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Surviving the Island of Grace: A Memoir of Alaska Leslie Leyland Fields captivated me with her from the heart descriptions of the wilds of Alaska, her relationship with Duncan her husband and her childhood memories I appreciated her mental determination to keep working at the grueling tasks of salmon fishing amid impossibly long hours, high winds and dangerous storms.Leslie and Duncan built just the two of them their 2,500 sq ft home on an uninhabited wilderness island during a winter season in Alaska Since that time, they have spent many summers continueing their fishing and raising their children in that house.Leslie s prose transported me to a rugged life in the wild clear directional descriptions of traveling between islands, vivid details of picking the nets of three kinds of salmon, and the sensual elements of the natural surroundings Now when I see the pictures she posts on her Blog, I relate as if I ve been there I caught myself thinking, Oh yes, I know where that is I was truly transported by her words. I really liked this book I grew up in Kodiak, Alaska and I knew about the place she spoke of and recognized alot of the names It was a compelling story and as the daughter of a former fisherman it is one I continue to re read Leslie is an amazing woman, and an inspiration. I came home just recently from a writers workshop that Leslie held on Harvester Island I must have read the book 2 years ago and was amazed at how she wove her childhood into life in Alaska She is a fantastic woman Brilliant writing and fascinating account of life on Harvester Island, Alaska I am following Leslie s blog and Facebook account to keep up with her now that I m done reading Simply fascinated by this life so different than my own Quotes to remember Life itself isgrace.Why is it so much harder to be alone when there s only two of you Great description of a life I can still just barely imagine despite Leslie s wonderful prose Wow An entirely different world. Leslie Leyland Fields didn t know what to expect when she married a commercial salmon fisherman and moved to a remote island in the Gulf of Alaska This book is her story The reader is alongside Leslie as she struggles to adapt to a lifestyle that is physically and emotionally demanding, lived out on a remote Alaskan island with no running water, electricity, or contact with the outside world She writes honestly of her struggles to live in this harsh environment while trying to build a marriage and, later, to raise a family It s difficult life that challenges her physically, mentally and spiritually, but a life she learns to embrace as the years go by Her writing brings to life her trials as a twenty year old newlywed adapting to life with her husband s family, inductee into the world of salmon fishing in wild Alaska, to new mother each new role bringing a new set of challenges into her wilderness life Like the waves sometimes threaten to swamp her fishing boat, challenges threaten to swamp her life as well But she never quits instead choosing to move through her challenges, emerging on the other side At times bruised and battered, but never totally giving up In that respect, this is also a book of hope, of working through the challenges instead of giving up. What an excellent book Borrowed from the public library Heard about Leslie Leyland Fields when her latest book was released, Forgiving Our Fathers and Mothers Caught my eye because she lives on near Kodiak Island I lived there once long ago for a short while Thus, the subject held a special interest to me It is written in memoir style, which is one of the author s specialties She has an MFA and is an experienced writing teacher on the college level, as well as being an experienced writer I have no criticism s of the book It took me two weeks to read It s not a quick read, but it will get you right out there on the Pacific Ocean with the salmon set netters and their way of life If you are unfamiliar with fishing and island living, this book may seem surreal to you, but I assure you it is very real It took me back to my days of listening to the marine forecast, because there was nothing else on the air, and tales of search and rescue, not to mention eating fresh caught salmon All wonderful, all obtained through difficult circumstances, all of grace.Thank you, Leslie Leyland Fields for writing this book. It was a family business that stretched back decades, but Fields s entry to commercial salmon fishing was incidental she married a fisherman, and thus she became one Surviving the Island of Grace is her chronicle through her own first years of being a wife and salmon fisher.What s so interesting about the book, I think, is the contrast Or rather, the contrasts Fishing is hard physical labour, but the characters populating Fields s world are not uneducated in the off season, they teach piano and Greek and English and Latin, live in cities, travel the world In fact, says Fields, I was not afraid of slumming around the world, but this represented everything I feared living in a small town, like the ones I grew up in knowing everyone, losing privacy and anonymity 315 She loves her isolated summer life even as she struggles with it.Fields also writes extensively about her childhood, filling in a number of important pieces for me Before she went into any depth there, I d been viewing her move to fishing as about as far as she could get from her upbringing I d assumed, I guess, that her family background was full of academics and upper middle class comfort and so on and so forth Not so To the outside world, it might have looked that way, but theirs was a constant, constant struggle to keep in the black Much of that struggle was achieved through physical labour buying a house, renovating it, selling it, buying another house Months and months without heat It s not the same kind of work as salmon fishing, of course speaking of which I could have used a bit detail on the fishing itself, because I couldn t always work out what was going on when or why they sometimes had to finish before, say, 9 00 or how many people were on a given boat , but it was a sort of preparation A complicated one there s an intricate dance of Fields trying to prove herself, and struggling with being wife mother workera hard balance to find, and maintain But when I chose all of this back in 1977, I did not know what I was choosing I looked off now and saw a glacier to the east, the mountains hovering over the bay, their ridges sawing the air I could almost hear distant rivers foaming to the wife gray Straits It was as wild and clean and vast a place as when I first had come, but I hadn t known how or what to measure then What if I hadn t come I try to see who I could have been had I stayed in New Hampshire, but I can t see anything clearly, only the girl that used to be there She is still not pretty she is crying no, she has decided she will no longer cry Her face is blurred, but I know what she is looking for wholeness and freedom I came here with Duncan at twenty, certain I had found it in him and in this clean, cold ocean and green mountain island I know now that what I was looking for is not something that can be found, not in a place or a person it must be made, and it is made out of whatever is around you, whatever is given to you. 329 Reminiscent Of The Best Of Matthiessen, Dillard, And Erlich, Leslie Leyland Fields S Alaskan Memoir Is An Inspiring Narrative Of Life In The Wild Surviving The Island Of Grace Is A Beautiful And Haunting Memoir Of A Woman Who Left The East Coast And Moved To Alaska Looking For A New Life In Brilliant Prose, Leslie Fields Tells Her Story Of Adapting To Life On A Wilderness Island Without Running Water, Telephones, Or Other Th Century Conveniences Here, As A Year Old Newlywed, She Is Immersed Into The World Of Commercial Salmon Fishing With An Unflinching Gaze, She Explores The Extremes That Define Her New Life The Beauty And Brutality Of Commercial Fishing, The Startling Land And Seascape Around Her, The Isolation, The Physical Labor, The Intensity Of Communal Island Life Among These Extremes, She Must Find Her Way From A Young Woman To Wife, Commercial Fisherwoman, And Mother She Explores As Well, Perhaps Most Eloquently Of All, Her Unique New Hampshire Childhood And Its Role In Preparing Her For Her Life In The Bush With Its Dramatic Alaskan Setting And Moving Narrative, Surviving The Island Of Grace Is A Poetic And Powerful Book

About the Author: Leslie Leyland Fields

www.leslieleylandfields.com about life in her house, in the wild and on the road She lives in Kodiak, Alaska with her husband and two school age children In the summer, her four older children return to their fishcamp island where cell phones don t work, and where they all happily sometimes work together in commercial salmon fishing You can reach her at leslieleylandfields gmail.com

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