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Man Enough Things Are Going Well For Davey Carter She Loves Her Job And She Has A Comfortable Bed Granted, Her Love Life Is Non Existent, Her Pot Smoking Mother Is Wreaking Havoc In Her Apartment, And She Is Starting To Suspect That Her Lesbian Best Friend Might Be Secretly In Love With Her But None Of That Matters When Davey Meets Danny, A Kind, Loving, Intelligent Man Who Just May Be The Love Of Davey S Life Until It Turns Out That Danny Is Harboring A Secret Of His Own

About the Author: Beth Burnett

Beth Burnett may not like to wear pants, but she wears an awful lot of hats The Director of Education for the Golden Crown Literary Society, Beth also teaches ENG 111 for Johnston Community College, Advanced Studies in Literature for Southern New Hampshire University, and craft of writing for the GCLS writing academy Addicted to education, Beth is a few months away from her second Masters, this

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    This is my first read by Beth Burnett but it won t be my last.This is a trans romance written from the point of view of a heterosexual woman However, for the lesfic audience, I think there s enough of a strong lesbian supporting cast for it to be embraced.Davey, our lead, is a 40 year old woman that works in

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    a brilliant look at a complex topic you ll question your own prejudices I will not be able to express adequately how much i liked this book i applaud the author for taking on a book of this topic The issues of defining who you are are complex and confusing to even the people of the lgbt community In the book, we ge

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    Surprised I completely forgot about this book in my kindle library, and now I m so glad I read it, it s hilarious at times, but also a very true book and had me in tears by the end.

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    I have very conflicted feelings about this book, there are some wonderful things, and some things that made me feel very uncomfortable I m going to address the good things, first, and then those that I find problematic SPOILERS below First this a love story that very closely follows mainstream romance novel tropes, it was a plot

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    This was than a 3, but less than a 4 for me view spoiler It was understandable that Davey had a hard time with Danny s big secret that he is a transgender man The way it came out was awful, and I think that was a big part of it If Danny had been able to tell her privately the night before, as he tried before their date was interrupted

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    This was a wonderful story The characters are real and flawed and the author does a great job of carrying you through their stories Davey, the main character, meets Danny and there s an instant connection but her lesbian best friend isn t so keen on this new romantic interest Is it because he s too good Historically, Andy has been the one to

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    So first things first, I know some people said that they felt like Danny s characters was underdeveloped I personally have seen characters with way less development that were vital to a story I personally found myself able to connect with his character over certain situations, and how it feels differently as a transman One thing I didn t like as muc

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    Brilliant Well written, thought and emotion provoking absolutely brilliant

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    I had the pleasure of meeting Beth yesterday at a Trans Family meeting, where she spoke to our group.I really enjoyed getting to know her characters and could definitely see her Beth s personality in her writing I wish Polly s Restaurant was a real place The characters were engaging believable I could very easily identify with the main character, Davey, even thou

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    This was a very entertaining read There are lots of witty lines by all the MC s, almost to the point of parody You have to feel for Davey when her best friend and mom both move in to her tiny apartment Some of the best conversations take place between Davey and her other BFF Andy It s hard not to swoon at the very gentlemanly Danny What was not to love If I have a beef

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