her Sister, Virginia, Have Clung To Each Other, Enduring A Childhood Filled With Literary Pilgrimages Instead Of Summer Vacations Somewhere Along The Way Virginia Made The Leap Into The Real World But Dora Isn T Quite There Yet Now She S Coping With A Painful Separation From Her Husband, Scraping The Bottom Of A Dwindling Inheritance, And Attracted To A Seductive Book Seller Who Seems To Embody All That Literature Has To Offer Intelligent Ideas, Romance, And An Escape From Her Problems Joining Dora In Her Odyssey Is An Elderly Society Hair Brusher, A Heartbroken Young Girl, A Hilarious Off The Wall Female Teamster, And Dora S Mother, Now On The Wagon, Trying To Make Amends Along The Way Dora Faces Some Powerful Choices Between Two Irresistible Men Between Idleness And Work And Most Of All Between The Joy Of Well Chosen Words And The Untidiness Of Real People And Real Life From The Hardcover Edition

About the Author: Jennifer Kaufman

Karen Mack most recently, Freud s Mistress, which received four stars from People and was on USA Today s, Vanity Fair s, and Marie Claire s best summer reading list for 2013 Literacy and Longing in L.A., which reached 1 on the Los Angeles Times Bestseller List and won the Best Fiction Award from the Southern California Independent Booksellers Association and the Los Angeles Times bestselling novel, A Version of the Truth Jennifer lives in Los Angeles with her family.

10 thoughts on “Literacy and Longing in L.A.

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    I bought this book because I recently discovered that I enjoy chicklit It looked promising a woman who likes reading, and hides in reading binges when she is low It was bad.I kept reading it, trying to find when the heroine becomes likeable She likes pizza, she enjoys buying books,

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    When life gets rough some girls shop, some girls drink, some get chatty with their girlfriends, and some girls do all of the above, and also grab a stack of novels and soak in the tub until their toes turn to raisins I ve been known to turn to a narrative or two when real life gets overwhelm

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    what the fuck this book started out pretty good and then just completely fizzled then ending is absolutely ridiculous the main character sells out the love interest falls into an plot scenario that has been written way too many times i was so disappointed by this book i had to go out and buy several

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    Books about book lovers always seem a bit tricky to me book lovers aren t necessarily readers and vice versa, and what do those terms mean anyway etc And if your book lover heroine doesn t enjoy the same sort of books or have the same attitude to them as the reader, then what I found the title character s fra

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    Mi sono sempre immaginato il Paradiso come una specie di biblioteca Borges Dora una drogata di libri come me e nei momenti di sconforto sta chiusa in casa e legge.Giunta alla separazione dal suo secondo marito all et di 35 anni sta evidentemente vivendo un momento infelice.Ho adorato questo libro per due motiv

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    Ugg Awful I did like the quotations at the beginning of each chapter, and the all the literary references, but the writing finally won out I find it unimaginable that the authors yes, there are two authors have read anywhere near the books they allude to their character having read in the book It s almost like they just went t

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    This book took me forever to readliterally almost a yearmostly because it was so annoying, I kept putting it down and starting other books and only reading it when I was done with my new books and before I d find something interesting to read It was often incredibly ignorant too and very narrowly indicitive of the women who wrote it L

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    Sigh I had such high hopes for this book I got it because I was intrigued by the idea of a character who used books an escape from real life I expected some thoughtful explorations of that topic from someone who loved literature What I got was a pedestrian, chick lit novel with a lot of lot of literary name dropping A real missed opportunity.

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    If you actually like reading real literature, this is one of those books that you re slightly embarassed to admit that you ve read It s okay I d classify it as even slightly trashy it goes quickly, I would only recommend it if you need a little relief after a really intense novel, or you enjoy reading stories about the superficial L.A living of spoiled

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    I collect new books the way my girlfriends buy designer handbags Despite a main character who could be construed as a kindred spirit, this book disappointed me The blurb on the back described the plot as that of a woman who deals with the problems of her life by going on a book reading binge Okay Excellent strategy And the authors Why are there two Two authors c

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