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Y: The Last Man, Vol. 1: Unmanned Y Is None Other Than Unemployed Escape Artist Yorick Brown His Father Was A Shakespeare Buff , And He S Seemingly The Only Male Human Left Alive After A Mysterious Plague Kills All Y Chromosome Carriers On Earth But Why Are He And His Faithful Companion, The Often Testy Male Monkey Ampersand, Still Alive He Sets Out To Find The Answer And His Girlfriend , While Running From Angry Female Republicans Now Running The Government , Wannabes That Include His Own Sister Seemingly Brainwashed , And Other Threats The Vertigo Team Of Brian K Vaughan, Pia Guerra, And Jos Marz N Jr Have Given Us A Great Read Collects Y The Last Man Issues

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    In typical comic book male centric fashion, this series wonders what life would be like if all men died spontaneouslyexcept for one I suppose if we re trying to put ourselves in the head of an early nineties comic book reading teen, this might feel innovative Unfortunately, I find that innovative in the world of comics is pretty much Iron Age for the rest of literature How

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    So there s this thing that happens in post apocalypse stories that I need to talk to you about You know how in a zombiepocalypse story we occassionally receive hints that it might be better for the women to stay safe so they can make babies Usually it s only hints, and the male characters don t seem to want to offend the post feminist sensibilities of the women, so instead the

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    Ok so maybe it s just me but I found this series to be incredibly chauvinist I know I m gonna get flamed for it, so many ppl rave about it I APPRECIATED IT but the premise and execution and what the women were doing, boy oh boy I m gonna shut up and not review this Check box d.

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    Yorick Brown is that guy who can t hold down a job Plays with magic..and he is the last man on earth Something has killed off everything male on the planet He and his pet monkey are all that s left Now gangs of women called the s, a bunch of Republicans and his brainwashed sister Hero are all wanting a piece of Yorick Either to kill him or mate him He just wants to find his fiance in Aus

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    I discovered this series randomly while looking through graphic novels on Hoopla I had never heard of it before but recognized the author The premise sounded interesting view spoiler something kills all but one man on the planet hide spoiler

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    Well, I get why everyone LOOOVES this book but some of it just rubbed me the wrong way Like I don t understand why the entire world just stops functioning completely Are there no female engineers or scientists or electricians in the entirety of the world

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    This book is such a neat concept, but there s 4 things I m stuck on.1 it s a book about a world run by women after all the men die, yet it s still told from the POV of a man because conveniently one survives I think I would have loved this if we were given a story of a world with just all women, because heaven knows we could survive without that one man 2 This book was way, way, way, way political th

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    I haven t read a comic book since I was a child, saving my measly allowance for Archie and his friends Once I discovered my mother s Harold Robbins novels, I never went back to comics until now.A number of my Goodreads friends enjoy graphic novels as they are called now , so I became curious and asked my friend Kemper for a recommendation Y The Last Man was perfect for me to start with I love post apocalypt

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    The story started out so well fast paced, intriguing..I can see it s a dude comic, the main character ends up being the last man left on a planet full of allll kinds of women No matter what kind of an ugly twat you might wanna be, some woman will want you Yessss I see half naked blonde, beachy style woman, some ex models running around, army women, special op women, scientist women That s ookayyy with me It is a

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    Y The Last Man has a great premise all males of every species suddenly die except one The story focuses on the lone male survivor and is an unraveling of why how he survived the mysterious scourge.It helps that the last man standing is humorous and likable like so many of Brian K Vaughan s characters Also that he has this noble desire to make it to the other side of the world to reunite with his girlfriend and repop

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